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  1. Are people aware they are attending an NHS Mental Health service? Not a come when you fancy, appointments only when it's convenient for them service?

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    2. lassie23


      that's poor, no wonder you are cheesed off.How about phoning to let you know that they won't be able to keep the appointment?

    3. mickeyb44


      Apologies Lauren, that was a bit insensitive of me, yes the community centres are good, my last shrink at the cmht trusted and believed in me and got my drivers license back, however ive been a patient in 5 mhu's in hertfordshire and only 1 did i feel 'im getting better in here'. But in their defence they are probably understaffed and underpaid for a 'not great' job.

    4. Lauren


      They are mickey. Unfortunately in those working conditions, sometimes bedside manner can go out the window, like most hospitals really. There really is a huge difference in MHU's which have better funding. Mental Health is woefully and dangerously underfunded and staff shockingly paid. Most people are completely shocked when they learn how much I earn! Glad to hear you are better :)

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