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  1. Mapantz I am so very sorry and sad to hear about your dear Dad. I met him a few times and we talked about his memories of growing up in the Purbecks. My thoughts are with you and your family. 

  2. I'm taking some time out. I've just been given the news that my dad is dying. The hospital have treated all of us so badly, and gave us no information. I'm devastated. :(

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    2. Mokidugway


      Sorry to hear that mapantz ,thinking of you and your family.

    3. JennyJane1


      sorry to hear.

    4. Styx


      take care..

  3. I doubt it. The charts paint the same picture that convectiveweather does. Emphasis in East Anglia.
  4. No lightning i'm afraid. I just fancied doing a slow-mo of the rain.
  5. Well, that was an insane few minutes! 2.8mm of rain in a couple of minutes, rain rate of 122.6mm/hr
  6. Well, that was an insane few minutes! 2.8mm of rain in a couple of minutes, rain rate of 122.6mm/hr
  7. 30mm was yesterday's final rain total. Very windy again today, gusting to 37mph, but it has been bright, with some sunny spells. Temp hit 19.9°C Temp: 18.8°C - Hum: 80% - Dew: 15.3°C - Bar: 1009.28hPa - Wind: WSW @ 16mph.
  8. Talking of brightness, my highest solar reading today was 169W/m² - that's lower than an average cloudy day in Winter. 28.2mm of rain now. Winds havbe gusted above 30mph for much of the day. It looks even windier tomorrow, but at least they'll be some sunshine.
  9. Quite a deluge here, 16.8mm. The charts have significantly downgraded rainfall totals on the latest runs. The MetO last night, showed heavy rain until midnight, that has now changed, and its supposed to have cleared through by 3pm. That's a 9 hour difference within 12 hours of the forecast.
  10. Very wet & very windy. 6.2mm so far, and gusting to 34mph. Temp: 16.1°C - Hum: 96% - Dew: 15.4°C - Bar: 1010.54hPa - Wind: S @ 13mph.
  11. Another good way is to record 4K video, then you can extract an 8MP still from it. Most Android phones with 4K allow you to do it - it's a great way of getting excellent stills, and if you can set it to 24 or 30FPS, you'll get a decent snap of lightning.