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  1. 17th July last year was best storm I've seen in years.
  2. I see, so basically we want a cap to build up energy and then we want it to blow off?
  3. Seems to be very much changing all the times in terms of potential for my area. Think this will come down to nowcasting.
  4. BBC have flood warnings for this weekend in my area!
  5. Charts now showing potential for my area today. Doesn't feel like it though.
  6. All the rain seems to be dying off before it reaches the coast coming from the East.
  7. Looks to be changing between stalling and moving West.
  8. Well the cat is acting like unstable weather is coming. Granted the Catron 3000 is not 100% reliable.
  9. Lots of undulatus cloud to my East.
  10. Saaaaame. But then we weren't expecting anything today.
  11. Would be very disappointed if it skipped me completely.
  12. BBC on the otherhand have the storm symbol from 9pm Saturday until 11am Sunday!
  13. MetO seems to be well off for this weekend. Not even showing rain!