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  1. The Davis Vantage Pro2, but I also use two manual gauges to make sure there's no erroneous data. I also have an Ecowitt station, but I keep that data separate.
  2. Forecast has been well off today. The Met Office showed heavy rain all day and still show heavy rain now. Reality, rain ended at 1:30pm.
  3. It's the first below average month here since January. although it hasn't been a noticeable one due to all of the rain and lack of sunshine. 7mm of rain today. The total this Autumn stands at 472mm.
  4. I've just gone over 1000mm of rainfall for the year. Pretty much half of that since September 1st.
  5. No problem, Jordan. A brisk Southeasterly again today. Currently 9.2°C but feeling more like 5°C.
  6. Please use the report button if a post has gone too far. We want to keep it running smoothly in here. Don't let individuals spoil it, the team will deal with it. Thanks.
  7. If you own a GW-1000 from Ecowitt, you can now run Cumulus MX and collect data from it and publish it to your website. Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST - Page 5 - Cumulus Support CUMULUS.HOSIENE.CO.UK It works very well!
  8. You stated that the ECM at 192 would bring 'big snow' for the Midlands, when it clearly doesn't. There's no point in moving your goalposts after making a misleading post.
  9. Zero evidence for that. knocker kindly provided the reality.
  10. Well, despite the Met Office forecast showing a mix of full sun and sunny spells (the latter still showing now) it has been overcast all day. The wind has been quite potent too, making feel colder than of late. Temp reached 9.6°C.
  11. I didn't see anything in the forecast, but I guess it was a bit of a small area of rain. It was just peculiar how quickly it went from a heavy frost to nothing and then rain. It was less than 10 minutes as that's how long it took for my shower.
  12. Anything to add to those images, or do people have to guess?
  13. Yes, certainly is interesting. Their words were, '3 runs of the ensemble' - the american model. I do remember a while back a similar thing happening and Fergie saying that nothing was appearing on their model, and to my knowledge, it was correct.
  14. A low of -2.1°C here. It was exceptionally frosty, but within a few minutes it had gone. Now we have rain.
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