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  1. What is it with England?? They seriously make me swear!!

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    2. Scorcher


      negative substitutions. It was crying out for Vardy when we went 1-0 up...

    3. Weather-history


      I don't get why the English football team gets the level support they do. They don't deserve it, the return for their loyal fans is criminal.

    4. Dami


      I used to *surprise!* watch the England games with friends down the pub. And most of the time the minute the team used to think they had the game in the 'bag' they seemed to hold back and not bother then wonder why they had sudden lost or drawn. David Beckham was too worried about his hair. 

      Seems even with a new team they still think the same. 

      The England supporters should be ashamed, what is it with football and fighting? I gave up as a n England supporter years ago. They never win anything.