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  1. Well the cat finally decided he could hold it no longer and ran to the end of the garden, did a quick wee ran and ran back in making irritated noises all the way.
  2. But a lot of scientific theory has been proven though. No, it's my fault for going OT *slaps wrist*. Sorry! You can make another thread if you want to. Back to ghostly happenings!
  3. It is easier for us to believe or life has purpose and meaning and we are somehow special, but we're not. Our lives are a series of events and coincidences that we try to make meaning of, then we die. That's it. We are just animals at the end of the day. Truth is there is no 'the one', there are many people we are compatible with and would be just as happy with. We are not special.
  4. I'm sorry Daniel, but no one has psychic abilities. There is still an unclaimed prize of 1 million for anyone who can demonstrate true psychic abilities. I'd love to believe such a thing exists, but there is no empirical proof. When you die energy goes into a number of things and is recycled. It's called the energy cycle and is a basic concept of science.
  5. Or the psychics use a variety of hot and cold readings and Barnum statements to make it seem like they are getting 'hits'. Things like asking a middle aged to elderly woman to increase her calcium is not some sort of psychic wisdom, it's common sense that any doctor will tell you as your risk of losing bone density increases as you age. Your life is what you decide you want it to be, granted with a few hiccups along the way, not defined by some mystical power before you are born. You choose your way in life. Daniel, I cannot tell you how uncomfortable it makes me feel to see people preying on people's emotions and vulnerabilities to their own gain. It's not right. It's not that I don't respect people's beliefs, but I really don't want people exploited by something that is complete nonsense and has never been proven to have any validity at all under test conditions. You would never be allowed to give out medication or perform any sort of therapy that wasn't tested, approved and shown to have efficacy in the NHS for example, so why this sort of practice is allowed is beyond me.
  6. I find this difficult to answer. Would I mind paying a bit more tax temporarily to kick start things and give a funding boost? No. Would I want to pay a higher rate forever? No. Public services need to be paid for and with a growing population that is living for longer, the basic fact of the matter is, it needs more money than before to fund them. Considering that I am a big believer in your income not determining what care you get and ultimately your quality of life in that regard, I would have to say that in order not to be all mouth and no trousers that I would be OK with paying a little more tax. However, that would be under the proviso that it is spent efficiently and not getting wasted on ridiculous stuff that it often is. I do not think we as a nation can complain about public services having cuts and the like, if we are not willing to pay a bit more tax to fund them. Money doesn't grow on trees.
  7. Seem to have missed most of the rain here. It's been lightly raining on and off for a few hours but nothing heavy.
  8. Personally I think all mediums and psychics should be prosecuted for fraud and the huge emotional trauma they can do.
  9. But you get school bus passes which are very reasonable. The busses literally stop outside the schools. You can even apply for a free pass if financially struggling.
  10. Thing is there are far more working parents now so they'll usually implement the school run on the way to and from work. Granted, I'd still make my kids walk or get the bus if reasonable. I notice that a lot of parking gets ignored in favour of gathering around the gates. The school near us has a designated parking area about 200m down the road, but still many ignore it and gather around the entrance.
  11. I do find it funny that people have written off winter not even half way though November, when the typically snowy months are 2 months-ish away. Seeing how completely bonkers snow seems to be in terms of will it or won't it, I don't know why people are taking bad runs so seriously. I can remember loads of times when the forecast said no snow only to be inundated with it and vice versa.
  12. I live in the SE, an area that has had it's share of immigrants. Hell, UKIP are going hammer and tong about it in the run up the by election for my constituency. I don't care if an immigrant puts up a tent in your garden, it doesn't make it OK to know a HUMAN BEING is drowning and be OK with this and even applaud that no one would help them. Good Lord, have we gone back to the times of Apartheid and ethnic cleansing?
  13. Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, now they were the games!
  14. I wonder if we'll ever see a paper with the headline of 'Cold weather coming, minus temperatures overnight, all quite normal for winter'? It seems the need to have drama at everything is getting worse. Today the mail were trying to make a 'go around' that an aircraft performs when the pilot doesn't feel it is safe to land and are performed fairly regularly, seem like he passengers were on a death ride from hell.
  15. Temps have certainly taken a dive the last few nights. As long as I can get warm I do love a cold snap.
  16. I do find it interesting how when having a discussion with someone, it is completely baffling to some how one can agree with them, but be criyical of their on viewpoint too.

    1. lassie23


      Don't tell me, you've been talking politics on here!

    2. Lauren


      No, just in real life. It's like some people cannot comprehend that you can lean to one side but still have criticisms of your stance. Do these people live in a world where everything is black and white?

  17. As far as I am concerned if you work overtime you should be in some way rewarded for doing so, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Lots of companies do TOIL and that is what I have where I work. I think to make it fairer to companies, this new ruling should only commence from a date in the future as backdating could easily ruin some companies, especially if small.
  18. Heaviest rain overnight I've seen for years and it wasn't even forecast, nice surprise.

    1. lassie23


      I heard there was thunder about too!

  19. Absolutely torrential rain last night. Haven't seen anything like that for years.
  20. Rain band looks like it will it me within half an hour or so. OH is out playing football this morning, could very well be a bit of a damp game!
  21. Quite nice to wake up to a wet and rainy Sunday. Perfect roast dinner weather.
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