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  1. A sensible drop of rain at the moment, not torrential, which means it'll soak in to the ground better. Temp: 17.1°C - Hum: 91% - Dew: 15.6°C - Rain: 3.8mm - Bar: 1004.81hPa - Wind: Calm.
  2. A very messy radar. Still, at least some have had a few rumbles!
  3. Says it all right there.
  4. 17.2°C Thank you please!
  5. Plenty of ACCAS streamed by me not long ago. I can still see a lot to the South and Southwest. It all looks rather convincing!
  6. A very nice day, light winds mean I can carry on with fibreglassing.. on my birthday... Temp: 21.3°C - Hum: 59% - Dew: 12.9°C - Bar: 1013.75hPa - Wind: SE ~ ESE @ 6mph.
  7. Perhaps a good week to properly test the new Netweather Extra radar app?! A busy week working outdoors, so it will be a valuable tool.

  8. It's down to the 'rolling shutter' effect, of the camera. It can happen vertically and horizontally as the camera scans rows at a time, rather than the whole image in one go.
  9. I don't wish to brag, but my temp is now at 16.4°C, DP is 15.4°C and inside temp is finally down to 26°C - no fan needed on the aquarium tonight, yippee!
  10. That would indicate total saturation. 100% RH - Not highly unusual, but the sensor might be damp?
  11. I've just been out for a wander, its actually sea mist that has come this far inland. It does it on rare occasions. Despite a nice breeze now, its eerily orange outside.
  12. It's certainly all changed here. Down to 16.6 °C and there's fog.