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  1. I can give you the forecast for East Anglia now if you like Away from East Anglia (where it will be cool and cloudy) temperatures will climb rapidly, possibly reaching 30C in London and 25 to 27C further west and north. In the east temperatures will be pegged back to around 16C with a chilly onshore breeze. Storms will develop rapidly from 6pm onwards, continuing into the following day; some of these will be severe with frequent lightning and torrential rain. The exception will again be the east, where low cloud and mist will spread inland"
  2. Not even the dreaded "thundery rain" materialised. Saw two distant flashes towards Lowestoft around 2am; I've gone from being too far east to not far east enough now.
  3. Not even the dreaded "thundery rain" here, just some moderate drizzle. Saw two very distant flashes towards Lowestoft around 2am and that was it. Complete no show.
  4. It's just moving along the east coast now, I've seen a couple of flashes out towards Yarmouth but that's it. No point in staying up any longer!
  5. Can't believe I'm going to miss out yet again. Maybe some distant flashes later but a 0 out of 10 for me. 10/10 for the forecasted light rain though.
  6. Good grief. And there's me stuck under a finger of drizzle running up towards Norwich from Cambridge. Couldn't make it up sounds about right....
  7. I keep running the radar loop in the fond hope that there's a slight swing to the north but no. Oh well, it was a nice thought.....
  8. Ha! What a waste - who wants storms in daylight hours? (Actually me, I'll take anything nowadays!)
  9. Reduced to watching the Chicago storm of 2008.....probably end up bunging on the Twister DVD at some point......
  10. https://www.windy.com/-Radar-lightning-radar This is rather fun. Something to amuse myself with whilst trawling through various webcams just to see some second hand lightning....
  11. Fab stuff! Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer to have a repeat of 2015 (not the 4th July, that was non existent!)
  12. Yep I'm about 20 mins from Norwich between Wymondham and Dereham
  13. I expect everyone else is tucked up in bed! I'm a night owl so I'll keep an eye out for another few hours (last time this happened it was about 3am before anything significant occurred but it was further west when it initiated)
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