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  1. Can here the cell over Portsmouth, deep rumbling. Going to head down to calshot beach from new forest
  2. Out in the New Forest, Hampshire, waiting and hoping. The sky has gone from being completely clear to overcast in 15 mins We could still have a show
  3. Currently catfishing in Ashford and I'm about ready to jump in the lake with them it's that hot
  4. Intensifying right above me and rumbling away, no CG yet
  5. Moved up the A34 5 miles sw of Didcot. Uninterrupted views from a ridge to the SE and rumbling an be heard
  6. Indeed. Also the area to my E / SE is clearing so fingers cross well see those temps rise and something will fire
  7. And now we wait. Made my way up to Tot Hill services on the A34 just by the M4. Feeling warm with a few breaks in the cloud trying to appear.
  8. Lovely I'll check it out Thanks
  9. Thanks Is that live or based on forecast winds?
  10. Goood morning all from a slightly murky south coast. I'll be finished work in an hr I've got a full tank in the van and my inverter turned up for the laptop......time to chase !!!!! Where to begin is the question. I don't have access to the full charts just basic and from what that shows me I kinda like the wind profiles north of Brighton ish. There's a slightly stronger jet from what I've seen and coupled with convergence zone / backed winds we have some shear potential. But will I end up playing catch up when it all kicks of to the west?? Is there anywhere offering free charts and live wind Maps that I could refine/ adjust my plans as needed. Good luck everyone
  11. Campervan all set up for a night out in the new forest near Hythe. Fingers crossed it kicks of early as got to set off for work at 6am, and more importantly I've out got 1 bottle of wine
  12. Whitchurch cell directly over head. Interception !!!!!
  13. The first of the seasons chase is go! Finished work and heading north from winch to intercept the cells Woo hoo
  14. Big towers going up next to my tower near Winchester now
  15. Final climb done for the day near Winchester, CU bubbling up all around.