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  1. There's a special place in hell reserved for people driving with full beams on in fog. Couldn't see a thing for half my journey tonight.
  2. Can't tell if it's raining or it's just thick fog making me constantly need to use my windscreen wipers.
  3. Unexpectedly foggy out there this evening. All a bit spooky! Can't see the other side of the road from my front window!
  4. Lauren

    Aviation Thread

    For all the pilots, wannabe pilots, aviation enthusiasts or people who have questions about aviation. It seems there are a lot of us here and it ties in nicely with our love of weather!
  5. Enough with the sniping. If you can't use a thread like adults, you risk losing it together. It's getting tiring repeating ourselves and removing posts.
  6. Ah that makes sense. So it's basically like a second thermostat that's more accurate for individual rooms. So I guess heating efficiency is about balancing the two.
  7. Please explain in simpleton language
  8. So would it then not make sense to just have them on full then as it's the same regardless? God, I'm really not getting this, sorry!
  9. Thanks, I get that but what I mean is, does it not make more sense to turn the radiators up full but the thermostats down or does that make no difference? So let's say my thermostat is set to 20C but my radiator valves are only half way, does that mean my room isn't actually heating to 20?
  10. I also don't get what I'm meant to do with the radiator valves. Turn them up full? What's the point having them on just a bit?
  11. It's on all the time for water but I had only been turning the heating on and off as needed. I presume he's saying it's more cost effective as it doesn't have to start from scratch each time to heat?
  12. Random question but.... Does it cost more money to have the boiler on constantly in winter for heating and control through thermostat or to just turn boiler on and off as needed?
  13. Being ripped apart quickly by the looks of it.
  14. Lauren

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Am I meant cut geraniums right down over winter or pull them out completely?
  15. Lauren

    Report Climate change ipcc

    This thread is descending into pettiness and unproductive discussion (again). A polite reminder to stick to facts and keeping it civil. Ta.
  16. Wow! Very unexpected house shaker of a thunderclap!
  17. Still waiting for the rain which was forecast yo be all day long!
  18. Ever have someone you know who you can never say anything right to? Exhausting.

    2. Mokidugway


      Sometimes  easier to pay the Russian  mafia to have them ,taken out 😁

  19. Did I just hear thunder????
  20. Don't y'all go treating me any differently now. I've been here forever. I'm one of you, except now with buttons!
  21. It's a recent development
  22. Meant to be raining hard all day today. Barely had a drop. Even radar says it's raining but it's not.
  23. Lauren

    Report Climate change ipcc

    It's getting needlessly snipey in here. I know it's a hot topic but try to keep it civil, folks.
  24. Lauren

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    I'm never abusive or rude, they are just doing their job (actual scammers aside). I normally just give a firm no thankyou and end the call.
  25. Lauren

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    So now with winter looming, my geraniums have decided to go into full bloom. A few flowers over summer but now they decide they want to bloom.