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  1. Glad to see GFS improvements going against the ICON... what a ride this winter has been in terms of model watching
  2. That Azores high nudging into Iberia has been the bane of this winter so far, it hasn't had the decent opportunity to edge far enough North and instead keeps toppling over or to the SW of the UK as we get closer to T+0. I am still hopeful for something down the line, given the background signals and MetO updates, and await this evenings runs from behind the sofa... The general theme of heights lowering in parts of Europe is still a positive, I feel.
  3. I have found that in the past, when we get scenarios likes this, there is generally a movement towards a middle-ground solution over the next 4-5 days. However until all main models agree it is difficult to judge.
  4. Really enjoy these gifs, as it shows how quickly the fluid dynamics of various levels of the atmosphere can change over a period of time.
  5. Just had a big dumping of hail and a couple of nearby lightning strikes just North of Bristol
  6. Probably just a little too far SW to see much today, but we did just have a brief shower as it develops and trundles NE.
  7. Showers still keep developing to the SE for now. You never know!
  8. Had some heavy rain and a couple of rumbles just N of Bristol a little earlier. Overcast and humid now.
  9. That band would be where I would favour main activity later. I was more on about isolated surface based storm risk in the SW quadrant of the UK.
  10. Some showers seem to be forming across some parts of SW & C/S England on radar. Most likely these will remain isolated in this area, but could chuck out a couple of surprise thundery showers as the afternoon progresses.
  11. Can hear that lot rumbling to my South. Pleased we got something as these showers head up the country for what looks like an active afternoon coming up for areas North of here.
  12. Reverse psychology worked - Mother nature deciding to give a morning treat - rumbles of thunder here N of Bristol suddenly. Looking good for those N/NE of here this afternoon with how quickly these are developing.
  13. Then it reignited as it went into Wales.. Parcels of weaker instability I guess? Might get lucky from the showers developing to the SE this morning.
  14. Not difficult to guess where I live. Hint: The gap. Hope those who had storms enjoyed it! Image from convectiveweather.co.uk
  15. Love how it all faded away to my south only to all kick off about 40 miles North again.....frustrating this storm malarkey. Maybe something tomorrow morning here as the AROME model seemed to do well tonight....