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  1. Torrential rain on M25 crossing, glad traffic was at a virtual standstill!
  2. Not a bad night, reminiscent of July 4th 2015 when the bulk of the action stuck to the coastal areas (at one point it did look like it was swinging NW but we just caught the edge again). The earlier storm was mostly CCs and very pretty.
  3. Phew just got back indoors, pretty good night with the little chap coming up from Essex, mostly CC and very pretty. Hung around to see if the south coast affair would arrive, which it duly did but with rather a whimper compared to its earlier shenanigans, with the bulk of the action away to the east; torrential rain for a time and the sky had a greenish tinge which had me worried for a bit but luckily It avoided me....I thought I'd try for some semi daytime pics but sod's law meant that I didn't because the lightning was so infrequent and with random timings!
  4. Hmmm my van is rocking with a sudden appearance of strong winds. Ni funny comments.. Is this inflow?
  5. Rain now stopped, still random lightning. Can now see flashes on the horizon towards the west, wondering should I stay or should I go now?
  6. sitting just outside Wymondham enjoying a reasonable storm, lightning every 2 -5 mins, got some pics but rain stopped play.
  7. Your Dunmow storm is still tootling towards me and still reasonably active, one or two strikes every 20 seconds (as opposed to the 20 every second down south haha) Might take a 10 min drive to my 360 degree viewpoint in half an hour or so if its still worth it.
  8. Hold the front page - third flash of lightning in 2 hours! And audible thunder! Never experienced anything like it
  9. Hmm, wonder if it's really active enough? Might give it a go. ooh just seen lightning to the west rather than the south! That's the third flash in 2 hours. And a rumble of thunder! Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nice, but I think it will arrive at the Norfolk/Suffolk border and pass out
  11. maybe it can manage to limp a bit nearer to Wymondham and produce a flash every 10 to 20 mins, I have a doozy of a parking spot with a 360 degree view!
  12. Do these things actually want to come ashore? At this rate we'll be enjoying thundersnow...
  13. Basically nothing...I've seen maybe two flashes in the last hour (and one might have been a reflection of the TV in the window..)
  14. Judging by the lack of activity I'd say the storm nr KL is pretty much done (hard to tell as Lightningmaps isn't working properly), maybe a slightly more interesting region south of Cambridge. In two minds whether to have a drive out or go to bed...
  15. Seems that flash was the proverbial pan variety!