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  1. HOW MANY MODS DOES IT TAKE TO RUIN A FORUM........Answers on a postcard please
  2. Going to Flamingo Land Friday so if there are any storms around on that day I guarantee they will be in North Yorkshire......
  3. Positive thinking lol..Never works up here!!!!!!
  4. Europe having a good time as usual lol
  5. Rain reached here now. Nothing else with it
  6. Really weird how that storm produced sferics calmed down as it went over and will probably be intensifying now ....Oh well
  7. You really think so.... 3 rumbles of thunder for the whole of the year....
  8. Some nice towers going up to my south east
  9. Wooohoooo Just rain........ Even that storm yesterday produced one rumble of thunder then headed to York and spewed all the good stuff over them....
  10. Rub it in why don't you lol. Still plenty of time for more Here.
  11. Just one rumble but the rain was impressive.