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  1. That would have been the same system I spent hours with. I had no need to follow it initially as it trained along nicely , with the heaviest rain towards the A47. I did follow it up and drove through some serious flooding on minor roads nr Bradenham, parked up and just watched a tremendous elevated display, then went back to where I started to catch the tail end at around 3.30am. ONe of the best nights I've ever spent! Malaysia - according to my OH when he was in KL they start at about 4pm, finish at 7pm and there's no change in the temp or humidity afterwards! Outside of the UK the best was in Holland August 2015 - genuine supercell experience from 9.30pm - 3am and I was in a caravan! The sound of marble sized hail hitting the roof will stay with me for a long time, it was so loud it drowned out the incredible thunder, never seen lightning like it. I keep hoping for a repeat experience but as yet it hasn't happened (and this year Holland seems to have used up it's storm budget rather early...)
  2. Seem to have exchanged cloudy and cold for cloudy and a bit warmer......
  3. Pretty much the first evening this year you could say it was warm enough to sit outside in the evening without resorting to a lap blanket and a woolly hat....
  4. Sunny spells, breezy but loving the warm winds! Goodbye you hateful N'ly
  5. Most recent noteworthy storm was 17th July 2015, pretty much the first night storm to produce photography opportunities since owing a DLSR. The 4th July storms bypassed us bar the occasional flash. I was out for 4 hours that night, lucky enough to away from the torrential rain but close enough to get some great shots. I must admit I retreated into the van on several occasions as the majority were CGs. Couldn't fail to get pictures although they weren't brilliant as it was the first opportunity I'd ever had. Apart from that the best ones were all back in the 1980s/90s when barely a week went past without something spectacular; in 1992 we were visiting a friend in Harling when we heard a constant deep booming and assumed it was coming from the battle area, about 20 mins later (around 1.30pm) it was obviously not gunfire! We decided to go home as the dogs were outside in the kennels, just as well we did. It was mightily scary - were were having an extension built and had scaffolding everywhere, my OH said it was just like having a big Faraday cage.....lasted for 2 to 3 hours with deafening thunder. Also in the 90s - early evening storm at around 7.30pm, very fast moving with lightning every couple of seconds, brief but impressive. I think the OH was a bit miffed because I insisted he still had enough time to finish replacing a couple of glass panels in the greenhouse roof.... Incredible lightning display also in 1992, it was so good that several neighbours congregated on the little green by our cottage with chairs and wine! Lasted for around 3 hours then all of a sudden it stopped, the heavens opened for 30 mins and that was that. Hit by SLWs near Thetford on our way down to London, suddenly saw the trees on the right bend almost double followed by a branch bouncing off the bonnet of the car. About 800m further on a sizeable tree had come down across the A11, about 20 chaps moved it off the road. Large amounts of debris everywhere, don't remember seeing a tornado report so assuming SLWs. Dog sitting for a friend nr Kimbolton (this would have been early 90s). Very hot and humid weather all week - got woken up around midnight by 2 collies and an Aussie sitting on my head, so got up and went to check the others, 3 girls in the lunge all fast asleep and 2 boys in the indoor kennels who thought I was taking them for a late night walk Anyway, went back to bed, everything was quiet. About 30 mins later, same thing. Got up etc etc. Just dozed off again when there was an almighty crash. Aussie on head again. OK, definitely thunder. Weirdest storm ever, deafening shotgun thunder but only every 20 mins or so, lasted until around 4am. Probably the worst night's sleep I've ever had! Pic from July 2015.
  6. Two sunny days in a row? Ambassador, you are spoiling us......
  7. Turned into a fabulous day eventually but I'm obviously not the only person tearing their hair out with this whole 1 in 7 days reasonably decent weather and the continual "but east coast cooler and cloudier" whilst everyone else has "very warm spells of sunshine with temperatures around 23C". And there's still little sign of change - I'd pay good money to see the wind swing to the SW or W
  8. I'm nr Emneth this wkend, no change just overcast and feeling cold. The sun briefly appeared yesterday between 5pm and 5.15pm which is par for the course. It'll be lovely to ditch the hoodie and fleece - whenever that will be.
  9. Morning Dull and grey again, and the forecast is permanently set at "cooler in the east" "low cloud" etc etc. FGS when will we ever see a change? More than fed up!
  10. Of course once said storm went past it fired up. Almost constant thunder incl a couple of ground shakers towards Attleborough/Wymondham.
  11. Now quite a decent storm Attleborough/Wymondham way. Plenty of thunder with some ground shakers thrown in.
  12. If course once said storm went past it fired up. Almost constant thunder incl a couple of ground shakers towards Attleborough/Wymondham. I'm currently nr Snetterton.
  13. Occasional heavy burst of rain. Two vague rumbles. Norfolk really can't get it right these days!