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  1. Managed 23.9°C today. Just been for a bike ride down to Arne, nice and foggy out there. New bike light makes mincemeat out of the darkness, puts car headlights to shame!
  2. Sunny spells / hazy sunshine. Temp 20.3°C after a low of 9.5°C New bike day!
  3. Interesting stat from my location: First 15 days average: Jun: 16.8°C Jul: 17°C Aug: 16.8°C Sep: 17.6°C Currently running 2.9°C above the Met Office derived average for here.
  4. Feeling very warm here! 23.1°C I have a large shrub outside with lots of yellow flowers on it. There's literally a swarm of bees on them, never seen so many!
  5. The Met Office dropped a real clanger with that warning update this morning. It has to be one of the worst I've seen?! Very strange decision..
  6. Overcast and damp. Just 1.2mm of rain. Can someone please explain why the Met office have added places further South (inc me) to the rain warning? It makes absolutely no sense!
  7. A pretty boring day here. A lot of cloud, some sunny spells, and extremely windy for a time. Temp only reached 23.8°C 18th consecutive day without rain, too.
  8. This was from yesterday's 21Z UKV: Whilst not a carbon copy of the radar, its pretty darn close!
  9. I still don't think there's anything worth getting excited about tonight. Everything is weakening as it trundles to our shores. Tomorrow will hold more interest further inland.
  10. Quite a few models have ditched the idea of anything tonight. The latest forecast even shows it to be dry here.
  11. The problem is, there's a ring leader on both sides that posts in such a way that it will bait the opposing side in to replying, and then the bickering starts again. They're not interested in posting anything worth reading, because its the same repetitive lines. Year after year, it's the same members involved, and quite frankly, its pathetic.
  12. We've moved in to meteorological Autumn and the bickering still continues .. just give it a rest!
  13. A bit disappointing here. Whilst its blue skies, its also extremely windy. I wanted to do some trimming and clearing up, but its virtually impossible as it just gets blown everywhere. Temp is 2°C lower than yesterday as well.
  14. Temps here are slightly down on yesterday, and its blowing a hoolie!
  15. I mentioned the other day, in my regional thread, about the air quality. The PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels have been their highest since owning an air quality sensor. It has improved in the last 24 hours, though. Wareham Weather - Air Quality - Davis AirLink WAREHAMWX.CO.UK Live weather conditions in Wareham, Dorset. WXSIM forecasts. Weather information includes: temperature, wind, rain, solar, pressure, air quality, updated every 4 seconds.
  16. Made it to 29°C on both my stations. I didn't expect that, but it definitely feels like it.
  17. Currently 27.3°C here. Very little wind! That's my highest September temp.
  18. Made it to 25.1°C today. Air quality is taking a hit, I have noticed. The last two days have seen the worst air quality here, since getting an outdoor air quality sensor a year ago.
  19. Could be a foggy one for some places tonight..
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