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  1. After the fog had cleared, it was blue skies. It got pretty warm again, 18.6°C. I was certainly sweating while doing some garden maintenance.
  2. Mapantz

    Winter 2018/19

    I wonder why people have started bashing weather companies long range forecasts? Let's be fair here, there's been quite a few members on here who have posted their long range forecasts in the past and have gotten them either partly wrong, or catastrophically wrong. The official Netweather Winter forecasts haven't always gone to plan either.. each individual/group will see things differently and base a forecast on their own knowledge - they won't all come to the same conclusion. There's also a minority in the hardened cold camp who are likely to be the ones to be doing the ridiculing because it doesn't show what they want to see.
  3. Down 4°C this morning. Currently blue skies and 17.2°C
  4. Very light drizzle all day here, very wet. It did not amount to much though, just 2.4mm. Temp maxed out at 14.4°C.
  5. Mapantz

    Winter 2018/19

    I have a weather site. However, no seasonal forecast this year due to my super-computer being down for repairs after a Windows 10 update started randomly deleting files.
  6. A depressing day. I prefer it to be raining than having just damp & dull weather. Temp reached 13.1°C.
  7. Mapantz

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Hi Paul. Yes, news notifications work fine. It's weird, they just suddenly stopped.
  8. 30.6mm of rain so far. Bright now but more to come.
  9. Mapantz

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Just bumping this as they are still not working.
  10. Finally planted, Co2 up and running as well. For anyone interested in the species of plants I used.. Xmas Moss Flame Moss Weeping Moss Bucephalandra Sp. Green Bucephalandra Mini Velvet Staurogyn Repens Cryptocoryne Petchii Cryptocoryne Walkeri Java Fern 'Narrow' Anubias Nana Petite Anubias Coin Leaf Anubias Coffeefolia
  11. Since about 5pm, I haven't had a gust above 30mph, despite the forecasts showing 45mph + until around midnight. Just standard fare. Interesting to note that Hurn airport hasn't had a gust above 40mph all day.
  12. Windy, gusting to 44mph on my station. Nothing particularly bad. Temp 18.6°C.
  13. I'm not sure yet. I'm partial to the tetra species and rasboras. I like fish that explore all levels of the water column, rather than sticking to just one. Also, nothing that wants to move the soil around lol
  14. I try to keep busy with as many projects as possible Db. 2018 has been a stressful year, so aquascaping tanks is a good stress reliever, even more so when they up and running. I had a few other jobs to do today, so I didn't quite finish it all. However, most of the hardscape is done. 2 driftwood pieces JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral rocks as a base substrate JBL Volcano powder on top Tropica Aquasoil Tropica Powder Soil Seiryu stone Fine white quartz gravel for cosmetic purposes I have some small touches to add, like some 1 inch seiryu pieces and some shale to sprinkly around when the stone meets the sand. I have stacks of planting to do tomorrow.
  15. This is exactly the problem I highlighted last time - zero consistency. The MO are showing 45mph here for some 12 hours. The last spell of rough weather had a warning for the same wind speeds and they only lasted 4 or 5 hours.
  16. Windy now + a few light sprinkles of rain. Gusting to 33mph. Temp 17.9°C I have a relaxing afternoon to start my new aquascape. I've got some amazing pieces of wood to use! Lot's of super gluing moss and plants to the wood.
  17. Mapantz

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    What get's me is, Microsoft knew about this bug and released it anyway. We're now in the midst of a dodgy era with technology and it'll get worse.
  18. It doesn't look like it. Modelling takes the showery rain through Devon/Somerset. Nothing exciting likely to happen, again.
  19. Oh well, looks like staying dry tonight. Tomorrow isn't looking that bad either.
  20. Been a while since I've seen some of this..
  21. Mapantz

    Hurricane Michael

    Yep. livestormchasing.com has overloaded.
  22. A low of 7°C. A very heavy dew this morning. Currently sunny and 15.7°C.
  23. It has been such a long and quiet period of weather that I haven't really looked properly at any charts for such a long time.