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  1. What sort of time of year should I be bringing in my tomato and pepper plants? They still haven't produced fruit yet, but I hear if you keep them warm over winter then they can still produce.
  2. Lauren


    No, of course not. I think it is extremely important. But in a serious possible pandemic situation as this, I can see a need for it if the potential reward outweighs the potential consequences. Neither you nor I know the ins and outs of the testing of this drug apart from the fact that it has been in development for at least 7 years. If it had been a drug that had literally just come into research then, I would have far stronger reservations.
  3. Lauren


    But that's no different to some licensed drug. Many have gone on to have terrible side effects. Look at that acne drug that caused suicides and the morning sickness one that caused terrible deformities, even though they were deemed safe. And as for immunity, that's no different either. Lots of bacteria and viruses are gaining immunity due to antibiotics being handed out like sweeties.
  4. NO! It's only August and it's still in the mid teens at night. Still have the door open during the day and windows open at night in the bedroom! It doesn't normally go on until November-ish in this house.
  5. Lauren


    So what do you suggest then? Withold potentially lifesaving drugs and let them die? All drugs have side effects, even some widely used drugs can have horrendous side effects. I think it's easier for us to say here in our modern, sanitised world what should and shouldn't happen, but if I was dying of Ebola I would take any drugs, even experimental, if it would give me a chance. If I grow an extra leg or am left with a lifelong condition as a result, so be it, it's got to b a better option than dying in agony, surely? And who knows, I might survive and be left without side effects. It's not like they are forcing it on them either. As long as it's explained that it is experimental, then surely that I giving them patient choice.
  6. Ahhhhh, I loved these games. Although that Crazy Castle level always alluded me in the second game.
  7. It was too cloudy here last night, unfortunately.
  8. Lauren


    To be fair, they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Don't use the drugs that might save millions of lives - they are branded inhumane. Use the drugs that might save millions of lives - they are seen as doing it for profit. If I had Ebola and I was facing certain death and I was asked if I would like to try an experimental drug that might just save my life, you bet your ass I would try it.
  9. What would stop people randomly posting incorrect risk and thus messing with the overall map?
  10. Lauren

    In Memoriam

    Indeed and the paradox of mental illness is that it tricks you into hiding from any help.
  11. Lauren

    In Memoriam

    He had recently relapsed back into alcoholism, but whose to say. It is a very private, evil illness and I doubt we'll ever know.
  12. I'm not quite sure how to word this question but here goes. Are there certain parts of a Cb cloud that is more likely to produce lightning than others.? I have often witnessed storms where the strikes seem to come from the same area within a cloud or am I imagining this.?
  13. Looks like you have another batch coming behind that one too! West london is seeing some great intense cells today.
  14. Thunder IS the sound of lightning, so it's impossible to have one without the other. However, the lightning is not always visible due to distance or being hidden in clouds etc. and this is what people mean when they say 'thunder but no lightning'.
  15. Think I am going to be too south for it to hit us direct. Seems it is hitting central London head on from the radar.
  16. So it seems for most people Bertha was not anywhere near as bad as it was initially thought. The weekend gave us 50mm of rain in all.
  17. Well that was disappointing. Less rain and wind in that squall than there was this morning!
  18. Looks like it's about to hit here but no line anymore, more broken clouds.
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