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  1. Absolutely chucking it down when I drove past Gatwick at about 5.15pm. Looked very stormy, but no T&L.
  2. Driving during the school run just reminds me how many people are not fit to drive.

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      I saw a motorcyclist run a red light, on a busy road, in the dark, with no lights on the other night. There are bad drivers out there but bikers make up most of them IMO!

    2. Grimers


      Totally agree.

  3. Having one of those weeks where I wonder if I'm missing something and I'm actually the insane one.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lauren


      Members of my family massively overreacting to things. Wondering if I've missed a memorable about what I'm supposed to be at fault for?!?

    3. alexisj9


      I've felt like that a few times, normally get a letter a few days later about missing an appointment. Sucks to have a bad memory. 

    4. Spikecollie


      Families can be hotbeds of over-sensitivity. Step back, let it all calm down and then maybe have a conversation! After coming from a family background where this was very much the norm, and discussion wasn't, I find my husband's family a rock for me. Yes, we have our differences, but we can talk about anything...

  4. Currently at Port Canveral
  5. Yes, I think you're right. The heavy yet more distance ones are sooooooo relaxing, but the loud, flashy close ones are exciting. Welcome back, Grimers, lovely to see you again
  6. So what area should we be looking for webcams for? My friends live that way and I'd like to keep an eye on it.
  7. Nassau and all the south Florida cams from PTZTV have gone down.
  8. Think the Web came has gone down.
  9. In case no one has posted it this is a great Web came to watch on. They also do one for Port Miami and Lauder Dale.
  10. It's funny because I get so excited when we have a storm, but I could equally lie in bed and drift off into a deep sleep hearing one outside. Come to think of it I do't think anything else makes me feel quite so energised and relaxed at the same time.
  11. Got that definite winter chill in the air in the evenings. After a very warm September, normal October temps feel practically freezing!
  12. It is a pretty common feeling. There are literally thousands of videos on YT of storm sounds for relaxation. A lot of people on here have said they are relaxing. I do as well as finding them exhilarating.
  13. I'm one of those people who can feel so completely alive durng a thunderstorm but find them incredibly relaxing too. I know that people finding storms relaxin and using the sounds as sleep aids is incredibly common and I was wondering if anyone knew the science behind it?
  14. As far as I'm aware there hasn't been a storm or Hurricane Lauren, which is quite frankly, offensive.
  15. It is odd, there isn't really a solid scientific reason for it other than educated guesses. I don't know why, but it's like someone suddenly turns my inner emotional thermostat down.