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  1. Quite a difference in Norfolk, I left cloudy skies to nip to B&Q nr the livestock market, where there was blue sky and lovely warm sunshine. Get back to Wymondham and the cloud increases until 4 miles later it's back to grey nothingness. Boring.
  2. I'd have to reach back a good 20 years to come up with more than one 24hr period with storms, I can recall only one period which stands out and that was in the mid 90s which had storms (on a par with this week's offerings elsewhere) on 2 consecutive days.
  3. Ten minutes of what I suppose could be called convective drizzle, Still, as it was the remnants of storms crossing the N Sea I'm sure it could be called an epic TS. That stretch has given me a hernia....
  4. What if I turned up with a bass drum and some light sticks? Would it help? Meanwhile we've had 10 minutes of drizzle. NFN.
  5. Seems some sort of storm managed to stagger inland, the OH heard a few rumbles earlier. And it gave up when it reached Norwich. Still, lots of nice crud following in it's wake with attendant drizzle, who needs sunshine eh?
  6. Apparently the OH heard distant rumbles earlier, seems a storm of sorts managed to stagger inland as far as Norwich. Still bone dry here but looks as if we might get some light drizzle for a brief period soon. Hurrah
  7. I've shut down the radar and lightningmaps. Not even the chance of an opportunity of a glimpse of a flash 60 miles away.
  8. The storm off the coast has semi-karked it. Quelle surprise, must be all the fog and low cloud. That stuff is a killer....
  9. The storm off the Suffolk coast seems to have semi-karked it. Quelle surprise. Probably ran into a fog bank....
  10. Tbf I had one flash and 5 rumbles at the beginning of June. It was epic....
  11. Not until Norfolk has had at least one flash of lightning within 40 miles...
  12. I might see some faint flashes on the horizon as it heads off into the N Sea. Still, one ought to be grateful, some people have had 4 days solid of nothing but storms.....
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