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  1. People who have broken a toe....is it normal after a month to still hurt most of the time and be unable to move the broken toe or the ones either side voluntarily?

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    2. Allseasons-si


      Broke both of my big tig toes in less than three weeks

      the first one(right foot) was that my uncle was chasing me out of the living room and on the way out i hit the bottom of the doorframe and knocked my toe back with some force that my toebone was above my footbone so to speek,was rushed to hospital and they pulled it back out(OUCH),that hurt and took a year or so to be right

      the second on(left foot) happened in the third week when we was having sunday lunch and my parents at the time had a very heavy mahogony table and bench seats,i was going to the toilet and as i was getting up remembering that i have a broken toe on my right foot i was struggling to get over the bench and pulled it over and the bench landed on my left toe crushing it

      for a few weeks i was walking like a bloody penguin lol:rofl:

      so not good,took ages to heel with them being such small bones,larger ones heel quicker.

    3. Lauren


      It's my 4th toe so wasn't expecting it to hurt so much!

    4. jvenge


      You really need to have an X-ray and make sure it is set correctly. It can take months for full mobility to return, even if just bruised. But pain is a concern after so long.

      That's a common issue with broken toes. Once it is set correctly again, there isn't much they can do, but that initial set is important.

      X-ray to make sure it is set properly and take it from there.

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