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  1. My summer duvet hasn't left the bed after last summer Glorious day here, just the right amount of sunny spells and a nice breeze. Fingers crossed for a dry BH, three dog shows to go to
  2. Average sort of a day, not really warm enough to ditch the hoodie owing to a strong breeze, one or two passing light showers later afternoon and evening. Looking forward to next week warming up but have a feeling the east will be several degrees lower than everywhere else
  3. Another 15mm of rain, finally skies are clearing but think the heating is going back on!
  4. Still raining (sort of). I have Things To Do Outside, this is most inconvenient.....
  5. Ryan Pitt is slightly NE of Bob and getting some good lightning from the same storm. It's definitely had legs! All a bit messy further north (but wondering what that isolated development nr Abilene will do?)
  6. Bob Pack's been on that one for almost an hour, had an amazing hail core on vid earlier, green as grass it was!
  7. About 4hrs of steady rain here, just what the land ordered and much better than torrential downpours after such a dry spell
  8. Just started lightly raining here - I did see some blue sky earlier (about 50 miles away haha)
  9. Tbh Ed I'd prefer mega sunshine and warmth after having the most miserable cold and grey start to the month. Mind you we have been spoilt for a few days with a bit of sunshine
  10. Must be right out on the coast then because is just grey and dull here, not particularly humid either!
  11. Will definitely be interesting - managed 10mm overnight and into this morning (1mm more than my March total) SW of Norwich. Better than nothing at all
  12. Finally out of hibernation Did someone mention rain? Jolly good! Not uber warm here today thanks to a strong breeze and pesky cloud followed by light drizzle. Will be somewhat miffed if the models do an about turn overnight!
  13. Damned if I'm abandoning my flip flops before November
  14. 44mm of rain today, plus a flash of lightning and a couple of rumbles. Very disappointing year storm-wise, nothing during the summer months and distant thunder in the spring on four occasions.
  15. Relentless moderate to heavy rain all afternoon, 24mm when I checked after the morning's deluge but have already got wet enough so I'll check it again later! Can't believe I'm wearing joggers and a hoodie