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  1. Tomorrow's forecast looks dreadful. My 'sunshine every day' record looks like coming to an end.
  2. Just catching up with it all.. spending so much time in the garden, i've forgotten what the inside of my house looks like! More chances over the weekend after having a casual glance? Temp 22.6°C Today's sunshine will take me over 200 hours for the month - most i've recorded on this station.
  3. It look's like it is about to piddle down again. I love days like this, warm and sunny, then a storm in the late afternoon. MOAR PLEASE!
  4. The garden looks awesome now the sun is back out. Everything is refreshed and green!
  5. Well i'm quite content. Plenty of rumbles and 5.2mm of rain in around 15 minutes.
  6. Temp dropped 6 degrees in around 30 minutes. 5.2mm from that. No need to water the garden tonight!
  7. Torrential rain now.. 2.4mm in a matter of minutes.
  8. Look at the rain rate on that bad-boy.. Heading right this way.
  9. Yep. Thunder now! Pressure increasing, as well as the wind.
  10. Might just get side-scraped by this storm - constant rumblings going on.
  11. Yep. The SR charts showed in. They seem to be being steered by the 700hPa wind.