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  1. Sick to death of this, heavy blowing snow, had to close of the front section of the lambing pens as it's full of snow now,, sheep crammed into the middle (which is also getting its fair share) and the back. Going to be a godawful mess to sort out in a couple of days. Hate it. Feel sorry for anyone lambing outside in this weather.
  2. yep quite thick fog rolling in from the east now
  3. MetO forecast isn't as grim as expected, with only light snow on offer. Hope they're right
  4. As far as I'm concerned it can all bog off back to its natural habitat i.e. north of the border
  5. Lovely day, need two or three weeks of this! However, just popped out and there's still some sizeable piles of snow in shaded areas. Waiting for the next lot as my nana used to say
  6. Evening/morning all. On lamb watch for a couple of weeks. Please tell me the forecast is someone's idea of a joke I have just about had enough of the relentless rain, snow, gloom and mud.
  7. Grass appearing slowly where the snow was blown away. Apart from that still very snowy here, albeit considerably milder!
  8. Still plenty of snow here, it's definitely not disappearing overnight! Let the mudfest begin.....
  9. I'll have to clear a good half of the sheep pens (having just done the pre-lambing clean two weeks ago). On the plus side I've found the business end of the snow shovel
  10. Mental - considering this was supposed to be more like it should have been 3 days ago! Bring on the sunshine pleeeeeeeese!
  11. Still pigging well snowing, there's a wretched streamer exiting Holland which has "long haul" stamped all over it
  12. I'm just hoping for a decent run of storms this summer; maybe this exceptional winter means we're in for a treat (as long as the French aren't stingy, anything interesting makes it out of London and the Midlands and the NE doesn't pinch ours like they have done for the last 5 years)...
  13. My sister's out there at there at the moment, coming back on the 4th. Boy are they in for a shock!
  14. Screen shot of my barn. There's a lot of snow in there and it (as the song says) it doesn't show signs of stopping..