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  1. As in never experience them again, which would it be and why?
  2. Biggest clap of thunder I've heard in years just now! Proper house shaker. Hail too.
  3. Suddenly very strong winds and what sounds like hail out of nowhere.
  4. 24 hours of rain now. Any more wind and there'll be a lot more trees down.
  5. Same. Wouldn't class the shield as broken until it's just proper snow though.
  6. I think we're going to see an awful lot of trees down with all the wind and rain. Wouldn't be surprised if this ends up as a red event.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if the big trees at the bottom of my garden come down. They look precarious at the best of times.
  8. I'm not going to officially take part as a mod, but if it does snow, which I'm skeptical about, I'm going with February 20th.
  9. They were satellites moving in formation. My friend is a pilot and was given notice of it by ATC. Quite spectacular from the flight deck apparently!
  10. Welcome Perlecano. Beautiful part of the world, spent some time around Lake Lugano and it was so beautiful.
  11. Well woke up to find half our fence gone. This is going to be costly.
  12. Pilots are definitelyearning their money tonight. Regular go around and fuel emergencies all over the place. I hope everyone returns safely this evening.
  13. Has anyone NOT spent the day looking like a drowned rat whose been dragged backwards through a hedge?
  14. Well all the wheelie bins on the street have blown over in a big gust. Thought there'd been an explosion at first!
  15. This is the first evening since the solstice I noticed the drive home being a little lighter.
  16. I'd say it had to be the November - December 2010 snow event and the 2018 beast from the east. Id like to say we had significant thunderstorm events, but I didn't....
  17. I've never been lucky enough to witness a Florida storm, so keep them coming!
  18. I've already seen people on social media saying they can already see a difference in evening light
  19. Great storm happening on this cam right now. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/campania/napoli/napoli-vesuvio.html
  20. Anyone else got a horrible little virus that makes you light headed, exhausted, with muscle and joint ache? No cough though. Really knocked me for 6.

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    2. Lauren


      Me too Dami! Get them really strong immediately after I eat. Got random rib pain today!

    3. Dami


      yes! OMG yes. Out of nowhere I just felt 'ill' couldn't really place it. Then I started getting the cramps and feeling faint, as in really dizzy. Then I would eat a little and feel ok for a bit then bang the cotton wool feeling faint would come on. It's worst in the mornings, the cramps come on around 5am. Felt much better getting some air, it was really odd. oh i'm a bit gassy too with pains under my rib.Bubs and hubs have both had iffy tums, didn't last long and bubs has complained of feeling'dizzy' 

    4. Lauren


      Weird little virus isn't it? It's not quite the flu, but it definitely doesn't feel right!

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