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  1. Really glad to hear that Crewe and Weirpig. Weir, if I can give you any advice it would be to go in with an open mind and be as honest as possible. It's perfectly normal to have emotional ups and downs during and to feel a bit worse when things get started. As you open the can of worms it can feel hard but stick with it and it gets better. Also totally normal to feel like it's not working for a while, you won't see any change for a bit, it's a slow process. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM.
  2. This time last year we had the enourmous storm that lasted hours. One of the best we've had in many years.
  3. Definitely feels very convective out there. Big fluffy clouds and humid.
  4. And we have our first named storm of the season. Welcome, Andrea! https://www.nhc.noaa.gov
  5. Often the way. Rarely has just one source. I hope things are feeling better for you now.
  6. I do agree that we see more people confusing every day life for mental illness and we've had to kick back quite strongly against that so the people with legitimate mental illness don't miss out. By that I mean things like getting referrals for 'depression' when someone falls out with a friend or 'anxiety' when exams are on. Normal and healthy human emotional responses being confused for illness. This is obviously often not taken well by parents when turn them down because they struggle to understand and teach resillience themselves. So it's turned to us again to do workshops on this sort of stuff to give parents the basic skills to emotionally support their child. Another issue we see a lot is people misunderstanding definitions of mental health. I cannot tell you the amount of times we've had parents demanding their child be given a diagnosis of schizophrenia because they are having normal teenage mood fluctuations or think their child is psychotic because they get angry. It's really hard work sometimes trying to teach very basic emotional education with people who really do not want to listen and would rather you deal with their child because they want a perfect, emotionally stable child 100% of the time. Waiting lists are long as it is without having to bat of literally thousands of inappropriate referrals.
  7. Thing is Crewe, with exposure, it has to be repeated and very regular to see a difference. Your brain doesn't learn by doing things once every now and then. Lots of people quit therapy after only a couple of sessions because they don't feel better yet. It can take a while to see progress, especially if you've lived with anxiety for a long time. That's why regular, repeated exposure is important as the more you do it, the quicker you get better. Otherwise it'd be like going to a French class once every now and then and wondering why you're not fluent in French yet.
  8. It makes me sad to read so many of you suffering when it doesn't have to be this way. Question for you. If you had to go through the worst physical pain for, say, half hour but you'd come out completely unhurt and it would cause you no damage whatsoever, but after it you would be cured or or have a big chunk of your anxiety taken away, would you go through it?
  9. That's fair enough and absolutely your choice. But I guess the consequence of that is these things may never be resolved. But would you go to the Dr if you were sick? I'm not trying to argue, just playing devil's advocate. I think it's important to address why people feel they can't ask for help.
  10. But this is where CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can help. It helps you understand how your anxiety works for you, what keeps it going and then walks you through the steps to change it. It is such a treatable condition that can be treated quickly. There's no need to suffer for years. Please go and see a CBT therapist, you have nothing to lose.
  11. Good luck lightninglover. Best advice I can give you, is give it your best shot first time but don't pin everything on it. Try not to overthink the questions, trust yourself and be smart about it. Do the mark heavy questions first. But remember it's not your only shot, you can always retake if need be. Neither are they the be all and end all. Grades are obviously helpful, but what will prove most important is your determinant and hard work. You've got this!
  12. What are your fears about speaking to a stranger, albeit a professional one?
  13. This is my area of expertise so I could speak a lot on it. With that in mind if anybody has any mental health questions, I'd be happy to answer them. But I will say this. The general public has NO idea of the pressures in mental health services. Breaking point was met long ago and everyone is doing their very best in the circumstances. You do get bad eggs, but this is true for all professions. A lot of people have positive experiences but you never hear avout them. Much like how Drs are only on tge news when they mess up. For the most part everyone is passionate, caring and hard working. It's all good and well having awareness but unless services are funded properly and expanded, it's nothing more than words.
  14. I'm really not sure there is a perfect solution. I can get both sides of the argument, but I feel so sorry for Caster who has had her intimate details dragged through the wringer. She didn't ask for any of this. What ever final decision is made I hope it is fair for all and respectful of Caster.
  15. Really wish it would warm up. The last Bank Holiday was such a tease. My seedlings need to be out but it's too cold. My bones need the heat.
  16. First disturbance of the year has appeared. Nothing predicted to come of it but suggests things are waking up. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov
  17. I've killed my Basil by planting out to early. My tomatoes and peppers are still indoors as it's just too cold for them, especially at night. Potatoes on the other hand are loving it.
  18. Going back to work after a Bank Holiday weekend is just the best, isn't it? 😫

  19. Absolutely loving the weather. Spent the day at Bodiam Castle. Glorious!
  20. So glad the important works were saved. It's such an important building for so many reasons and even if you're not religious, you can't help but appreciate the beauty and the history. So many on Twitter trying to be so desperately woke and claim it as some sort of cosmic karma. Thankfully mainly met with people telling them to have a day off.
  21. Well I think April weather is well and truly living up to its reputation.
  22. Hail shower here. Cat has come indoors covered in pellets. He is not amused.
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