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  1. Absolutely mad driving through the new forest. Stunning fast moving motion on the lower levels and insane rain. Pulled over and caught a funnel but pictures not great. Was spinning like a top 🤗 Then pulled over and got an after shot and waved good bye
  2. Morning all and good luck for today. Currently in the lake District on a road trip in the van with the Mrs. We'll be travelling up to loch ness this afternoon so hoping still fires and we can follow it North.
  3. I'm camped out in the van for the night and hoping they develop as finished work just as the Ipswich cell died
  4. My job over tan so spent 6hrs up a Telecom's tower watching the cells to the west of Ipswich ho up and remain stationary, cool pic from a view most won't see below. Final free to chase and it's died off, still trying and new cells fired up to my south
  5. Yeah I'm out. Currently on a job near Ipswich then I'll be heading west. Hoping something goes oxford area then tracks into the nice bit of sheer towards bristol
  6. Just getting used to reading the detailed charts again to forecast and if I'm seeing it right then the oxford area along the M4 corridor towards Bristol has some hi CAPE values and some nice sheer developing?
  7. Fun days chasing although no great footage. Got on the leicester cell soon after it popped and had a good close lightning strike behind me, didn't see it but my god I heard it. Not sure if it was water getting in somewhere or the lightning but my radio / head unit in van cut out and wouldn't work for couple of hrs. That cell died so had a nap. Woke to the Birmingham cell firing so blasted south for the last HR of day light. Again no great footage but was rumbling nicely So much rain and without much shear lacking in structure so not a lot to see in some respects. Cam
  8. I'm in the same predicament Currently sat at the services near Nothingham, what to do The rain was insane on the leicester cell
  9. Nothingham cell seems to have died for now, some serious rain out of it
  10. Nothingham cell seems to have died for now, some serious rain out of it
  11. On the leicester cell and she's providing the goods. Massive cg right behind my van.....sounded like someone fired a shot gun next to me
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