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  1. Here's the charts I choose, relating to my location. I had to post two days because it occurred in between them - circa 12pm on the 5th. If you can work it out, you get a free like.
  2. Can we have a bit more of an explanation as to why a chart may be 'excellent' please? As i've said before, it's not helpful to those members reading this thread, wishing to learn. Thanks.
  3. I think they have a dodgy rain gauge?! The 24 hour accumulations don't even show that. The majority of stations are showing around 1 inch, with some around 1.5 inches.
  4. The radar data we see can't actually detect precipitation type, they use hi-res NMM data along with some ground observations to try and give a rough idea of what might be falling. At a localised level it's extremely difficult to ascertain exactly what type it may be. The Met Office were doing upgrades to all of their radar sites a while back. They should be able to detect all precip types in real time. I don't know if any of that is publicly available though.
  5. A Star Ejected from the Milky Way's 'Heart of Darkness' Has Reached a Mind-Blowing Speed | Space WWW.SPACE.COM "It is a visitor from a strange land." I am reading this stuff all of the time and I keep meaning to post it - for those interested, of course.
  6. https://www.tameteo.com/modeles/en-royaume+uni-ecmwf-94.htm
  7. The radar now, definitely indicates that the yellow warning was put in the wrong place.
  8. Can we please keep pictures in your regional threads. Thanks.
  9. Looking at the radar, I can't see why a warning was put out for here. The forecast initially showed rain beginning at 4pm and ending at 10pm. It now just shows 2 hours of rain and what is showing on the radar is not even heavy.
  10. That's interesting! A couple of charts I was looking at this morning showed the possibility of hail in that. I hope to get in on that action! Hail has become a rarity in these parts.
  11. That's regarding GloSea5. I guess it can't take an SSW in to account because the data has already been assimilated?
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