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  1. A reminder that we have a thread for European storm discussion/posts. 🙂
  2. You'll have to search that one, it was like 10 years ago, I think?!
  3. I think this is what Estofex are referring to: It just does it's usual thing, moves NE in to the low countries.
  4. That makes it even worse. All of those poor passengers watching as you took your hands off of the wheel to take the photo.. 🤭
  5. 18.2mm today. Nothing heavy, so perfect to soak in to the garden. Feels like one of those mild Winter days.. Here's the total rainfall accumulation for the past 24 hours.
  6. New aquarium light day!

  7. It looks like a member of the warnings team at the Met Office has just got in to work after oversleeping. 👻
  8. I don't know exactly what the Met Office' thinking on it is, but if some charts are to be believed, an amber warning for rain would be issued.
  9. Not much point in posting numerous 18Z charts, so I'll post the accumulation one instead.
  10. There's quite a lot of divergence between the hi-res models in regards to rainfall totals & placement. The Met Office warning zone backs that up.
  11. This is just a quick screen grab of the UKV. Inside of the blue line is where I think the best prospect of storms will be.
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