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  1. Looking good for some beach fishing next week! Higher humidity, and heading towards a Spring tide, perfect.

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    2. lassie23


      Ever caught any fish and chips?

    3. Spikecollie


      What do you catch, and more importantly how do you cook it?

      My father used to take me beach fishing, and sometimes we lit a small fire and ate there and then.

      We're planning on doing some lake fishing when hubby gets here - we are total beginners (a "re-beginner" in my case), but we have all the basic gear and I know how to put it together and use it. I have also researched carp recipes, because that's what we'll be catching!

    4. Mapantz


      It depends where I decide to go to, as there's so many types of beaches near me. I like go go spinning, which means putting waders on and getting to dodgy places before low tide. I fish mainly for bass or mullet when I spin. If i'm beach casting, it's usually sandy bottomed water, or shingle - need to stay away from rocks, as it's a sure way to lose tackle. I'll fish for anything if that's what i'm doing, species caught and ate last year were bass, plaice, pollock and flounder. I like to cook it simple, either wrapped up in tin foil with butter, and put it in the oven, or cook them in a frying pan. I did have dogfish a few years ago, it was caught, priested, skinned and put straight on a BBQ - amazing taste! If you go to a restaurant, they'll call it rock salmon and charge you a fortune for it.