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  1. There was just over an hour of sunshine this morning, before clouding over. Temp reached 20.9°C. Currently 17.2°C.
  2. A few posts moved to the Autumn moans/ramps/chat as that's where they are best suited. Thanks.
  3. 24.5°C here today. It has been awesome! The flowers have been going through a second phase of flowering, it felt like the back end of Spring. Most welcome!
  4. 1. Nope. I tried a little experimenting yesterday. I put the new console upstairs, where I want it. The soil moisture sensor doesn't even get detected. My GW-1000 is in the porch downstairs and is within 15 feet of the soil moisture sensor with no obstructions at all. You can physically see it. It has full signal, as does the old console which is within a foot of the GW-1000. I moved the soil sensor forward by 4 feet (still in view) The GW-1000 loses contact with it, the console upstairs now picks it up fine. I then rotated the soil sensor 180°, the GW-1000 now picks it up perfectly fine, but the new console upstairs loses all contact. I moved the new console back down to the porch, right next to the old console. It has zero signal from the soil sensor, but the old console has full signal. If i'm honest, i'm bored of it all, now. I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but I might just sell it all on eBay, because it's becoming a pain in the ass, especially waiting 6 1/2 weeks just to face more problems.
  5. You could head down the A354 and go to Monkey World? Bovington tank museum is not far away from there either - that's pretty cool. Corfe Castle - get on the steam train and travel to Swanage. Lulworth cove, Farmer Palmer's farm park, Weymouth sea life centre. Brownsea island is great fun - ferry across from Poole harbour. The Blue pool, which is near me. I used to do a lot of work there. At this time of year, the water is at it's most colourful due to the sun angle refracting on clay particles.
  6. The charts looked OK-ish for thunder today, alas, nothing happened. A very regular occurrence over the past 18 months. Not much rain either, stark contrast from forecasts.
  7. I won't be taking the battery out of the Davis ISS, that station overrules all other stations. Not only that, it doesn't explain why the old console works down in the porch and the fact that the new console is unable to pick up the soil moisture sensor whilst sat next to the old console that does.
  8. Whilst I appreciate that advice, I don't think that's the problem. I have had stations in the past, the original WS-1000, that used the same RF, no problems with that alongside the Davis. The other two, Netatmo and WeatherFlow, same RF and both had great signal while working alongside the Davis.
  9. I'm not bothered about the WiFi version, as I don't use it on the console.
  10. Here we go: New console is on the right with firmware 1.4.7. Old console on the left with 1.4.6 Soil moisture sensor is just 15ft away. It annoys me having to put the console there as it's not a place that I spend any time in, but it's the only place I can get signal on all of the sensors. (apart from the new console)
  11. My problem is with the console. The GW-1000 is downstairs close to the sensors as it interferes with my Davis console.
  12. I cannot pick up the soil moisture sensor unless I am within 15/20ft without any obstructions. Jeez, over 6 weeks to wait for disappointment.
  13. All of that time waiting for bird spikes and I've thrown the clips away. I have never known such a faff for putting the clip around a rain gauge! First clip snapped and the second one wouldn't tighten up so I used pliers, and the second clip slipped off and tightened so I couldn't fit it over the funnel anymore. Oh, and the second console's signal is exactly the same as the original one. Both next to each other and both don't pick up the soil sensor, the wind sensors signal comes and goes, pretty much the same on the rest of the sensors. I have to have the consoles pretty much in line of sight with no walls obstructing it. I can't put the consoles in the places I want them due to this. I've never had this issue with any other station.
  14. Had a little rain this morning and a small shower about an hour ago, but certainly not the washout that was forecast. Temp 14.7°C.
  15. It was dispatched on Wednesday early morning UK time. It's due to be delivered this Wednesday. 6 1/2 weeks in total.
  16. A low of 4.7°C here. Currently sunny and 16.7°C. A chance of some thunder across parts of the region, tomorrow afternoon.
  17. My Plum trees are the opposite. I cannot remember a year where there have been so many, so large, and actually ripened perfectly with none dropping off early. The branches have been so loaded with them that they have all drooped to the point of snapping off.
  18. I'd be surprised at that. The last order took 6 days. Tracking shows it at KWUN TONG HK
  19. Items got dispatched yesterday (early morning, UK time) estimated arrival is Wednesday.
  20. 5.2mm of rain this morning. Good sunny spells throughout the day, with 7.1 hours recorded. Top temp of 20.7°C.
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