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  1. So, here we are at December 1st again, so a shiny new thread to start the Winter season! A wet start to it, but hopefully some signs of things turning colder, ideally around the Christmas period!
  2. Thought i'd do a an update on my aquascape.. Here's what it looked like on October 12th: And here it is today: Amazing what fertiliser, Co2 injection and regular water changes can do in a planted tank.
  3. Just doing a quick scan through my data for the last few years.. October 1st to December 10th this year has been milder than the same period in 2015, 16 and 17. I have seen less frosts this year period too.
  4. OK - A little drifting off is fine, but it's straying way off-topic now. Let's resume back to normal service now. Thank you!
  5. Sunny spells today but it has been calm, which allowed me to dig out two old fence posts and replace them. Jeez.. I was the one who concreted the old one's in - I had to dig out about two feet of concrete, nightmare! Temp managed 10.3°C today, currently 8.8°C.
  6. My two Sky modules left Daytona beach, Florida, two days ago, and they are now out for delivery - amazing!
  7. Mapantz

    Cloud Help?!

    I have only seen a 'hole-punch' cloud once here, or two? lol They look great though. Oct 10th 2016:
  8. 40mph gusts during the early hours, and 1mm of rain. Currently sunny spells and 11.4°C.
  9. Yeah. It's a tricky one. I wouldn't say avoid it, it's a great station. I'd still have it over my Netatmo station, any day. First thing to mention, (as long as you have it shielded) the temp & humidity are absolutely spot on. In fact, the TH sensor is the same as the one found in new Davis stations. UV and Solar are also very accurate. The rain gauge is where it get's sticky. I'm lucky enough to own a Pro2, so I use that for the most accurate data I can record. I wouldn't rely on the WeatherFlow station as your main one for data storage. Even WeatherFlow themselves state this - it's more for the hobbyist. I'm just having some issues with the wind, but the CEO of WeatherFlow says that they could see a hardware fault with mine, and they are replacing it with a new one at no extra charge. I have to commend the company though, their customer service is as good as you could possibly get! They are working alongside testers and folks who own them outright to keep on developing it, and refining it. Both the design and software. There's algorithms being put in place with firmware updates to increase accuracy and to learn at the same time. I don't know of any other weather station manufacturers that are working this hard?! They're also in the process of making new add on's for both outdoor modules - a solar panel which can be added to the mounting system to charge batteries in the modules. An indoor unit will be on it's way too. I really can't fault WeatherFlow to be honest, and that's not me being biased, I would tell any company their product is crap if I really thought it was.
  10. It broke up as it got here. The wind has gotten up again though.
  11. No such thing as a downgrades for our part of the world.Even rain is considered an upgrade.
  12. Just had an absolute beast of a downpour. The roads are flowing like rivers!
  13. Gusting to the mid-thirties at my station. 8th day in a row of rainfall. Temp 12.4°C. A few heavier bursts appearing now. I suspect they'll produce some extra gusty wind if you end up under one of them.
  14. My average is 11.1°C for the first 7 days. That's 5.1°C above the MetO derived average for my area. Rainfall at 73.2mm.
  15. Only had one shower this morning, missed the rest. Windy all day though.
  16. lol I have a new normal one coming, as mine has a hardware fault with wind speed. The second one is the new test unit with the hydrophilic coating on. I'm also being sent two types of mounts, one is firm and one is soft. I'm not 100% sure, but I think one of them is to try to eradicate vibrations.
  17. A lot of rain this morning - 20.2mm. Wind gusted to 39mph, average of 21mph. The first 7 days of December have brought 73mm. The last 11 days has totalled 118.8mm. Had a sharp shower not long ago, with gusty winds. Quite a drop in temp too. Currently 8.8°C.
  18. Please don't reply to anyone in here that you think is on a wind up, it just escalates the situation. Posts will be hidden! Please report the post(s) in question and refrain from biting. Be assured, we're monitoring the activity, and it will be dealt with.
  19. I've got two new Sky units on the way..
  20. Mapantz

    Make us laugh

    I was just catching up on the snooker and this popped up on their scoring screen..
  21. Yes. I have some new fencing to do, so drier and chillier would be much better! I've recorded 95mm here in the last 9 days.