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  1. It is correct. Ask any of my fellow Dorset comrades on the SW thread. We were put under a red warning. It caused a lot of panic.. during the night, the red warning had been moved and we were downgraded to an amber warning. After all of that, barely an inch of snow fell. That will go down as the greatest MetO blunder of all time.
  2. The red warning was issued the night before.. in the wrong place. It was moved during the early morning.
  3. Nice to see the snow icon appear on weather underground's forecast, on my website, for Tuesday night. It's 100% correct though.. 'chance snow' teehee
  4. I wouldn't complain at that if the GFS OP is the outcome, because it gives me all rain, and a lot of it too! lol I'm starting to think that something isn't quite right. I remember reading a post on another forum, some years ago, that some models struggle with low pressures in these set ups, that come from around the BoB. I'm wondering if we're seeing it happen here? Obviously, the MetO have far more resources to hand than us. So, it leaves me with a small sense of optimism - it isn't done yet.
  5. Whatever you do, do not look at the 18Z OP lol
  6. In the case of the model thread, "Forgot where I was"
  7. Yuk. Can't say that the OP is on it's own this time.. I've never been more surprised at such a quick change around..
  8. I think, from this point onwards, i'm not going to look at either the GFS or ECM output. I'm going to stick at the high-res out to 48 hours and take each day as it comes. The bottom line is, if you're as far South as me, then things don't look quite as rosy. It's time like this that I wished I was a bit further inland. I don't often say that lol
  9. Oh dear. Not liking the look of the ECM either. lol
  10. A trend of knife-edge synoptics developing for coastal counties - not good!
  11. Well, you do.. Back in December, there were a couple of snow events that occurred, particularly across central parts of England, and Wales. The GFS was continually showing areas in the North to be under this event. As it progressed, the GFS started following other models in bringing the system further South - right up to 12 hours before the event. I'm not saying the GFS op isn't sniffing something out. But, to say it has out-performed every other model this Winter is wrong.
  12. Some statistical charts would be handy to back that up?!
  13. Just been doing some tidying up in and around the pond. I'm roasting in the sunshine. Up to 7.5°C here. Almost a perfect solar graph: