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  1. More money than sense. Pay several thousand to be airlifted out or enjoy an extended holiday for much cheaper. Hmm hard choice.
  2. I just saw this, this morning. Can you imagine if 10ft of snow fell on the UK in 48hours. Havoc would not be the word.
  3. By the same bloke who predicted the early Januray storms would be like doomsday and bring unimaginable destruction. That website is lol-a-rific, full of people who spend far too much time in their bedrooms smoking weed.
  4. But don't you see sausage, everyone at the MetO is in on it, they are being paid off by the government. It's all so the government can use thier weather machines to promote the idea of global warming. Open your eyes, for the love of God, man! *shakes solar sausage*
  5. In my lifetime probably the early 90's winter snow (can't remember what year) or the 2010/2011 snow. Early 90's snow. This was one of those times the community really came together. I was a bit too young to remember the details but my parents recall it well. As far as they knew snow was forecast, but it wasn't supposed to be particularly heavy. They woke up in the morning to find at least a foot of snow and it was still pummelling down. On our street at the time there were several self employed labourers so they really needed to get to work. All the men came out to dig out driveways and the road (we lived on a hill so it was impossible to drive on it unless the snow was cleared). They went at it for several hours but the snow was literally falling faster than they could dig so they eventually gave up and decided to have the day off. Instead all the kids came out and walked to the top of the hill where there is a big grassy slope and went toboganning and of course all the men and Mum's came and joined in. it was like a scene from the christmas cards where the whole village come out to play in the snow. Apparently there was a grit shortage that year so the gritters were fighting a losing battle with the snow and many of the main roads in our areas were shut because they were too dangerous. I know most people didn't go to work for several days as they simply couldn't get out of our road and even if they could lots of their route was closed anyway. I'm not sure if it caused similar disruption for the rest of the country but I know the roads were badly disrupted in my area. 2010/2011 snow Well this was recent so we can all remember. My area had thigh high snow (we are the top of a hill so it seems to collect there somewhat). The cars were buried up to their doors and you simply couldn't move them. My road and the surrounding ones were closed so you couldn't go to work (oh no, what a shame!). Again the gritters were not prepared so they couldn't deal with the snow which brought most of Kent to a standstill. More sledging fun was had by all. We took some dofgs for a walk which was almost impossible for them but they thouroughly enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever seen snow that deep in the UK.
  6. Nooooooooo!!!!!! Don't make me go to work tomorrow. *throws tantrum*

    1. CreweCold


      i'm on hols until te 19th- thought Jan might be a good time to have 3 week off

    2. Lauren


      No one likes a gloater!


  7. Lauren

    In Memoriam

    Farewell Dear Leader*. Who will create rainbows with the power of thought alone??? :cray: * DISCLAIMER: This might possibly be sarcastic.
  8. Who needs the media when your workmates are predicting apocalyptical weather every week? 'We're getting really bad snow at the end of the week. I'd advise you to get supplies in!' Me: Oh really, where did you hear that? 'Oh nowhere, i just know it's going to happen, i can feel it' Other co-worker: You've said the same thing for the last month now. 'Yes, but this week it's really going to happen' Co-worker 3: What's going to happen? 'Really bad snow at the end of the week, there's going to be panic buying!' Co-worker 3: Oh I best go tell the other office! Me and co-worker 2 glance at eachother despairingly.
  9. Lauren

    Make us laugh

    Those Kuala airline cabin quotes actually come from Southwest airlines, but they are still funny.
  10. I wasn't born when this storm hit, by my parents regail the story to me often, so i shall repeat what they told me. My Mum being a weather nut herself (although not as bad as me!)told my Dad during the day that a big storm was coming and my dad shouldn't go to work. My dad being the typical manly man thought nothing of it and took my brother and sister to work with him near Sevenoaks. It wasn't until late that warnings were issued and my Dad decided to come back home. So him, my brother and sister were coming home in a Citroen 2CV and getting badly buffeted by the winds and my dad recalls coming over a bridge and fighting with the wheel so he didn't swerve over the lanes. They were very neasrly hit by a lorry that was having the same problem and the lorry very nearly toppled over, which would have been disastrous on that bridge. They made it home and dad ran around the garden securing stuff. By this point debris had started to be scattered and all the neighbourhood men were out securing stuff whilst the women were all inside filling pots with water in case the supply went out and finding candles in case the power went. My brother who was 10 at the time was wholly unbothered about the whole thing and went to bed and slept the whole way through. My sister being 7 was quite scared at the time and spent the night with Mum and dad and the 2 cats on the bed. Mum says she remembers listening to the tiles being lifted and to calm my sister down they played a game of guessing how long it would take for a tile to come off once it started rattling. My dad got the video camera out and started filming out the window, but when they viewed the video later all you could see was blackness, so it was a failure. One of the roof tiles smashed through the car windscreen and this was a common theme for our road. Mum went to the toilet and came back to tell them that the huge tree in the garden had blown over and crushed the neighbours shed. They couldn't sleep as the wind kept battering against the windows which was apparently deafening and quite scary as they thought they were going to blow out. The next morning they surveyed the damage. My brother couldn't believe he had missed the whole thing. There was debris everywhere and the neighbours all helped to cut up the fallen tree and remove it and later all pitched in to help our neighbour rebuild his shed. The cats had a great time playing will all the debris in the garden. School was closed for 2 days because it had no power and several of the windows were blown through which my siblings were delighted about. The next few days was an effort by the whole street to clear up and rebuild. Back then it was very much a case of doing it yourself. Apparently the community spirit was lovely as everyone who had a skill did their bit. My Dad repaired the cars, the man 4 doors up was a roofer by trade and fixed our rooves, another neighbour had lots of curring equipment to deal with fallen trees. I would like to think that if something like this happened again, the same sort of community spirit would come out.
  11. I know this is possibly supposed to go in the Storm Enthusiasts group, but seeing with the current Northern storm, I thought here might be more appropriate. Do you remember the 1987 storm, how was it for you? Tell, tell
  12. Lauren

    Nasty Bug Going Around?

    I think I have this now. I have a headache, aching joints, feel sick, hot one minute, cold the next. Just feel 'odd'.
  13. I don't know if this counts as a swarm but look at the activity around the Virgin islands on the 20th! http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.html
  14. What's summer like? How hot does it get and does it have similar seasons to the UK?
  15. I love the old weather graphics. I used to get very excited when i saw the lightning one.
  16. If I see one more OMGZ EVERYBODY PANIC!!!111!!! headline from the Express I may stab myself through the face with the nearest sharp object. Everybody keeps saying 'ooooh I read in the paper it's going to snow this week'. Yes dear, they say that every week.
  17. I was a bit too young to remeber it but I've seen pictures of our garden that summer and despite my parent's best watering efforts it was all yellow!
  18. What's it like living over there? Why did you move there, if you don't mind me asking?
  19. I agree with what you're saying, but I think if you asked the majority of people about why they believe there is an afterlife, most would end up saying something along the lines of 'because that can't be all there is'. Indeed I have several religious friends and have had this conversation many times with them and they say the same thing about what point is there to living if there is no afterlife and that we must be hear for a greater purpose. I believe this is where religion is born from - the fear of death. If you ask a religious person if they would still believe in God etc if there was no afterlife, you will find most skirt around the issue or will say no. If they truly believe in God, solely for beleiving in god and not the notion of an afterlife, they would beleive in him regardless of whether and afterlife exists or not. I simply do not understand why humans believe they are somehow more special than any other animal in regards to an afterlife. I am so scared of death, horrendously so, but I'm not going to believe in afterlife to tend to that fear, that's using belief as a means to an end and that is not true belief.
  20. I cannot say for certain whether such things exist or not. Certainly weird things do happen and I think it is the natural desire of the brain to find patterns and meaning in everything, but that's not to say there ISN'T some paranormal stuff going on. People like mediums and Most Haunted do the field no favours and it is all spectacularly faked. I genuinely believe all psychics should be done for fraud unless they can prove their abilities under test conditions. I do not believe we can contact the dead as i believe once you are dead, you are dead. However I think its probably possible to leave some sort of energy floating around once we go, but I don't think that energy does anything. I certainly believe certain places have certain vibes that leave you feeling very sad or happy when you visit. i don't know how that can be explained if a person doesn't have prior knowledge of a place. My brother visited ground zero shortly after 9/11 and he is not a believer in anything paranormal, but he said there was definately an atmosphere there that almost moved him to tears. I also think it's incredibly foolish to think that just because you cannot explain something fully it means something supernatural must be at play. Just because you can't fully explain something yet, doesn't mean you won't be able to in the future. Also saying that life after death exists because you can't have nothing, well yes you can. You had nothing before you were born and it's the same after you die, you cannot comprehend this simply because you have never experienced it. In the same way one cannot comprehend what it is truly like to lose a parent until it happens. I think the thought that we are born, we live and we die is simply to horrifying for some people so they need to believe they exist for a reason to make their lives seem worthwhile, same with the afterlife. But do those people also think every living thing on this earth goes to an afterlife? Do they think there is something more for a dog, a fish, a fly? Human beings are animals too, we are not special in being granted some sort of post death repreive like many seem to think. If i had to be pushed for an answer I'd say paranormal stuff doesn't exist, but in reality I think it's more 80% doesn't/20% does.
  21. Didn't know it was so well known! I've had a look back at some of my thunderstorm diaries from when i was a kid and they match pretty closely with his stuff. As I've said it is painfully apparent that thunderstorms have become more of a rariety over the past decade.
  22. I can't believe they have weather charts from back then!
  23. Thanks for those, how do you get hold of this stuff??? Can't narrow it down I'm afraid, my memory isn't that good!
  24. Found this website which has weather diaries from almost 15 years ago. It gives detailed daily summaries of the weather for each day of each month for different years. This one is 1999, but just type in the year you want and it should come up (not sure it goes back further than1999). It's painfully apparent thunderstorms were much more in abundanc back then. http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~brugge/diary1999.html
  25. Ah that could very well have been what caused it. I spoke to my Mum earlier and she said it was definitely the beginning of August 1997 as we were supposed to be going on holiday the next weekend. There were several MCS overnighters that year if I recall. How did you find this, I have been looking for a while.
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