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  1. Two rounds of biblical drizzle in Blofield, the lack of thunder and lightning was genuinely terrifying.
  2. Biblical moderate drizzle nr Norwich. The incredible lack of thunder and lightning was genuinely terrifying.
  3. Gloriously unthundery in Norfolk, v warm in the sun and topping up the tan Beats grey crud and drizzle..
  4. A bright and breezy late spring/early autumn *delete as appropriate* day. Pleasant enough in the sun and out of the wind
  5. Love your optimism! I think I'll have to settle for distant anvils, can't see anything making it to the east east tbh.
  6. I'm looking forward to being too far south and east (as opposed to too far north and east) Can't chase unfortunately as camping but can't wait for some thundery rain and a distant rumble in Norwich...
  7. Morning all Dan's forecast looks reasonable today but don't hold your breath in Norfolk...
  8. Not much better around Norwich and mid Norfolk. Nothing but some outbreaks of drizzly rain. A diabolically bad summer.
  9. Dear Lord, even Scotland is getting more out of this than Norfolk. Nothing but drizzly rain a couple of times.
  10. Half a dozen sferics north of Norwich, may have heard something but A47 traffic masks it.
  11. OH reported a distant rumble at home, so that counts as an epic storm these days....
  12. Continuing dull, grey and boring in Norfolk with a chilly wind. Probably the least convective year I've ever had in the 35 years I've lived here.
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