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  1. It has certainly been a wet day here. 15.6mm of rain and the temp dropped to 6.2°C.
  2. The first snowflake of the season has appeared on my WXSIM forecast for Monday night. Mixed with rain, mind you. I suppose it's not too far off of the mark as any showers, particularly heavy ones, may have some wintriness mixed in.
  3. https://warehamwx.co.uk/graphs_historic.php Click 'By Month' in the sunshine column.
  4. That must be highly unusual for your neck of the woods, cheese? I've managed 5 here. Poor compared to last year, but not as bad as 2018. I'm on my 5th month in a row for 100mm+. January is currently as 115mm.
  5. Not in my lifetime it hasn't, so it's something going back pre 1975. A billion has always been 1000 millions, as was taught in my schools. A million millions being a trillion.
  6. Not very helpful, these one-liners. It would be appreciated if you posted some charts to point out what makes it 'tasty' Cheers.
  7. I don't particularly think much of next week either. Milder by day and night than the week just gone.
  8. Only 3? There's been 5 here, and i'm usually in the warm spot.
  9. Just to show a little more detail compared to the other models, here's the UKV: Not worth getting hung up on these, as it will change, a lot!
  10. The ECM doesn't particularly show anything unusual. It's showing a potent squall/cold front going through on Monday, with a rash of showers following on behind. Higher ground over parts of Devon/Cornwall/Somerset etc may see some wintriness mixed in with heavy showers - run of the mill stuff for those kind of set ups.
  11. No fog this morning, but very frosty with a low of -2.6°C coldest of the Winter. Currently clear and 0.5°C.
  12. I forgot I managed to snap this little robin on the tree in the garden earlier.. He was singing away in the sunshine. Currently -1.2°C
  13. A bunch of posts moved over to the moans/banter/chat thread. It's getting confusing with such an influx of those posts. They aren't really a discussion of what the current models are showing. We do have threads for discussing 'background signals' etc but It might be a better idea if someone started a thread dedicated to certain questions about it. Cheers.
  14. He didn't. He said warming trend - milder Winters. He's perfectly entitled to want that. I like heavy rain and gales, it doesn't mean I wish for flooding.
  15. A low of -1.6°C this morning. Cloud is spoiling any sunshine here. Temp 6.2°C.
  16. Just because you find it bizarre, doesn't mean others do. This is a weather forum where members can discuss and enjoy any weather type, and nobody should be made to feel guilty for enjoying something that you don't.
  17. 1049.20 on my station. Fascinating record to achieve. I'll be surprised if I get close to it again in my lifetime.
  18. 1048.53 here. Almost 4mb higher than my previous station record. Looking at the hi-res charts, it wouldn't surprise me if some places scrape 1051mb
  19. I think you may need to adjust your stations elevation and relative slp - that's way too high for your location.
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