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  1. The amount of sniping and thinly veiled digs at people is creeping up again in this thread. Stop it, please or take it to PM if you have an issue and remain civil.
  2. Fixmystreet is a good way to report stuff and it goes straight to your council. The problem is when they do nothing about it.... Funny thing is, in one report I did, I mentioned smashed glass on the kerb. That got cleaned up within 24 hours, but the litter mentioned in the same report is still there a month later. I tweeted the council to mention that nothing is done about litter reports and they just responded by telling me to make another report
  3. This really. Whatever we did, someone wouldn't be happy. We're trying to provide the reasonable middle ground. As a new mod, I had absolutely NO idea of the workings of a forum. The number of reports, pms, whinges, people wanting different things etc etc. It's absolutely non stop sometimes even with all hands on deck. That said, I love this forum. I've been here for years and I've learnt loads and I think we're all, for the most part, a good bunch. We want to make as many of you as happy as possible. So when we ask you to kindly do things, it's for the betterment of experience, honest.
  4. Lauren

    Aviation Thread

    FGS. I 100% believe nimbys are responsible for the Gatwick disruption.
  5. I'll be very surprised if that comes to pass in anything more than a very light, short sprinkle.
  6. I join in with the local litter picks when I can but the bottom line is that it's a service we pay for and aren't getting. I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't lie about it. Telling us they clear a particular place weekly yet there's video evidence of the same litter from one month to the next.
  7. I can't help notice the sharp escalation in litter in my area recently. Some days it honestly looks like someone has just emptied black bags all along the side of roads. It's absolutely disgusting and is left there for months. Even reporting it to the council seems to do nothing. Lots get spilled by the trucks on bin day and is just never picked up. They seem to be able to deal with letter much better in other countries, I don't know why it's such a problem here. Is your area the same?
  8. Seriously guys. You asked for a banter thread for more relaxed discussion and we sorted that. Can you please use that. There's so much off topic chat in here and to be honest, the reports are piling up. If you could do the team a favour and post in the right place, that'd be fab. I don't like using my headmistress voice!
  9. Just to remind you all there is a more casual thread for non model chat in the banter and moans thread. Honestly, just post in there rather than clogging this thread with chit chat and vague statements grasping at straws. Ta.
  10. Noticeably much colder this evening. Really taken a dive temperature wise. Even the cat isn't liking it, he's sprawled out by the radiator which is rare for him.
  11. Unusually for me, I'm not even longing for snow and I LOVE snow. Just want heat and the sun back. Maybe I'm still traumatised from being a hermit for a week during Beast from the East!
  12. Lauren

    Did you know.

    Posts have been removed because they were passive aggressive digs at moderation decisions and unnecessary. You may not like some of the decisions that are made, but we are always happy to explain why that decision was made. We're not going to please everybody, it's impossible and you may sometimes feel that you have had posts dealt with unfairly, if so please talk to us. We do get it wrong sometimes and are happy to discuss it. Furthermore stuff goes on 'behind the scenes' that we also have to respond to which may not be entirely clear or appropriate to discuss on the open forum. Making digs elsewhere on the forum is not the way to go about it.
  13. We're in The Lounge! Off topic is kind of the main feature ☺ Look, no ones saying compliments aren't OK or jokey conversation, but we do have younger readers here and also those that find that sort of thing difficult to navigate, so in the interest of making the forum suitable for all, we have to make sure it stays somewhat appropriate. But, admittedly, even I'm not entirely sure where the balance is on the model threads
  14. Can we try and keep this thread a bit classier please? It has gotten a little seedy in here of late. It's all fun and games, I know, but please keep in mind it may be making other members a bit uncomfortable and put them off posting. Ta.
  15. I live in a fairly modern terrace with a North facing but surprisingly sunny garden. I feel the cold easily too. My heating is normally set at about 16 - 18 in winter, off in summer. Very rarely do I need to turn it above 18.
  16. Heating has only needed to be on low over the last couple of weeks as it hasn't been cold enough. Looks like that is about to change over the next week. Might have to get the de-icer out again every morning. Do not want to go back to work tomorrow
  17. I think I'm getting myself mixed up With which one I mean. But either way I'd prefer scrapping DST.
  18. Well hopefully the clocks will stop going back and forth and we can be on the time where we have the most evening light.
  19. I know, which I find it weird! Lots of people have mentioned it. Unless it's a case of placebo effect.
  20. Can someone smarter than I explain why the difference is becoming very noticeable when in reality there's only about a minute and a half difference? How much longer is the day now since the solstice?
  21. Looks like it's about to chuck it down but nothing on the forecast.
  22. Great year weatherwise. Had the beast from the east, followed by a long hot summer with some really great storm events, last part was a bit meh, but certainly had worse years!
  23. I know there's not even a minute difference yet, but it genuinely felt like I noticed the later sunset today. There's a lot to be said for psychology of perception!
  24. For God's sake, someone stop me eating, this is out of hand!

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      Or restraint  😂

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      lol or photosynthesis 

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      I new a girl  once with a nice chlorophyll  😁

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