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  1. Botulism and bed bug poo with Sian and Bill on the sofa, great way to start the day :D

  2. can't beat a cuppa and a good spaghetti Western :D

  3. Blimey, the sun's still shining....

  4. Jesus, who are the moronic Lettucewits letting off fireworks over the lane? I don't care if your little darling is 4yrs old or something, Lettuce OFF!!!

    1. Eugene


      Yeah people letting fireworks 7 days after the event are right muppets, luckily not affected too bad where i live

    2. bobbydog


      actually, we had a bonfire and firwork party tonight, as two of the kids were ill last week, one of which had to have an operation, therefore so they werent disappointed, we posponed it to this week. luckily our nearest neighbours are about 100m away and we only let off garden fireworks. muppets?

  5. Lovely day at the TDRally trial if a little on the chilly side (large bowl of pasta to compensate lol) and 3 Ace rosettes first time out - thanks Sue K for your ass kicking haha xx

  6. Fairly peaceful bonfire night, just hope that the illegal rave site over at Reymerston doesn't have any at 3am in the morning...I can see some very angry locals armed with super large tractors heading over there....

  7. What do these years have in common? 1826, 1843, 1860 and 1893. Other years when Greece has defaulted on its debts.

  8. "An obstacle course of blubber" Sir David is obviously describing Brighton beach on a Bank Holiday.....

  9. Great day learning about TDRally, many thanks to Sue Ketland for her time and patience...still reckoning on 3 NQs next weekend though! :D

  10. Thetford Forest Endurance Ride this morning, thankfully not participating, just photies!

  11. Great day at Norfolk Broads DTC judging Special Pre-begs, WTG everyone, not one dog broke stays!!! Well pleased with my 2 qualifiers, super dogs. Thanks Sarah Jayne for your brilliant work on the chalks and being such fab company all day xxxx

  12. Pink Floyd on BBC 4......8-)


    2 litters of spaniels stolen today.

    The one litter is all black and tan Cocker pups, they are very few and far between.

    The second litter are springers and have both L&W and B&W pups.

    They are 8 weeks old and from Will Clulee's Kennels, fantastic pedigrees and were going to their new homes this weekend.

    Please spread the word on this theft! Area is Bridgnorth, Shropshire but could be advertised anywhere.

  14. I'm never owning a bloody Fiat, jeez! Vague steering at slow speeds, gotta mash the loud pedal to the tarmac to get anything resembling performance, gear shift is longer than a trip to the moon (ditto clutch travel). On the plus side the diesel engine is very quiet unless you're redlining it to overtake a tractor.....

  15. You're at a club....use the first seven people on your friends list in your profile! Do NOT CHEAT

    The decides to become a pole dancer: Andrea Hunt

    Bartender: Jodi O'Neill

    Person who tries to get you drunk:Georgina Taylor

    Your wing man/woman: Joanna Browne

    ...Hottest person in the room: Sarah Barcroft

    Drunk person in the corner: Jean MacRae

    Person who gets arrested: Brinjal Ford

    Gotta say that's damn accurate!!! :D

  16. I've just invented a new game - raspberry picking by torchlight....

  17. well done England 4-0 series win, thought Sachin would get his 100th hundred but sadly not....Brilliant bowling by Swann and Broad this afternoon :)))

  18. This weekend's work vehicle - Range Rover Autobiography V8 supercharged and 500bhp at your service...yours for £90k. I quite enjoyed watching Saturday Kitchen on the way to Tesco :D (no, not driving!!)

  19. A little bit of......toast.....

  20. Off to buy Mike his hundred millionth food processor - God knows what he does with them.

  21. sorry TMers, I'm not ignoring your requests, they're just over 98% of the time :((

  22. If there's one person needs tasering it's Diane Abbott..

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