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  1. Second morning of thick fog. However, the warnings were put out at 6am and 5am, respectively. The thick fog started after midnight on both occasions. Temp got down to -1.3°C this morning and it maxed out at 14.5°C.
  2. This is model discussion thread, NOT a weather organisation discussion one. There are plenty of other places for chat about it.
  3. Busy couple of days. Good spells of sunshine today. Temp made it to 10.6°C. My WXSIM forecast going for 15°C by the end of the week - lovely!
  4. Your post was automatically hidden because of it's vile content. I also ask the same question as you, why do you bother?
  5. Comment invalid. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17419090.tree-falls-on-double-decker-bus-in-poole/ Multiple trees down around this area.
  6. An inch of rain has fallen here. Proper weather day!
  7. Just hit an inch of rain. Only 8 days in to February and i'm already at 75.2mm.
  8. Crazy bursts of rain here today. 20mm so far. Multiple trees down around the area, and a nasty one in Poole. Tree fell on a bus, the driver was very lucky to survive! I don't know why the Met Office removed the warning only to put it back far too late.
  9. Mine changed to "Make a brew, sit back in your chair and watch some YouTube and keep an eye on the weather station" 😄
  10. 45mph on both my Davis and WeatherFlow stations. Wind speed is currently at 25mph.
  11. It's going nuts here. Wind speed has been circa 20mph, gusting to 45mph. That's impressive for my location considering the Purbeck hills create a bit of shelter.
  12. Work to do and I have a serious case of manflu. Wind speeds here are 20 - 23mph, gusting to 45mph. Temp 10.4°C, 9.4mm of rain.
  13. The 'feels like' temperature is about 1°C down there. I have been working outside today, and despite reaching 10.7°C, the 'feels like' temp was around 4°C - it felt cold in the wind.
  14. Check the water vapour and airmass images out - stunning!