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  1. It's normally at 18. My house is well insulated and only 25 years old so holds heat quite well.
  2. Seems unusually cold here tonight. Heating has gone up to 20 which is a rarity in this house!
  3. I love a pun as much as the next person, but it's getting disruptive so please cease and desist.
  4. Banter is fine (within reason and as long as it doesn't derail things), sniping is not, obviously.
  5. Beeb has now taken away the snow icon for me tomorrow. In fact it's suggesting no more snow at all.
  6. Snowing at about a 4 on the Murr scale. Road isn't settling but light coating on everything else. I imagine it'll melt as soon as the snow stops.
  7. Wondering if that snow will turn to rain as it hits the urban heat island of London. Either way snow coming from the West always competes with the North Downs an loses in my area.
  8. To clarify, are you saying there's nowhere close to your location in the search or that there is but but you feel it should be even more specific?
  9. I don't know how many times we have to ask for no MetO discussion. There's so many places on this forum to discuss various topics, weather wise or otherwise. All we're asking is to post in the relevant places. We don't want to have to resort to it, but this thread will be locked if people continuously choose to not stick to the guidelines
  10. Just a friendly reminder we have the regional threads so that people can post about what's happening in their locality, so we don't clog this thread with IMBY stuff. Ta.
  11. Honestly, I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed. I'm not quite sure what people are looking at on the models to be ramping it up so much. Looks to be a mildly snowy event to me.
  12. Ever the optimists in there. I expect chaos when it inevitably doesn't come to fruition. I don't know how many times weather enthusiasts still don't learn the lesson not to take far out charts as gospel.
  13. Blowing an absolute hooligan outside. 100% snuggles weather.
  14. Gritters were out and about at 3pm. Earliest I've ever seen that!
  15. More than happy to swap snow here for the Caribbean if you want!
  16. Patience. It's barely started. Beast from the East didn't strike until March.
  17. Have a feeling the good old North Downs will do it's usual job of acting like a snow shield. We only tend to do well when it's an Easterly.
  18. Just had a light flurry and it's now stopped. I think this is all we can really expect for today. better chance looks to be Saturday for our region.
  19. Looks like my best chance is Saturday. Still not expecting anything more than a light flurry with maybe some to lay.
  20. I find it really frustrating when other women try to silence my opinion on something when it doesn't fit their own views on 'women's issues'. That is the exact opposite of feminism.

    1. lassie23


      do most women have issues😉

  21. Most are pretty much straw clutching and making it up as they go along to be perfectly honest. It's a shame because some real experts and people who are doing good model reading get covered up by the nonsense.
  22. Well after I tweeted the council they promised they'd get it sorted. Lets see if they do. Not holding my breath.
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