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  1. Chucking it down here, cold and wet
  2. About an hr's worth of snow here, nothing settled. So not proper snow. Bring back January 1987 is what I say...
  3. Slightly lumpy rain. Let the madness in Tesco begin...
  4. SN......nope, still raining....
  5. Give me a good hard frost over this will it won't it fest - at least my dogs will be clean and dry!
  6. The drizzle just got heavier. Still, it's cold heavy drizzle so that's a plus...
  7. That Easterly's been broken for years
  8. Yep, it's stunningly green out there....
  9. No frost at all here, definitely feeling warmer than during daylight hours!
  10. Pretty much clean and green for Norfolk then bar the far west. Oh well, seems like a muddy dog scenario for me then haha
  11. Yesterday the Beeb forecast showed Norfolk and Lincs northward under a white blanket, don't we all hate the uncertainty right up to the last minute!
  12. Might be the day after tomorrow, you never know
  13. Still in two minds whether to risk driving up to Grimsby on Saturday, I mean it could all look fine Sat morning and then Sunday I find myself stuck oop norf. Don't fancy coming home backwards over the Wolds