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  1. 974.47mb here. I do believe that's the lowest since Sunday, November 20th 2016?! 20.6mm of rain here today. Currently 8.7°C and windy.
  2. Here's a NetWx-MR snapshot for Saturday and Sunday: Probably overdoing it, so it's best not to get suckered in.
  3. 3.4°C currently. Latest UKV still showing close to an inch of rain in some spots tomorrow. One thing's for sure, i'll be going over 1100mm for the year.
  4. Yes, you're right there, knocker. I shouldn't have added 'upper'. Certainly abundant on that particular chart!
  5. I was looking at the FAX charts last night.. I don't think I have ever seen that many upper troughs on one chart before?
  6. A few light showers so far today. Tenp 6.8°C. Plenty of rain tomorrow, as indicated by the UKV:
  7. Successfully passed through here with nothing, only a slight change in wind direction.
  8. It may come as no surprise to some but the lack of a yellow warning around these parts is ridiculous! The consistency of high gusts today is quite something, it certainly overshadows Sundays attempt.
  9. Managed to get down to -0.3°C before a huge temp increase. Very wet this morning, 9mm so far. Wind beginning to ramp up too.
  10. Is this station near you FwtD? WWW.BURNHAMONCROUCHWEATHER.COM Burnham on Crouch Weather Station Just one air frost (0.0°C) recorded at that location since February. Crazy really. I've managed 9 at this tropical resort.
  11. So, I was under a yellow warning for wind yesterday with forecast speeds of 28 - 41mph. Tomorrow, the winds are forecast to be 50mph + for around 6 hours, with the peak of those winds around evening rush hour, and no yellow warning?! No consistency whatsoever.
  12. Not much happened here over night. Highest gust was yesterday was outside of the warning period, during a shower, 41mph. Highest gust inside of the warning period was 37mph. Tuesday is showing far higher gusts than yesterday, but no warning out for down here.
  13. I can imagine. It's a great vantage point during stormy weather. I'd quite like to be fishing down at Chesil right now. It's the complete opposite here, breezy, with the occasional 30mph gust. It was windier during a shower this afternoon. Have you had any flood sirens go off yet?
  14. Let's get off of the verification subject and get back to model output discussion. Thanks.
  15. Different story for that location, that's for sure. Forecast wind speeds have dropped further for around here. Gust speeds are showing lower than last night's.
  16. Short sharp shower here with some hail mixed in. Just had a convective gust of 41mph as well.
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