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  1. Had a light shower about an hour ago, now it's just fine, light drizzle. It's ironic that the last day of the month brings in heavy rain, otherwise it would have been the driest month I had recorded on this station. Temp: 11.9°C - Hum: 79% - Dew: 8.4°C - Bar: 988.44hPa - Wind: SE ~ ESE @ 8mph.
  2. Hi lettice I use an IP camera, then use IPTimelapse software (paid) to connect to the camera. It has tons of settings and features, such as adding your wunderground weather to the overlay. I just set it to capture an image every 15 seconds between 00:00 and 11:59, it then creates the video for it at midnight, and automatically uploads it to my site. It took a while for the sun to make an appearance here today, but now it has, it pushed the temp to 15.5°C Temp: 14.6°C - Hum: 59% - Dew: 6.6°C - Bar: 1011.32hPa - Wind: SSE @ 10mph. If anybody accesses my site, either give your cookies a clear, or CTRL +F5 to bypass your cache. I updated the colours and font today, due to some a-hole copying everything from my site, to his.
  3. Timelapse came out well today, especially 3pm >
  4. Well, another day of missing every shower, despite showers covering almost every square inch of the country. On the upside, i'm only two dry days away from a record of the most dry days in a month, hopefully beating July 2016.
  5. Huge swathes of virga fallstreak to my East:
  6. Plenty of convection going on here, trust me. It might not be rampant, but it's going on! lol A shower has cropped up to the West of me:
  7. That's why I said maybe later. In these sorts of set ups, it is usually late afternoon/early evening that something either crops up close by, or makes its way here. 850hPa winds show a slight steering from NE to SW. View from my webcam:
  8. There's been some nice clouds about again, but no showers. This unsettled spell is turning out to be quite settled here - until maybe later.
  9. Blocked certainly doesn't mean cool. I swear some people just look at the isobars and automatically think that because the are coming from the East/Southeast, that it means cool or cold. There's been plenty of consistency with regards to average, or slightly above average temps next week.
  10. Ground frost this morning, temp got down to 0.2°C Cloudy at the moment, with the odd glimpse of sunshine. Temp: 9.2°C - Hum: 59% - Dew: 1.6°C - Bar: 1019.37hPa - Wind: N ~ NE @ 7mph. It looks like any chance of showers here, will be later this afternoon. Got this pecker back int he garden again: I found it in my pond a few months back. I have since netted most of it to try and stop it, but it keeps returning.
  11. Looked good at around 8pm: Then it ends up like this: I hate Northerlies in Winter, this just makes it worse.
  12. According to the radar, it was a direct hit from a shower, but barely a couple of drops fell, it didn't even wet the ground.
  13. A small drop of rain would be most welcome, here.
  14. I'm expecting a nice timelapse when the video gets uploaded at midnight. May get lucky with some bigger clouds if those showers make it here.