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  1. Posts are going missing quickly. Go to the correct thread if you're making a general post. Thanks.
  2. Model discussion only, please. This isn't the place for 'so and so got this wrong and so and so got that right' General chat, moans and ramps here Ta.
  3. A low of -2°C this morning. Started off with blue skies, until around midday. Overcast now, temp 10.2°C.
  4. I'm sure it was available in Europe at some point? Might have sold out. I sold mine back in the Spring - got fed up with it.
  5. Many posts being hidden. Keep to model discussion. If you want to moan or chat in general, head over to the appropriate thread.
  6. Nice. You didn't fancy backing the new version?
  7. Keep it to the models, please?! There are plenty of other threads for general discussion. Thanks.
  8. A low of -0.6°C and a decent frost. Started off nice and sunny, but thick cloud is moving in again. Temp 6.2°C.
  9. I won't be pinning any hopes on the BBC's forecasts. Didn't they make a calamity back in the Summer? They were going for heat returning or something, and it failed to materialise? Could be some interesting weather next week, but I fear for some members who get carried away.
  10. That E.T advert!! ☄️

  11. Well, what is showing in the output hasn't happened yet, and it's quite some distance away, But as usual, you're coming out with unjustified scrutiny.
  12. A couple of posts already moved across. If all you want to do is post a chart with one word, head over to the banter thread. Cheers.
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