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  1. ^^^^ I feel a bit ill now
  2. I wonder then as being gay becomes more acceptable and less sham relationships happen, if it will end up killing itself off. Or will it continue through surrogates and such? Can you blame the spiders, it's hungry work!
  3. So it appears some at work still don't get my dry sense of humour and I've had to resort to saying 'I'm joking' all the time, which kind of ruins humour....

    1. lassie23


      Maybe you should report the person who reported you?

    2. Barry12


      I find that joke deeply offensive and insulting to penguins.

    3. lassie23


      Penguins aren't easily offended!Unlike seagulls!

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  4. I've tried peppers, apples, lemons and tomatoes and all but the tomatoes seem to be attacked by some sort of thing that makes their stalks go brown, hollow and dry. All I have tried growing in pots, inside and out and used all the bug treatments under the sun and nothing works. They can't even get to flowering stage before being killed.
  5. To add to this, the second sentence may actually be down to evolution. If you are a lone male or travelling in a pack of males and somewhere there was a female in season. How do you think we might be able to tell this if we cannot tell ourselves? In the animal kingdom it's quite common for males to become aroused at the scent or idea that females in season might be around. Therefore it's advantageous for other males to also become aroused (if they cannot themselves tell a female is in season) so they have a chance of mating, thus it is believed that seeing a man sexually aroused or even so much as appearing more 'macho' automatically makes your body in some way respond so that you may also be prepared to mate. If sexuality is a sliding scale, then it would make sense that at some point a gay person may have sex with someone of the opposite sex (and indeed many gay people do in the pursuit of working out who they are). Furthermore gay people marrying and being able to have a sex life is not unheard of either. My SIL Mum is gay (now happily married to another woman) and I know when she was younger she questioned herself thinking that she should be have some sort of gay leaning, but she doesn't at all and neither do her siblings.
  6. I'm not sure if it's an insulation thing but my house is often cold in winter, but it's been warmed up it says warm, meaning we very rarely need to have the heating on full tim.
  7. As far as science tells us, no one is 100% straight or gay. You can be at the most straight end of the scale as you can possibly be and believe you are so, but the chances are you will still respond on some level to sexual material involving another man. It's just the way we are built!
  8. Thank God we're getting closer to evenings getting longer again and my suspected SAD might start to get some relief.
  9. I've given up with any fruit plants other than tomatoes. Something keeps killing them. I'm not sure it's aphids, but I think it's something that leaves some sort of web behind? Nothing seems to kill it!
  10. Sexuality is a spectrum, we know that for a fact.
  11. I believe a gay person has about as much choice about their gayness as I do about my straightness. I do believe (in most cases) you are born with your sexuality. Genetically, it is unclear whether the 'gay' gene is a type of mutant gene or not. Gay people certainly do not always produce gay children, which would suggest it isn't a hereditary gene. Dami - if homosexuality were a chemical imbalance it could easily be 'treated' with chemical and hormone supplements, but it doesn't respond to such treatments.
  12. I don't know if it's related but my Aunt and Uncle in Greece have for 2 years running had some hurricane like weather beyond a normal winter storm. Huge flooding, houses collapsing, trees down, power out sort of stuff.
  13. These guys are good for all the main Caribbean (and some US) ports. Good if you like Cruise Ship spotting and also often have some fab storms. Watched the Bermuda storm hit on that webcam. http://www.ptztv.com/portfolio/ Also Akumal and Tulum webcams in Mexico. https://www.locogringo.com/akumal-beach-webcam Often can see some good storms on those too.
  14. I'll always remember a story my Dad told me. I have seen my Dad cry twice in his life and not a lot tends to bother him. He is a Dive Master and was diving one year on holiday. His group just happened to come across a mother and her calf and they halted the dive just to watch them. They came quite close and didn't feel threatened at all. She was playing with her calf and showing it how to do different things and it was totally mesmerising. He said it became obvious the the Mum was bringing her calf up for air and coming closer to them in an inquisitive way and the calf seemed to be getting excited about these strange things in the water. They had to finish the dive and got back on the boat and watched them swim away. The captain told them that they were following a path that would lead them to their death as they were heading into whaling waters and the next day when out on the boat again, they could see the whaling boats in the distance. My Dad said that that really played on his mind for such a long time and to this day he finds it difficult to watch anything with whales.
  15. Urgh. I really do not understand this AT ALL. They can't say it's for scientific purposes, because that has been proven to be bull numerous times. They could claim it was for food, but whale and dolphin meat is very high in mercury and poisonous in anything other than tiny amounts and has been banned by even most areas of Japan. The black market for whale meat is ever decreasing. So the only logical conclusion I can come to is thy are killing them to get rid of competition in their fishing waters (and even not their waters sometimes). I hope the UN gets on their arses about this.
  16. Long old flight path response if it was all the way from Scotland to Devon.
  17. Yes, Kent wasn't supposed to get too much but it kept building up in the Thames to give us a Thames streamer. I remember that is continuously snowed for about 24 hours at one point. My house backs onto some farmers fields on a prevailing slope so it built right up and we measured 18-22in at some parts. Can you imagine if that happened again? NW would crash!
  18. Here are some threads from that time that Paul (admin) kindly found: https://forum.netweather.tv/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&andor_type=and&sid=469711714504518b127851d9664db992&search_date_start=November%2020,%202010%203:29%20PM&search_date_end=December%2031,%202010%203:29%20PM&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date&search_content=both&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date&search_app_filters[forums][liveOrArchive]=archive&search_app_filters[forums][noPreview]=1&search_app_filters[forums][pCount]=&search_app_filters[forums][pViews]=&search_app_filters[forums][sortDir]=0&search_term=snow&search_app=forums
  19. I tried looking through the archives for any threads on that snowfall but couldn't really find anything.
  20. It does sound like fireworks but was apparently heard all the way from Scotland down to Sussex and the West Country at the same time. I thought it might have been meteorites too.
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2854551/What-loud-bangs-heard-Britain-Twitter-bombarded-reports-mysterious-noises-military-denies-RAF-jets-cause.html#ixzz3KYSuQB2m I wonder what it could have been?
  22. I think I'm just being blind but can anyone point me to the archied thread for the awesome snow in the SE in 2010?

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Is the El Gordo thread somewhere? And/or El Brummo? Can't seem to find either of them.

    2. Lauren


      I just read El Gordo this morning. Just type 'El Gordo' into the search. Wasn't as exciting as I remembered.

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Paul as one said"I'm not even sure we had a SE thread in 2010"This about as close as i got

      found that in Weather Discussion and Chat, p75.Can't find Mod/Reg threads.

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