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  1. Yep, definitely looks that way to me. Family who live in Greece say that tornado was reported in the area but obviously could be lost in translation.
  2. I think the problem with Tropical storms/hurricanes is people hear 'oh it's only a Cat 2, it'll be fine' and the flood risk might actually be life threatening and catastrophic. I think this is certainly the case here and has potential to be very bad indeed.
  3. We will be pinning each named storm this season to promote discussion and learning. If this gets a name, it's getting pinned!
  4. Definitely interesting there is such conflict only a relatively short time before the event. I kept a tab last year for accuracy and Euro was significantly more accurate than GFS. I think it's my preferred model know. Think it's quite good for early spotting too with the representation of circulation.
  5. Yeah if I could not have a stomach ulcer, terrible hayfever and post holiday blues in this heat, that would be fab.

    1. lassie23


      are you on painkillers or do you have that ulcer-causing stomach bacteria

    2. Lauren


      Antibiotics and Omperazole. Bacteria causing. Proper fun. Can't remember when I didn't have reflux and nausea!

    3. lassie23


      i had that 10 years ago and was in a very poor state for 12 months, went down to 8 stone. Antibiotics are rough as hell and didn't work for me

  6. I remember being on the continent back in 2003 in the European heatwave and that was horrendous and not quite as hot as it is now, so god knows how the French are feeling now.
  7. Glad it went well. One appointment isn't going to solve anything and it's a long process but well done for taking the first step. What's the worst that could happen?
  8. Just clipped us here. Few claps of thunder but not worth getting up for. Although I did notice how long each rumble went on for. What causes that?
  9. Pretty amazing storm going on here right now. https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com
  10. All of this feels very cool in comparison to Vegas where I have just returned from. Gutted to have missed the storms whilst I was away so hopefully will get something over the next few days.
  11. After a brief let up, its chucking it down again. HOW IS THERE THIS MUCH WATER IN THE SKY?!?!
  12. I can confirm it's been solid monsoon for hours. Only just letting up now, but only 2 cracks of thunder.
  13. OK rain, you've made your point. You're just showing off now.
  14. I guess what we're saying is obviously have a moan, but is it really necessary to say exactly the same thing every day, even multiple times a day if nothing's changed? I take your point that the line isn't necessarily a clear one and I guess that will come down to discretion. For example if you were to have a bit of a repetitive moan on the odd occasion, amongst other things, that'd be fine. But if your entire modus operandi is the same moan over and over again ad infinitum, then I think it's fair to say it's overkill. Is that a bit clearer?
  15. Just a polite notice: I know we all have different weather preferences, but constant repeated posts saying the same thing with nothing that adds to the thread will be removed. Makes things a bit repetitive otherwise. The odd repetitive post is fine, but when we're getting about 20 different posts from the same user that's a variation on exactly the same thing, it gets a bit tedious. Ta
  16. Biblical sideways rain for the last 15 minutes. Cat is unimpressed.
  17. My garden is very much enjoying a drink. Does sound lovely against my patio doors too.
  18. Boa Vista is a desert island too but much prettier and unspoilt than Sal. I always advise people to pick Boa over Sal if they're going to the big 2.
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