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  1. A little bit of rain and people lose all ability to drive. They either start to go along at a crawl or drive like maniacs.

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    2. CreweCold


      Passed first time with 3 minors after a total of 20 hrs driving time :p A month after passing got tested big time on a single lane dual carriageway overtaking a lorry when my ECU failed and lost all power and was capped at a speed level with the lorry. Managed to avoid a head on collision with a bit of smart thinking!

    3. CreweCold


      Oh and bringing it back to weather, I passed during that insanely wet summer of 2007!

    4. AIRMET


      Driving back from Oxford on Monday in poor vis lots of surface spray on the dual carriage way and was surprised to see how many cars didn't have their headlights switched on!

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