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  1. Campervan all set up for a night out in the new forest near Hythe. Fingers crossed it kicks of early as got to set off for work at 6am, and more importantly I've out got 1 bottle of wine
  2. Whitchurch cell directly over head. Interception !!!!!
  3. The first of the seasons chase is go! Finished work and heading north from winch to intercept the cells Woo hoo
  4. Big towers going up next to my tower near Winchester now
  5. Final climb done for the day near Winchester, CU bubbling up all around.
  6. Morning all. That time of year again where we all get ridiculously excited and generally massively disappointed. I'll be finishing work climbing Telecom towers (hopefully before any storms fire) and heading out on the road today for my first chase of the year. Wish me luck luck and I'll post any cool pics or vid should the thunder god's smile on me
  7. Loads of CG coming out of the beast on the south coast, guess I'm staying put in the southbourne cliffs car park, come say hi if your about, big orange van
  8. Forgot my wallet so had to pop home again. Currently sat back on bmouth cliffs, towers going up here now.... .what to do , what to do
  9. What to do. Back in Bournemouth now, thinking of heading toward Dorchester way
  10. Mamatus clouds forming on back edge of storm in south
  11. Sat on the cliffs in Bournemouth as storm went over, now sat near ringwood unsure whether I should keep with this storm / mess or wait for new hopefully more isolated storms.... What you recon?
  12. I'm out chasing this eve and at mo I'm not having to go more than 100meters from my flat
  13. Sat on the cliff tops in Bournemouth and it looks like this to the south
  14. Well I gave it a good go bit after over 3hrs waiting in McDonald's near Newbury I called it a BUST as the cold front went over and the wind swung to the west. Always next time