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  1. If this is to be named Brian it will have to be upgraded to an amber warning, and we're only one step away. I suspect it might well do! A new moon is today and the Spring tide is tomorrow, so the tides will still be large by Saturday. My tide book shows the Spring tide to be 2.4m at Poole Quay on Thursday, which is a reasonably high-ish one. On Saturday, the standard height is expected to be 2.2m, so I can understand the threat of flooding when coinciding this with the deep area of low pressure. The tides are perfect for fishing as well, high tides are late at night, so it would have been perfect for evening fishing. It's a shame the weather isn't playing ball.
  2. I've just stress tested the CPU in my PC for 30 minutes at 100%  and it never got above 53°C - Very pleased!

  3. Weird skies again this morning. Asperatus one side and more dust on the other.
  4. The medium-range is still looking quite tasty at this stage..
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    I would guess that they are km/h values. Portland didn't see 68mph yesterday or since midnight. Max gust at Portland was 47mph yesterday. According to those stats, 68.4 mph was recorded in the last 4 hours, but 68.4 km/h would be 43mph, which makes more sense.
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Unfortunately, I didn't have a solar rad sensor back then. I'd love to know the readings myself! I'm sure someone has some data from around then. It really has made for an interesting day, despite not being directly impacted by the storm.
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Interesting to note.. Looking at my solar data, at exactly midday, I recorded 9W/m² of solar energy. That's around the equivalent output just before sunset.
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    I'm right on the dividing line of the dust now. The dusty skies are to my SE, and there's some blue skies to my NW. Certainly a weird day for October.
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    Ophelia has caused one of the most bizarre days of weather and skies I have seen for quite sometime.
  10. Where's the sunshine at? I've got the house lights on as it's so dark.
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    I made a GIF of Ophelia from the 14th until 9pm last night.
  12. 16.6 °C dew point in the middle of October?! It feels pretty muggy.
  13. Quite a different story here, in fact the whole weekends forecast was wrong. Cloudy and grey both yesterday and today, dreadfully miserable and boring.
  14. I was just having a look at that myself, @Zephyr Quite an active period being modeled. It's nice to have some weather to get stuck in to. Although, my levels of enthusiasm are a bit on the low side at the moment.
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    That to me looks like the wind speed at around 800hPa, not surface.