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  1. I always think November, February and March are boring apart from 2009/2010 winter and 2010/2011 winter where November and March were great.
  2. NW is saying temps of 14-16C this weekend but feels like of 27C, surely that cannot be right?
  3. What words do you like the sound of or like saying?

  4. Remind me, because I am pretty sure this time last year we were in a similar guesstimate for winter? Or was that the year before?
  5. Knocker, some advice that is very important that Fiona take on board. It is vital she attends all her appts as due to the strain on Adult Services, she will be discharged if she doesn't attend often enough and it might be difficult to get her help as easily again. I hope she takes this opportunity and holds on to it.
  6. Ugh. The only time I like the dark mornings and evenings is when it is Christmas and the drive home looks pretty with all the light. Ugh.
  7. I think it's important to point out that in a distressed state people can become incredibly strong. I am trained to handle people appropriately in such situations but I can tell you if a patient is in a highly charged state, even a child can often mean at least two people are needed to restrain. I'm not saying for a second that your ex wife is lying or wrong, all I'm saying is you'd be surprised at how strong someone can be that they require handling. I hope you get to the bottom of this and she gets the help she needs.
  8. What's it called when it's raining on the radar but not in reality? Yeah, that.
  9. 'House shaking' thunder being reported in Maidstone. A little more north west stormy please!
  10. Er.....so in short, no one knows and it's too early to make any reliable predictions? Well that's simply not good enough! Still the reality of the situation shan't stop the Express from scaremongering.
  11. Lauren


    I didn't say it did. Hence why I used the word 'if' because it was being speculated that it could spread by air.
  12. This thread has made me feel a bit ill. Haven't had a single one this year *touch wood*, but then gain I do have a cat that kills anything that moves. I hate house spiders, it's just something about them. I don't mind the little spindly ones of money spiders. Hate Daddy Long Legs too, they seem to float around and follow you. My cousin lives in Australia and regularly posts pictures of some the spiders they get. I honestly would be in a constant state of anxiety if I lived there.
  13. Last year it was really icy cold up until about 2 days before Christmas where it warmed up. I remember being too hot in my Christmas jumper on the day! I'd love to have a 2010 winter again.
  14. Lauren


    If it does spread by air, I would imagine this would be by sneezing or vomit particles getting into the system in tight quarters, then being actually airborne.
  15. Lauren


    I guess the same way hey screened for swine flu with those laser temperature sensors. I think realistically we should expect some sporadic cases here and perhaps even a few deaths, but I think our healthcare should e good enough to deal with an outbreak.
  16. Not happy. There is a very small group of houses being built to the left of our close. I normally look out to very old, beautiful trees to my left. To my horror I come home from work to see they are being cut down to make room for the houses!

    1. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      When I was doing Geography at school we were always told the UK population was static and would soon be decreasing, and that high birth rates/population growth was a 3rd world thing. That was 20 years ago. What the hell has happened?

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      3rd World coming to Britain in droves.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I will be returning to Devon or away from the SE which is rather crowded/busy after uni. Maybe an idea Cheese but the problem with that for me is coming from a Devon village next to fields and a river, the countryside and coast etc, I don't think I could cope with living in flats or an inner city and be at all happy.

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  17. Lauren

    Cats - BBC 2

    My cat kept reacting to the TV whilst this was on!
  18. Lauren

    Animal cruelty

    For those people slagging off vets..... You do realise it is not them that set the cost of treatment? Vetinary medicine is private, there is no NHS for animals and us such the charges are in line with human private medicine. They simply provide the care that your pet needs, it is often the powers above that set the cost often governed by the (arguably) immoral pricing of the drugs companies. But that is what pet insurance is for. You also have the PDSA who provide low cost care for owners who struggle. I suggest if you can't or don't want to pay for potential treatment that you don't have a pet.
  19. Absolutely chucking it down. Cat is whining at me. Does he think I am some sort of wizard that can change the weather?
  20. Been moderately raining for a couple of hours now. Definitely a duvet day today.
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