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    Aviation Thread

    Sensible decision to ground. Both had similar issues that seemed to result in the crash and other pilots have reported autothrottle and spontaneous nose down on the Max.
  2. We had a decent snow event over the course of a weekend which gave a snow fix. Quite glad not to have the Beast from the East this year. Quite happy for Summer to arrive now.
  3. Blimey. Just got 10 minutes of huge gusts and lashing rain out of nowhere. Full on whistling wind.
  4. Well the wind has really kicked up. Strongest gusts I've seen in a very long time. It's toppled a stone ornament in the garden that I struggle to pick up!
  5. At football this morning. Surprised they haven't called the game off due to wind. Ball is pretty much going anywhere other than where it's meant to go in these gusts.
  6. It's inasne isn't it? Slight frost on the car in the morning, I can see my breath and have to have the heating on in the car. By lunchtime the sun is burning me through the window and I've got the aircon on in the car!
  7. Sun was almost burning me through the car window. Glorious and insane for this time of year.
  8. Lots of butterflies out today. Mad. Never seen them out so early!
  9. Sun has now burnt through the fog, but a pea souper out there this morning. I love driving over the M2 bridge in the fog. It's like being on a bridge to nowhere.
  10. It's gone because people were abusing it again and using it to subtly pick on people and being generally unpleasant with it. It's gone because of some posters behaviour, not our sense of humour bypass (that's scheduled for Thursday, I hear).
  11. Been warm enough to have the patio doors open. Really feel like Spring is on its way, especially with the daffs starting to bloom
  12. I'd be genuinely interested to know here who is ready for winter to be over and who isn't. Raise your hand for winter to be over, thumbs down for winter to stay.
  13. Seems it's mild for the foreseeable future which I'm put about. I'm over the cold this year. Actually felt quite warm in the office today, normally need the heaters on all the way to March but off now.
  14. I know nothing super exciting is going on, but can we stay on topic please?
  15. Pounding rain and wind. Proper February storm. I'm worried for some of the huge trees around here, looking precarious enough as it is in light winds and the snow hasn't helped.
  16. Had a stark reminder this evening how short life is. It really is too precious to sweat the little stuff.

  17. Lauren


    Its not really shock that older generations think today's music is naff. I'm sure their parents thought the same and I know I think the same of what's in the charts now. It's called getting older and thinking things were better in your day with rose tinted glasses. The mistake we make is thinking that because we THINK something is the case it doesn't mean it IS.
  18. I think the real MVP of the last 24hrs have been the emergency services, salvation army and locals working together to help the vulnerable and clearing over 100 trees that fell in Walderslade that blocked the main road in and out and left many stranded. Warms my cold dead heart, it does.
  19. Anybody able to tell me what the snow is like in the Bexley/Sidcup area?
  20. Super rapid thawing going on now the sun is out. Good for stopping too much ice formation.
  21. Cat is desperately trying not to get his paws snowy, keeps trying to walk where the foxes have already walked.
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