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  1. I only like carbonara without mushrooms and the sauce. Not sure if it was true carbonara but had it tossed in egg, olive oil, garlic, parmesan and basil in Florence. Not a fan of creamy sauces. Would rather have a rich tomato/meat sauce any day.
  2. Had the most amazing gnocchi ragu in this tiny family run place in Venice. They spoke no English, I spoke no Italian but that was one of the best things Ive ever eaten.
  3. Seriously considering this evening. Quite a shock going from 30C everyday to single figures
  4. Really feeling the chill this morning. Brrrrr!
  5. Lauren

    Hurricane Willa

    Heading right for the main tourist region of the West cost too.
  6. Honestly, after just getting back from Cuba, I'm really quite OK with the mild weather!
  7. But Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes often end up travelling west to east for some of their track. But I get what you're saying, in general they travel East to west. The maximum strength thing makes sense.
  8. Well I guess I dont understand why they can't just call it a Hurricane and use the Saffir Simpson scale.
  9. Interesting. So at this point what ingredients are we missing for this to not be a legit hurricane?
  10. Lauren

    Medicane Zorbas

    What is the latest track and islands most likely to be hit?
  11. Lauren

    Athens Greece Weather

    How far out from the eye will the effects be seen?
  12. So if the waters are warm enough to make this tropical why would it not be a named Hurricane?
  13. Lauren

    Athens Greece Weather

    That'll be two this year!
  14. Not impressed. Proper chilly this morning. Do not like.
  15. I'm off to Cuba soon. If the weather carries on like this, its going yo be be one hell of a shock to the system on my return.....