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  1. I can smell th rain from inside my house despite the windows being closed! WTF?
  2. Popped home for lunch to find our shed door wide open. Now the question is did the wind do it or a would be burglar? I don't think anything is missing.
  3. I've quite enjoyed having a wider regional thread, it's nice to speak with people you perhaps wouldn't have come across otherwise. I also enjoy it when the regionals get more specific as it gives you a better idea of what is happening in your vicinity. I like it both ways.
  4. Sad to read a woman has been killed by a falling tree in London. OH in London has texted me a picture of a van outside his work that has been blown over.
  5. Think the worst of it is just North of me.
  6. Not more than a regular windy autumn day here.
  7. I don't think the lack of Southern potential is the reason, I think Bawbag was talked about a lot despite it being more of a Northern event. I think a lot of people I know don't raise an eyebrow anymore because of the constant scaremongering by the Express et al, so weather warnings just seem to go over people's heads now.
  8. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me what the hell the OPI thread is saying?

    1. Dancerwithwings


      Don't worry your not the only one regarding; 'the technical talk' over time you will pick it up;-)

    2. Lauren


      I wonder if Amazon sell a 'Netweather tech speak for dummies'/

    3. lassie23


      I wouldn't worry about not understanding the OPI thread, you are not alone!

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  9. Not dangerous, but I do love Porlock Hill. You can smell the burning clutches! I love offroading abroad. When we hire a car, we like to take the tracks sometimes for fun. You end up finding the most random sights and fantastic views, expecially in places like Greece, where you'll find a Monastery after a 5 mile drive up what is essentially a goat trail.
  10. Is the webcam likely to do an edited version of it passing, like the other ones do of certain events? I ask because I fell asleep and missed the eye passing over and it is something I would like to see.
  11. That must hurt your neck, surely?
  12. My thinking was that how much damage Sandy did and it was less strong than Gonzalo. Or as Sandy so destructive simply because of where it hit?
  13. Definitely lost some palms. I'm surprised that boat hasn't gone anywhere. Looks way worse than when Sandy hit the mainland.
  14. Yep. They think it might be something to do with the blood pooling more in the back of your head, which is the brain does stuff that makes it more likely to have nightmares.
  15. I can't sleep on my back otherwise I get bad dreams, apparently this is quite common!
  16. Seems hard to believe we are expected to get temps possibly in the mid 20's tomorrow.
  17. Really starting to pick up there now. I was surprised to see the late Bermuda flight go out of Gatwick yesterday as I thought the airport and surrounding airspace was closing last night, so it wouldn't have time to get there and turnaround. EDIT: Looks like it took off back to LGW just 10 minutes before the airport shut. Today's flight is unsurprisingly cancelled and flights are giving Bermuda a wide berth of FlightRadar24.
  18. When I go on holiday, the only technology I take with me is my camera and my phone (but only use phone to text to say we've arrived safely etc). I have a complete technology break and it's wonderful. When I come back I'm always reluctant to use it again.
  19. 2. I like to have my head slightly raised.
  20. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of the Shrien Dewani trial considering it concerns a British citizen.
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