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  1. The thing that saddens me the most is that poor little girl who in her mind will view this as entirely her fault and may never be able to get over it. She is not old enough to process that this isn't her fault. It's not just the physical part of handling a gun. If you're not mentally able to deal with handling one, the consequences are much worse.
  2. I'm a bit confused by some conflicting reports. Does this mean that over the next few weeks a full on eruption will happen with closed airspace or that over the next few weeks it will be bubbling up for a later eruption?
  3. BREAKING NEWS It's still raining. This reminds me of when you have cold with continuous snot and you wonder to yourself how there can still be stuff up there? The cat is NOT happy. He will only go out in the rain to go to the toilet, so he's dashing out, going and dashing back ina gain. He loves to be outdoors during the day so he's just been whining at me.
  4. Still going here and according to the forecast, it's not set to stop until tomorrow evening!
  5. No heavy rain as the radar has been suggesting, more just heavy drizzle. We have accumulated 10mm so far though.
  6. It really is quite worrying to me how many grown adults cannot cook even the most basic things.

    1. Lauren


      It's just the amount of people I've met recently who can't (not don't) cook, know how to use washing machines, do the most basic DIY is quite worrying. How do they survive?

    2. Bottesford


      By being dreadfully unhealthy probably.. Own cooking usually equals healthier meals. Forget processed stuff!

    3. cheese


      Maybe they can afford to eat out all the time or hire people to do home repairs. I was pretty rubbish at DIY and things like that when I was younger because nobody ever bothered to teach me - and I wasn't bothered. When I got my own place, things changed.

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  7. I see the forecast is for heavy rain all day tomorrow. Could be some quite bad flooding.
  8. So if this does go off properly and the winds are blowing towards us, what is the worst case scenario do we think?
  9. Why are +very bolts so much stronger though?
  10. I understand that +ve bolts are generally much stronger than -ve ones and tend to come from the top of the anvil. But is there anyway for knowing for sure which is which or is just educated guessing. How do we know what we think is a +ve bolt isn't just a really big -ve one for example?
  11. This and even if he did have mental illness it is offensive to suggest that this would lead him to crashing the plane. Plenty of pilots will suffer from MH issues, but wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. It doesn't help the stigma either. I mean it might have been a cause, but it could have been any number of things.
  12. So very sad to find out one of my dear work colleagues and friends took her life yesterday. A beautiful soul. They always seem to be taken from us too soon. I hope she is at peace.

    1. Bobby


      Sorry to hear that. RIP.

    2. Lauren


      We don't know the ins and outs, she had had a lot of health problems and her husband seems to think her latest illness was just one too far. Bit of a shock to say the least, she will be very much missed.

    3. IanR


      very sad to hear this , I can understand the feeling of overwhelming and crippling sadness, I am going through a painful time, but to get so bad to take your own life is beyond words ,

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  13. As long as it doesn't explode before I fly on holiday. It can explode while we're out there, mind you! Today has been a vague improvement on the last few days. Glad to see temps should be heating up again soon.
  14. That reminds me. We had a beloved cat put down when he had terminal cancer. A few days later me and my Mum both at exactly the same time saw as clear as day, the almost ghostly figure of a cat run along the lounge floor. It wasn't one of us setting the other off as we both responded at the same time. I think in all reality it was probably some sort of dust or something blowing across the room that we both interpreted as a cat, being freshly on our minds. Or maybe it was something, I dunno....
  15. Yes. It has been almost a feeling of utter peril or as if I am filled with massive aggression and the fight or flight instinct kicks in. Just a feeling of wanting to avoid them at all costs and protect myself and other people. I have yet to be proved wrong. I'm not talking about minor things, I'm talking about some seriously unsavoury characters.
  16. Nothing ghostly. I have experienced more than once being in one place and then in a blink of an eye being in another, obviously I've moved there myself, but it has literally been as if I've been teleported. A few times in our house stuff has fallen down or made loud noise without anything touching it, but again this is most likely to be to some sort of force or something acting on it. I tend to have had more weird experiences with the living, than the dead. Mainly more than once have very strong, horrible feelings about someone, only to find out that my instincts were correct, but that I think is a natural instinct within all of us that is stronger in some people than others.
  17. Could be anything. Could be a ghost or it could be weird atmospherics or it could be you subconsciously picking up on you cat freaking out, in turn making you freak out. I just don't understand why if we don't know what something is, we automatically believe it to be paranormal. I've experienced some strange stuff, but I think that there is more likely to be a logical explanation rather than it being paranormal.
  18. I think that the vast majority of paranormal stuff has a completely logical explanation (some of which we may not be aware of yet) and I think a lot of what people see a mixture of the brain playing tricks on you, pareidolia and seeing what you want to see. Having said that I'm not a disbeliever and I am open minded about what may be out there. I am a healthy skeptic if you will.
  19. I lost track of time last night and guessed by the light that it must have been 10ish, but it was only just before 9. With the significant cool down and nights closing in it really did feel like late September/early October. Not mid way through August. I really hope we get some more sunny spells, not ready to let go of summer yet.
  20. I wonder if that squall line heading towards us will break up as it goes over London.
  21. I know this is late and now redundant, but that part of Greece is not unknown for torrential downpours with storms that can last for hours during tbe summer.
  22. The weather has really turned of late, cue a dip in mood in about a month :(

    1. lassie23


      I hate the long winter nights! Dark at 4.30pm is not good!

    2. Lauren


      No, not bad enough for a doctor!

    3. lassie23


      That's good! Otherwise I would have suggested buying a light box!

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