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  1. Beautiful day here, felt like summer! Sods in law the weather looks to pick up just as I leave for holiday! The bees are out again in full force which is lovely to see!
  2. Been following on the cams all day. I guess we will see the full impact when we all wake up tomorrow. The surge is looking horrific.
  3. For me in the SE it definitely has been one of the worst summer's I can remember. I also don't remember such quick changing forecasts in a long time. Today we have a family BBQ. On Monday today was forecast to rain all day and since then has gone anywhere from raining and 17c to sunny all day and 25c with so many fluctuations. I don't remember so much constant change in the past.
  4. Bearing in mind how much Sandy damaged NYC, could we be looking at similar here? Images of flooding already looking pretty terrible.
  5. The usually webcam of watch for that area went down a couple of days ago, annoyingly.
  6. Can't believe it's mid August and my dahlia's are only just blooming. They normally blo early June. Veggies are only just being able to be harvested too. Again about 2 months late. Lack of sun has really impacted it this year.
  7. Loads of pictures of it on my social media but odd as it didn't feel particularly conducive to that sort of thing outside.
  8. Sounds like a bloody winter storm out there, not summer! Feels like the wettest summer weve had in ages.
  9. Long loud distant rumbles but looks like it's dying off as it makes its way inland. Not sure if it will make it here.
  10. Been rumbling away for about the last 45 minutes but not seen any lightning. Had about 10 minutes of fat rain but skies are clearing again now.
  11. I have a horrible feeling it's going to stay North of here and we'll be left sweating relentlessly.
  12. I have a horrible feelingit's going to stay North of here and we'll be left sweating relentlessly.
  13. Absolutely top tier ice cream there, Good choice. Maxibon is my ice cream of choice if avaliable, if not a feast or a magnum. Took an iced water bottle out with me for a walk this morning. Was a black of ice when I started and was warm water half an hour later!
  14. What a glorious day! If worse comes worse and I can't get away this year at least a couple of weeks of this wouldn't make it so bad.
  15. It is disgustingly sweaty today and no chance of a storm to clear it.
  16. Blimey. Must have missed all of those. Closest I've had to a storm this year was a system passing to my West. Nothing direct yet.
  17. Gently chucking it down now. Much as I'm missing the sun, I do love the sound of the rain.
  18. Nice to see some flashes and hear rumbles but it all went to the west of me and nothing came overhead. Still nice to see.
  19. Rain stopped here and all calm, went to East. Perhaps stuff later will hit us.
  20. Gentle fat raindrops here, nothing heavy yet. Petrichor smelling wonderful
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