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  1. No, that wasn't true, just a nasty rumour started by someone. The people in the car under the tree were absolutely fine, just shaken.
  2. Can hear significant melt here and several roads still closed due to fallen trees. What a night!
  3. Oh I know! I'm here! Just wondering what's the likliehood of it hanging around tomorrow.
  4. Are we looking at significant melt tomorrow as this eases off in the next couple of hours?
  5. 6 hours later and it's still coming down. Not sure anyone saw this coming. Got about 5cm covering on everything although I can hear it melting too.
  6. Can't believe it's still coming down. Was meant to be wintry mix all day, but it's been solidcsnow since 5pm. Only a couple of cm accumulation but the wet ground is responsible for that.
  7. Still snowing. Nice covering on everything but can't see it sticking around once daylight hits. If anything, the last few days should reiterate to people that weather is still somewhat of an unpredictable beast and to not put all your hopes in one basket, so to speak.
  8. Snow still coming down. Is laying nicely now, although thin. Think this is more than last night!
  9. Snowing in Medway. About a 5 on the Murr scale. Would certainly be laying nicely if the ground were dry. I must say BBC forecasts have been bang on for me recently.
  10. Definitely more snow in Walderslade than in Sidcup. Seems like there was a weird gap between the South coast and North London.
  11. The very lightest of coverings in Sidcup but looks to be all atm.
  12. Normally, Yes, but I'm in Sidcup tonight. Big up the Medway Massive
  13. Can we stop deliberately trying to provoke certain posters please. If you think someone is trolling or has a second account, please report it to us.
  14. Well I'm driving from Sidcup back to Medway tomorrow morning. Could be fun.
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