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  1. Look how bad the AROME is though, it hasn't even got T+001 correct..
  2. Well, that couldn't be more wrong! Almost BBC weather app-esque
  3. I'm not so sure about the Southeast's turn? I haven't had anything here!
  4. Don't rule anything out elsewhere, I was talking mainly about my locale. Bits & pieces may still develop, but I think it's a done deal here.
  5. Unfortunately, the UKV ditched that idea. It shows nothing tonight, barring a few bits & pieces over Bristol and down to the far SW.
  6. It might not be over for folks elsewhere, but it's done & dusted here. Prime time has been and gone!
  7. I for one, will miss the heat! It has been fun chasing records on my own station to which I achieved several.
  8. 300 strikes recorded from all around this location, and only 3 rumbles heard.
  9. What looked like a serious breach of the SOR, turned in to false positive. It's now stronger than ever. Disappointing, but worse things happen at sea.
  10. That was right up there with the biggest misses for storms here. Very disappointing. the 1174 day drought continues..
  11. Looks as though the SOR back-up system is just doing enough to fend it off.
  12. You're talking absolute nonsense or you're trying your best to wind other members up?! It's not working, so I would give up if I were you..
  13. Oh right.. must be tanks firing in Lulworth that I can hear then?
  14. Give it a rest eh? The MetOffice have just shrunk the warnings slightly, they haven't been removed.
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