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  1. Sunny all day here. Max of 15.1°C and it felt warm. In fact, this week has only resulted in half a day being unsettled.
  2. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, UK storm chasing videos make me cringe severely.
  3. I've noticed as each day has passed, the forecast is showing less and less rain. Apart from Wednesday, the rest of the week doesn't look particularly bad, just breezy.
  4. Currently 20.4°C here. It's cloudy, but an occasional sunny spell makes a presence.
  5. Interesting thoughts. However, just a quick scan of the models shows that the areas you have highlighted are well outside of any type of risk. TT index ties in with convectiveweather's forecast.
  6. Could you elaborate? I see nothing pointing towards 'violent' CAPE values look extreme in some parts, but one convective factor doesn't paint the full picture.
  7. Illegal rave in full flow again. It must be seriously loud to be able to hear it from here. It's about the same volume as when I was at a pub outside of camp bestival, that was half a mile away from the site. The rave is about 6 miles from me. I struggled to sleep as it was pumping until 6am. It's the sort of place I would have gone to, but my lifestyle change put pay to that. lol
  8. 26°C was my max. 29% RH too. This is also a good place to be in the evenings during warm/hot weather, it cools off quickly. 17.6°C at the mo.
  9. 24.8°C and 32% humidity. I filled the bird bath up yesterday, and it's almost dried out.
  10. Not much to say.. 22.2°C and blue skies. Perfect for doing some garden maintenance.
  11. Sat at 291mm for 2019 so far. A few of my graphs..
  12. 23°C and sunny, although there was half an hour of blockage by the clouds. This day last year.. 26.7°C.
  13. Been working out in the sunshine all day. Managed 20.9°C. Met Office were going for 18°C, WXSIM plumped for 21°C on the over night update.
  14. We have appropriate threads for discussing record temperatures and other weather stats. Please use them.
  15. 24.6°C - South London. If I win, can I nominate a member?
  16. 1.6mm of rain this morning. It's feeling humid here, wind is zero and it's all oddly quiet. Temp 13.8°C.
  17. Sunny spells most of the day. Top temp of 12.7°C. That wind though?! Sheesh! Gusting to 35mph, not a good day for brushing stuff up. On the plus side, the washing dried in 3 minutes.
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