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  1. I'm actually quite looking forward to it getting cold...

    1. Daniel*


      Yes after this weekend it will get progressively cooler. Since its not cold enough for snow not much is being said. Seasonal start to the winter is always a good benchmark.

    2. lassie23


      Been very mild so far!:-(

    3. Mapantz


      It'll be relative to where you are. Forecasted max temps here are no different to what they were on Tue/Wed/Thur.

  2. Was it Steve that we use the scale they came up with for snowfall every year?
  3. I dunno. Growing up in a very much hand to mouth household, I naturally always just think 'do I actually need this? Do I actually like it enough to pay X amount for it?', if I don't then I don't buy. This seems to have served me well moneywise. The idea of this sort of shopping spree is completely alien to me!
  4. You aren't wrong in your last sentence. I went to uni with someone who does just that for a number of companies and to say he is very well paid is an understatement!
  5. Did you know there have been 7 deaths since 2006! Those are only people that died at the scene, many more died later in hospital! It completely defeats the point of Thanksgiving, being grateful for what you have and then the next day going on a greed sopping spree. I must say I did give a serious side eye to a family that came in today who because they claim benefits are able to claim their expenses back off the NHS (fair enough), they had just bought a TV, 2 IPad Airs and some trainers in the BF sales. And yet the £5 bus fair was unaffordable apparently.....
  6. I really don't get the appeal of Black Friday. Standing in line for hours, getting trampled by a mob to pick up a 'bargain' that you can get throughout he year anyway!

    1. Lauren


      I know, it's baffling.

    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      It makes me despair at the general public more than I already did.

    3. Yarmy


      It's as bad as the cretins queueing up outside Next at 6am on Boxing Day.

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  7. Also it helps if you spell 'university' right
  8. I think what you describe TWS, in terms of difficulty getting a job goes for most graduates. Indeed most of the people I graduated with in 2010 are still trying to find a permanent job or caeer
  9. Dunno Staffy, it just wasn't for me, can't put my finger on why, but then again I did my degree in Psychology*! * I later found out it was a good thing I didn't choose UEA because their course was not approved by the BPS. That's something to consider also, make sure your courses are approved by the relevant boards you may wish to be part of. Entirely depends on the job you're going for. It doesn't matter how good someone's grades look or the university they are from, if they come across like an unlikeable twerp in the interview, it isn't going to help them! Honestly, I cannot express enough how much more important experience, enthusiasm and competency are in life.
  10. Toad in the hole, roast potatoes, stuffing, veg and gravy. Perfect winter meal.

  11. I had a few friends that went to Reading and they said the balance was really good. I felt the same about my uni and I can't ever imagine having gone anywhere else. I knew within an hour of being there that this was the one for me, whereas as I left UEA within 30 minutes of being there as I knew it wasn't for me.
  12. Advice on picking a uni.... Do not pick it because that is the best course, if you are somewhere that makes you unhappy, it doesn't matter how good the course is. Do not pick somewhere that is really enjoyable, but the course isn't so good for obvious reasons. You'll know the right place when you visit it, I know I did as did many others.
  13. Because people with ASD are often 'hypersenstive' so they experience sensations in a far more exaggerated manner. So things like fireworks will sound like a bomb, a light tap may feel like a punch and a warm day might feel like they are in a desert. But sometimes there will just be hypersensitivity to one sensation in particular or a few. CBT can often help for them to process this and handle it in a different way so life is more liveable for those with extreme cases.
  14. You could always do a BSc in Environmental Science or similar and then do an MSc in Meteorology. Speak with a good careers advisor about it or explore what the MSc options are if you did another similar subject for BSc. Please don't feel like your life has to go in one direction or if you can't do it now, you never will. The one thing I wish someone had told me when I was your age is that A Levels aren't everything, you can always 'do over' and that life changes and what your heart is set on now, may not be what it is set on in a few years, so don't tie yourself to one path, there are many that can lead to the same destination.
  15. Thanks team for the work and producing a easily understandable forecast. So unlike last year, it should be colder than average with snow most likely at the end of December right when I'm off of work. Oh no, what a shame, I'll have to go out and enjoy the snow and all that horrible stuff.....
  16. FYI, heat intolerance is pretty common if you are on the spectrum
  17. Why do I keep seeig people saying we haven't had a frost yet? We've had frost here for a couple of weeks now!

    1. lassie23


      Are they in the SE?

    2. Lauren
    3. lassie23


      I have had two frosts so far and i'm in London!

  18. I have an idea, let's call it an 'Express Dance'. So we know that whatever the Express forecasts, the complete opposite happens. Therefore I propose we start making wild forecasts about how this winter will bring 40C HEATWAVES and air drier than the SAHARA! and see how that works.
  19. Lauren

    Ferguson Riots

    They already have been! An innocent passer by in a car.
  20. Do you ever type out a log answer and the just think 'you know what? I can't be bothered' and delete it all?

    1. DiagonalRedLine


      Sometimes! (Love the fact all these replies to this status update are short).

    2. AderynCoch


      EDIT - actually, forget it.

    3. Lettucing Gutted
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  21. Only on some mornings and evenings to warm up the house, but not on full time or on the warmer days. Does Mrs laserguy get a choice about the heating?
  22. Foggy, fog, fog. Looks quite eerie with the leafless trees.
  23. Lauren

    Ferguson Riots

    I think it's more of a difficult thing for us to understand when guns are not part of our everyday culture and racial divide is not as strong or as ingrained as it is in the US. Notoriously the police tend to get an easy ride in situations like this and there is rarely an indictment and I get why people are upset by that, but rioting and ruining people's businesses and shooting random people is not going to get their message across, if anything it's going to give the powers that be a reason to go 'see, this is why we are quick to react'.
  24. In all seriousness can they not legally do anything about papers like the Express with their made up weather stories? Or is the vagueness and unpredictable nature of weather enough to let them get away with it?
  25. Just had a conversation with someone that doesn't believe bisexual is a real sexuality. They are just confused or 'gay deniers' apparently. Am I back in the 1980's?

    1. lassie23


      Interesting, maybe that is why they are so anti gay, because they are in denial!

    2. Lauren


      It's an interesting topic. It was one of my favourites in my degree.

    3. lassie23


      Psychology degree I take it? 2,1?

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