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  1. The sky is simultaneously the creepiest and coolest sky I've seen for a very long time, if not ever.
  2. I'm glad to see Ryanair (or more Michael O'Leary) finally getting what's been coming to them for ages. Despicable company who take the mick out of their staff and run a borderline dangerous operation.
  3. It's getting colder, the nights are drawing in and we have months of grey nothingness ahead. DO NOT WANT. The only positive is the beautiful autumn colours. I wouldn't mind so much if it actually snowed.
  4. IMG_3069.JPG

    Yes, I follow them! Tried to get a really good pic of it but it wasnt being cooperative!
  5. IMG_3087.JPG

    The famous Levanter cloud that regularly makes an appearance over the Rock of Gibraltar.
  6. IMG_3069.JPG

    The famous Levanter cloud that regularly makes an appearance over the Rock of Gibraltar.
  7. It's actually really chilly this evening. I don't like it
  8. One thing I love about my new home is that I can see for miles out my bedroom window. Definitely going to be a great place for storm watching.

    1. lassie23
    2. Spikecollie


      'Tis lovely to have a nice view out of your window(s), especially for weather watching. My front window doors face southwest, where most of our most active t-storms come from - it's bliss to watch the flashes way before you here any thunder. The downside is that the incoming rain absolutely batters on the glass and you have to shut them to keep the noise out and hail is even worse!

    3. Allseasons-si


      I have a big south facing front room window that i can see for miles,i can even see flashes as far south as Nottingham and Stoke.:)

  9. Well if the view out my window is anything to go by, I'm about to be hit by one hell of a rain shower.
  10. I think it is what can only be described as 'snuggles weather' out there.
  11. Well nothing more came of this than some moderate rain.
  12. Medical issues

    No, I haven't. I'll look into this.
  13. Medical issues

    I'm a weird one (I know, shocking!). When I'm healthy, I'm always borderline anaemic. It's caused lots of issues with blood donation, but they normally let me donate. However every 3 years like clockwork I get immune system problems, I am constantly ill. It starts with a cold, turns into a chest infection, then I get various other bacterial and fungal infections and my glands swell up to the size of snooker balls. I get extremely fatigued, gain weight and feel nauseus and feel generally awful for about 2 months that this process lasts. Then I recover completely within a couple of days. Now here's the weird thing, when this happens the doctors can find no reason for it, my bloods come back not even close to anemic and they show healthy for all levels, which clearly shouldn't be the case because of how ill I get. Essentially my bloods look better when I'm ill! This occurred again this year after occurring roughly the same time in 2014, 2011 and 2008. In fact when I went in to the doctors to try and find a solution, she commented that 'it's that time again!'. They have no concerns and they can find no reason why it happens, but it's a mystery. All my doctor could say was that my body appeared to completely malfunctions and not to worry about it. So it's all a bit weird. Waiting for body malfunction 2020!
  14. I cannot believe I'm wearing a full blown coat in early September. Vile.