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  1. Do any Android users here, flash custom ROMs on your phones?

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    2. Mapantz


      I was given an LG G3 for nowt. It has the Euro Lollipop 5.0 firmware, but I've seen a 5.1.1 Cyanogenmod ROM specifically for it- tempted to try it, but a bit worried I might brick it.

    3. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      Nokia are rubbish, especialy now its just Microsoft and windows going forward. HTC are the real deal, very pro with lots of development available on xda forums. Andriod is great for open source stuff.

    4. Winter Cold

      Winter Cold

      Mapantz - Youl be OK, you will need to root it and put a custom recovery on it though most likely first before you can do anything. Unless you have been given it already unlocked? Plenty of how-to guides on the XDA forums and there are lots of youtube videos showing you exatly how to do stuff which ive found very helpfull. Cant go wrong after watching it being done :)

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