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  1. Really looking forward to getting wxsim up & running in the next couple of days. I had an email to say that some work had been done, but I should have the completed files by Thursday. It should be able to produce accurate forecasts down to within 10 miles.
  2. Yes. Just noticed that myself! Ties in with the increase of winds again.
  3. It'd be good to get that again, in January. That's such a depressing month, so it would be great to get snow.
  4. Temps look to be somewhere between 11 and 13°C for here on Christmas day, pretty much the same as the previous two years.
  5. Just had a brilliant downpour here, road turned to a river. 87mm/hr. Up to 21.6mm now. Still not particularly strong winds..
  6. Up to 12.6mm of rain now - getting closer towards the wettest month recorded at this particular station. The wind isn't particularly bad, mostly mid-twenties gusts, with a few occasional 30's.
  7. Mapantz

    Winter 2018/19

    The Met Office have said that the Ski season across Europe is one of the best so far. They've had 4 metres at a resort in Switzerland over the past few weeks - very nice!
  8. 1mm of rain and 9.5°C I'm struggling to work out why there's a yellow warning in place?!
  9. Good afternoon! A lovely sunny first half of the day, managed 4.4 hours of sunshine. Temp maxed at 11.8°C.
  10. Had some heavy bursts of rain today. 10.2mm so far. 123.4mm for December. 269.8mm since 1st November.
  11. Mapantz

    Winter 2018/19

    Apart from 2017?!