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  1. The potential on the CV storm is bubbling up very quickly. Would mind betting this will be our first Hurricane of the season.
  2. And so begins what looks like 48 hours of solid rain. There goes my plans for doing anything in the garden.
  3. Well a storm finally rolled to the West of us last night about 4am. Never got directly overhead and lightning was mainly elevated but almost continuous rumbles..
  4. Quite gutted I missed the only storm this year when I was in Vegas. Feel like I'm well overdue!
  5. Humidity has shot up! Damn! Need a storm to clear the air!
  6. It's hot enough out there without the added 'heat' in here. Please keep it civil and report any issues to us rather than sniping. Ta
  7. About half 5 but got a meeting after work so it will be more like 7.
  8. If the storms could wait until later in the evening, that'd be great. I want to be home to enjoy them!
  9. Vegas was the hottest place I've ever been. Temps were low 40s every day but feels like temps were more like mid to high 40s. Felt like I was living in an oven for a week. That was definitely too hot! Don't think we've ever had long enough sustained very high temperatures here for me to wish for cool weather.
  10. Feel like I'm a population of 1 enjoying the heat! Will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully top it all off with some big storms.
  11. Nothing here last night I don't think. Looks like our chances will be better tomorrow.
  12. Got that lovely holiday heat out there. What causes that 'abroad' smell that you occasionally get on hots days here? You know, thst smell that smacks you in the face when you step off the plane?
  13. Theres a depression off the coast of Florida and a potential system evolving in the gulf. Action seems to have accelarated.
  14. Had the odd flash and rumble but thst was it. I presume the long rumbles are because it was more elevated?
  15. Very distant rumble. Rain suddenly came out of nowhere.
  16. Have storm symbols from 10pm tonight until lunchtime tomorrow. We shall see.
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