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  1. 1 hour ago, DAVID SNOW said:

    A polite question if I may:

    It the same user or any other member for that matter wishes to moan, or ramp about the weather on a daily basis then this is the dedicated thread for them?

    If the weather is the same or similar every day for two weeks I take it a daily dose of ramping or moaning will not be tolerated?

    Can of worms here(imo) is once every two days ok or three, or once a week?

    To me anyway, if a member wishes to post about their weather   on a daily basis that constitutes a ramp or moan from them, then that's fine by me.

    The thread title is quite specific.






    I guess what we're saying is obviously have a moan, but is it really necessary to say exactly the same thing every day, even multiple times a day if nothing's changed?

    I take your point that the line isn't necessarily a clear one and I guess that will come down to discretion. For example if you were to have a bit of a repetitive moan on the odd occasion, amongst other things, that'd be fine. But if your entire modus operandi is the same moan over and over again ad infinitum, then I think it's fair to say it's overkill.

    Is that a bit clearer?

  2. Just a polite notice:

    I know we all have different weather preferences, but constant repeated posts saying the same thing with nothing that adds to the thread will be removed. Makes things a bit repetitive otherwise. The odd repetitive post is fine, but when we're getting about 20 different posts from the same user that's a variation on exactly the same thing, it gets a bit tedious.

    Ta 🙂

  3. On 04/06/2019 at 12:27, karyo said:

    The island of Sal in Cabo Verde. It is a slice of desert in the ocean. Mostly flat, dry and windy. A bleak place. A huge contrast from other cabo verde islands which are stunning.It has many all inclusive hotels with white Europeans and Americans getting served by local black people. A few metres away there are people living a very basic existence.

    The coast of southern Spain. Built up and crowded. Lots of litter on the beach and plastic in the sea.

    Boa Vista is a desert island too but much prettier and unspoilt than Sal. I always advise people to pick Boa over Sal if they're going to the big 2. 

  4. Good luck lightninglover. Best advice I can give you, is give it your best shot first time but don't pin everything on it. Try not to overthink the questions, trust yourself and be smart about it. Do the mark heavy questions first. But remember it's not your only shot, you can always retake if need be. Neither are they the be all and end all. Grades are obviously helpful, but what will prove most important is your determinant and hard work.


    You've got this!

  5. 15 minutes ago, Ben Lewis said:

    My new garden pot flowers seem to be suffering this morning. 

    Must of been fairly cold last night. 

    Bring back the warm & sunny weather - much less damaging to vegetation than this dross. 

    I've killed my Basil by planting out to early. My tomatoes and peppers are still indoors as it's just too cold for them, especially at night.

    Potatoes on the other hand are loving it.

  6. But you see again, these recent examples are a few people kicking up a fuss. It's not an entire generation or even significant numbers of people. It really does give a skewed impression of outrage.

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