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  1. Taken from the netweather storm forecast "Upper trough moving in from the west will engage frontal boundary " Is that what we're seeing cause the line of shows near the IOW?
  2. Out fishing for the night near Harlow. Gone very hazy here after so heavy rain. Think we need to keep a close eye on the line of showers currentlyover the IOW There track and timing is in line with the forecast main event over the London area??
  3. Change of plans. The storm I was gonna chase towards peterbourgh has died. Gonna head east towards Cambridge and intercept the north London cells
  4. I'm on the Milton Keynes cell and gonna follow her north. Just seen my first CG of the chase!!!! ITS ON!!!
  5. I've set myself up in the Huntington services NW of Cambridge and the stuff around luton is heading my way, not electrified yet but looking like I've pi led an OK place to chase from.
  6. Gonna get on the A1M Think this is gonna give me the best chance of intercepting storms as they are gonna be mitering along. But first Mc Donald's for the road trip
  7. OK so I've finished work and gonna chase today tonight. Currently in Harlow Essex and wondering if I should head north and west to say Birmingham area or stay put and see what develops. Any advice from those with any inside knowledge please
  8. I'll take that. Fishing in Harlow but if it goes bang within 50 miles of here the chase is on!!!!
  9. hopefully not. planning on having my dinner and getting a bit of sleep, going to leave the tailgate open so I hopefully get rudely awaken
  10. In my storm watching spot for the night at Caterham view point on the southern edge of M25
  11. Evening all. Well looks like my early nights going out the window, absolutely shattered from a cider festival at weekend......but the chase is on. Currently in west London (stay in the van for work in the week) but going to relocated for the night too Caterham view point on the southern edge of M25. Anyone in the area pop by and say hi, you can't miss my, bright orange transit van Good luck all
  12. All ready for the show in Harlow Laptop charged, lines out, beers ready........bring on the fireworks
  13. What's a good lightning app / monitor at the mo. Looked at a few, mixed reviews
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