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  1. Currently the heaviest rain is staying nicely south of the border in Suffolk, just on the edge of some light rain atm. 22mm this morning plus another 3mm from the odd passing shower this afternoon, quite enough to be going on with.
  2. Just seen a post on FB - snow ploughs being used in NSW to clear 40cm of hail. That's pretty impressive....
  3. One or two heavy showers mostly to the south, quite hit and miss judging by the whole dry road/wet road scenario between Watton and Dereham. 22mm overnight, much appreciated here.
  4. Some bursts of heavy rain this morning, although the torrential band petered out as soon as it crossed into Norfolk earlier. Another hour or so and it looks like stopping.
  5. Norfolk Sheep

    Norfolk Sheep

  6. The rain (or what's left of it) looks like a few hours away yet, so still time to do a bit of outside pottering - with emphasis on the word "pot".
  7. Been absolutely full on in the garden and fields this week (and last week tbh) Almost finished planting all the trees for our rewilding as part of the WildEast project, we're hoping to rewild around 20% of our land. Lots more to do in that department over the winter and spring! Had a houseful of friends and family for the Flying Scotsman last weekend, thankfully the weather was fabulous on the Saturday when it mattered! WildEast - A Movement of People, For Nature, Forever In East Anglia WWW.WILDEAST.CO.UK
  8. Live Cam Zadar WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam View of the Roman Forum and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia Marina Borik Webcam Zadar - Whatsupcams LIVECam WWW.WHATSUPCAMS.COM Very nice Marina Borik webcam Zadar - Visit Zadar and see other Dalmatia livecam Croatia Whatsupcams host a cam and promote your view The number of times I've walked along there! The forum is nice but the beach is off to the right, unfortunately.
  9. Live Cam Cupola of St. Peter Basilica - Vatican City WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam View of St. Peter's cupola from Piazza Risorgimento in Rome Lightning now visible over the Basilica.
  10. Live Cam Viterbo WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam View of the Sanctuary of Santa Rosa in Viterbo Some nice anvil crawlers.
  11. 10mm from last night, better than nothing. Bright and very breezy all day, necessitating use of long trousers and hoodie whilst gardening. Couple of cheeky anvils with mammatus slid past to the S around 3.30pm.
  12. Can't believe I'm ecstatic because it's actually raining. Well, it was raining for about 10 minutes. Anyway, might be more than 1mm if I'm lucky....
  13. People have rain?? What's it like? Do you get wet? EDIT: I don't want to frighten it off, so I'm whispering. It's raining....
  14. Supposed to be camping down at Orsett for a two day dog show, but as it's still impossible to get diesel round here, I'll probably just go down to judge on the Saturday - at least the Mini is pretty full and only sips petrol. Can't be asked to put up windbreaks etc if the weather's going to be rough either...
  15. Had to wear long trousers today, I'm fuming. A few minutes of gusty winds and rain late morning, all for the princely return of 1mm. Discustard of Garvestone
  16. 23C at 17.45, it's bloody fantastic! Shame it has to come to an end though.
  17. Not quite as impressive during the day but a nice view. Webcam Old port of Marseille, Marseille - Online Live Cam BALTICLIVECAM.COM The metropolis captured on this webcam, has a rich history. Port of Marseille and seaside region with the modern buildings, business centers and highway.
  18. I'm only coming indoors to eat, shower and sleep! 16 trees from the Woodland Trust to plant tomorrow, luckily they're only little chaps! Could be our last day of "extra summer" for a week or so.
  19. Live Cam Anento WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam Panoramic view over Anento Occasional lightning near Zaragoza
  20. Ciutadella IB3 - Livecam Pro LIVECAM-PRO.COM Live Webcam - Live Webcam - Menora Ciutadella - IB3 Television- LiveCam-Pro
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