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  1. I was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2012 and started taking insulin. The insulin dose came down over time, and I started taking Metformin. I'm now not taking anything for it. The latest blood tests show that i'm almost back to normal. It's amazing how the body can change over time!

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    2. Mapantz


      I don't really know the exact answer, but I used to drink about 70 pints of lager a week- for years, as well as other naughties, and now I don't drink at all. That and stress didn't help the cause, but i'm free of all of that, and I guess it played a huge part?! I do get low sugar from time to time, but now when I test my bloods, I never go above 8mmol/L - when I first got diagnosed, I was at 31mmol/L, which was dangerous lol

    3. lassie23


      31:bomb: You must have had some symptoms, 70 pints of lager, how's the liver:help:

    4. Windblade


      Lovely to see you've made a full recovery. Best wishes for the future,