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  1. Good luck lightninglover. Best advice I can give you, is give it your best shot first time but don't pin everything on it. Try not to overthink the questions, trust yourself and be smart about it. Do the mark heavy questions first. But remember it's not your only shot, you can always retake if need be. Neither are they the be all and end all. Grades are obviously helpful, but what will prove most important is your determinant and hard work.


    You've got this!

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Ben Lewis said:

    My new garden pot flowers seem to be suffering this morning. 

    Must of been fairly cold last night. 

    Bring back the warm & sunny weather - much less damaging to vegetation than this dross. 

    I've killed my Basil by planting out to early. My tomatoes and peppers are still indoors as it's just too cold for them, especially at night.

    Potatoes on the other hand are loving it.

  3. But you see again, these recent examples are a few people kicking up a fuss. It's not an entire generation or even significant numbers of people. It really does give a skewed impression of outrage.

  4. 2 hours ago, stainesbloke said:

    Me too. I’ve learnt not to sow too early as everything quickly catches up. We had that late frost 2 springs ago that killed quite a few plants on my allotment site. Tomatoes and peppers hate cold and once they get a ‘cold shock’, they take ages to recover, if at all. Will you be growing your peppers outside?

    Yep in large pots as well as the tomatoes.

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  5. 3 hours ago, stainesbloke said:

    Way too early. I wouldn’t plant them out until mid May, especially the peppers.

    That's what I decided in the end. Got a little collection of seedlings going indoors at the moment.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, mushymanrob said:

    punk, and what it stood for, the cultural impact it had (although not commercially very successful) championed equality, punk was anti racism, anti sexism, anti homophobia.. punk was the vehicle that my generation used to make social changes. we were having non of the 'you have no future' nonsense, in the dark days of the late 70's. we changed attitudes, and comedy was one....punk attitudes gave rise to alternative comedy ... alternative to the sexist, racist, homphobic crap the likes of jim davidson employed... davidson and alike was all 'figner pointing' humour... ohh look at that black man,m isnt his accent funny?... (no). the mother in law....the wife said.... *insert sexist crap*

    thats an example of how a youth movement changed the world. punk actually did far more then that too...

    I'm not sure how any of that was related to what you quoted?

    2 minutes ago, mushymanrob said:

    i did...i said "show me where this is now"..... in fact ive been asking for the evidence since the start of this thread....non has been presented (or very little).

    50 years of life experience isnt an assumption. thank you. im not lying.

    But what parameters are we using here? People have given you examples of various points throughout this thread and you've generally answered by saying that example wasn't very good or wasnt funny or whatever so isn't evidence. You are judging evidence but your own opinion. What I am asking is what MEASUREABLE, statistical FACTS, would you accept. Evidence is fact, not opinion.


    I didn't say you were lying, but you do keep assuming people who were not born at your time have no comprehension of things.

  7. 3 minutes ago, mushymanrob said:

    theres clearly a generation thing going on here... you were born in 88?... quicksilver in 89?.. the years that stock aitken and watermans 'hit factory' made manufactured music 'normal'... there was hardly any before that. sorry for being patronising, but you have grown up knowing nothing else.

    i have

    its called experience,and ive been into pop music since i was a kid in the 60's, i remember the first top of the pops, ive been interested in pop music since then. ive seen and enjoyed, or hated, various styles that we brits have produced. but whether i liked the styles or not... they had one thing in common.... they appealled to a large fan base, and each style that emerged had its 'headline act' often fronted by a character, an artist, who had charisma and an opinion that was of interest to the fans. there was a buzz, an excitement, that filtered through to the ordinary person. older people often derided the new fashion and music the young created...but they knew who they were.

    now you ask for evidence.... and ill say "show me where that is now" .... there is no buzz the way there was, there is no one in mainstream creating material of substance created by artists/musicians like the above track i posted which is a fantastic piece of pop music. this is not 'my' opinion, it is one shared by other pop music geeks, as we like pop music and we lament the passing of the excitement generated by new artists created when they emerged with a new idea. 
    nothing would make me happier then for a new trend to emerge, even if its not original but as a new take on an old sound, so i have no agenda here, but 50 years of experience tells me clearly that it isnt now what it once was.

    to support my opinion, id suggest seeking out various 'rock docs' theres the 'britannia' series (covering punk/synth and others) , the history of dance, the filth and the fury (true story of punk) , these will demonstrate that what im trying to get across, is accurate.

    You didn't answer my question. And you're still making massive assumptions.

  8. See, this is where I think people confuse being liberal with censorship.

    My belief is that nothing should be censored unless it's actually criminal e.g inciting terrorism.

    Jim Davidson, I find disgusting. To me his comedy isn't about being funny, it's about maliciously mocking people different to him for a laugh. Michael McIntyre for example (I know some find him unfunny but I'm using him as an example), does poke fun at others, but it's done in a lighthearted way and also pokes fun at himself. There's no malice in it. Do I think they should both be allowed to perform? Absolutely. That is freedom of expression. But I also believe people have the right to call out people they feel are offensive. 

    Now some who call themselves liberal would see any humour they take offence at or could be offensive to others banned. This is not being liberal, this is actually being conservative by silencing things you do not agree with.

    So in that regard shows that are perhaps seen as being offensive now should be shown and people should understand the attitude at the time and they can not watch it if they feel it's not OK to them. People tend to vote with their feet.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, weirpig said:

    Actually they are not  if you watch a few episodes  mainly ones on UK Gold  then quite a few of the episodes have either been cut or sounded out   The majors conversation  and the german episodes just a couple of examples 

    Oh I didn't know that!

    It's always a line I'm not sure on. Do we just accept that these programmes were made at a different time and not censor them but understand they don't neccessarily reflect attitudes today? But where do you draw the line? What's acceptable and what's not?

  10. 10 minutes ago, kent said:

    Sadly this format wouldn't be tolerated today because Basils treatment of Manuel would be classified by the pc brigade as racist bullying .

    I think if that were true they wouldn't be showing it at all, but they are.

    I do feel that sometimes people confuse being liberal with not being able to say whatever they want without criticism.

  11. Mushy, what specific evidence would make you consider that your opinion may not be so accurate after all. Not neccessarily change your mind, but would make you consider that millennials are creating like previous generations? 

  12. Imagine how, say, the Tudor age would think of us. We'd all be a blizzard of snowflakes. Prison for theft? You bunch of absolute wet lettuces, beheading without trial is the only way to deal with crime!

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  13. 44 minutes ago, mushymanrob said:

    one direction were nothing more then the latest in a long line of manufactured acts.... they added nothing to the furtherance of music or even made any contribution to it at all.  one direction may be good 'pop', but cannot be compared to real acts like the beatles, stones, kinks, clash, jam, oasis etc.  k-pop was a fad. its over.

    simple..... evidence. where is it?.... wheres this generations lennon, lydon, bowie, bush, morrissey etc? all those acts mentioned before. i see you are young, so have not grown up with these artists that were 'spokesmen for a generation'. youve grown up witnessing manufactured pop being 'the norm' , when at one time, amongst the pop pap, there was orginal artists leading a cultural movement, artists with something of interest to say, artists with points to make. these were in mainstream, they charted.

    My point with 1D and KPop was that it was being argued, no one went mad for music anymore.

    Please do not stereotype me. My musical library is very varied and I have most of my collection from the good old days you speak of. I was raised on a mixture of rock, rap and reggae. My musical taste is diverse a d you would be very surpised by what is in my collection. My niece adores The Clash, Nirvana, Guns N Roses and plenty more and a lot of her friends do too. It's just plain false to think that the newer generations aren't aware or enjoying music of many decades before them.


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