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  1. Give me strength. Surrounded by a bunch of kids with no boundaries.

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Kids are annoying enough at the best of times but that sounds like torture. Where are you? If in a pub or other place that has a bar at least there's some escape 😂

    3. Lauren


      The event was a family gathering so unfortunately unavoidable. But hey, I guess some parents think letting their children touch adults inappropriately and biting and kicking people to give them things is OK

    4. Dami


      That's what the naughty step culture does. People here just chat away while their child does what it wants. We have a community event to watch a  film in our hall and people just let their child run free saying 'have you controlled a 5 year old?'  Parents are too scared to discipline mixed with laziness. 

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