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  1. Yes, storm shield still holding stri9ng. Couldn't say I'm out of the No Storms Club just yet. Never had anything overhead just yet.
  2. Rumbles kicking off again. The rain is here, its finally here! It's been 84 years!
  3. Seems to all being to the South West of me. How annoying. I can hear the rumbles but nothing to show for it!
  4. Here it comes! Does law I'm in the clinic where I don't have a good vantage point....
  5. Seems the rain and the storms jumped Kent and north of us is getting the goods. It's just cruel now
  6. Nice breeze is bringing some relief, more clouds around today too which will hopefully develop some storms.
  7. Some light rain this morning to cool things down a bit but looks like no storms. BBC only forecasting storms for Thursday.
  8. I don't sweat like this on holiday where it's just as hot, if not hotter. It's mad
  9. It's a proper sweating doing nothing day. Hopefully this year will be rewarded with some decent storms during next week.
  10. Haven't been here much over last few days and just had a look at the CAPE and LI for next week and it's looking very juicy
  11. Feels like the sky wants to burst but can't quite get there.
  12. Clouded over and stupidly humid. Fingers crossed for a storm.
  13. 2 huge gunshot claps overhead with a rumble that lasted a good 10 seconds. But that's it. Not quite sure if I can count that as a storm as it was so short lived!
  14. Ugh. We would have had at least one decent storm by now, but nada. All this rain and humidity for nowt.
  15. Just got back from a BBQ, so naturally it's chucking it down. Sounds glorious though.
  16. Nice little storm this morning. Nothing too big, a starter storm if you will. But it takes me out of the no storms club.
  17. Feels like it's getting hotter. If I didn't know what time of year it was and you told me my radiators were on full blast, I'd believe you.
  18. I like to remain pessimistic about getting storms. Can't be disappointed that way!
  19. That little storm just skimmed me to my West, nothing overhead.
  20. And it's moved on to the North without really getting started. Boo!
  21. Absolute beast of a storm cloud over us chucking out some rumbles but nothing significant yet.
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