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  1. Just very bitter this morning. Already this winter has been better than last. I am definitely a summer person but if it is going to cold, at least snow or be proper cold. Can't bear that cold grey nothingness.
  2. Had a resurgence of snow at lunchtime but all melted again now. Absolutely freezing outside. It's amazing how many people completely lose the ability to drive in a bit of snow, the worst culprits seem to be 4x4's. That's literaly what your car is made for!
  3. Do you ever stay out overnight for your job or are you out and back in a day?
  4. Heavy rain here. Snow all gone. Vile outside.
  5. Currently in Sidcup until tomorrow. As long as I can get home, then it can show hard and snow me in. Don't want to get stuck here.
  6. Snowing again here. It's a shame we don't get several inches. You can't really enjoy a light covering.
  7. Light covering here but I think it'll turn back to rain.
  8. Guess which idiot left their keyfob on her desk when she popped to the ca and had to stand in torrential rain for 5 minutes to be let back in? As always, as I learnt so painfully, fun as ramping is, I shall stick to nowcasting and lamposts as my snow forecasters rather than going by charts and hope.
  9. Surprise snow here. About a 2 on the Marr scale.
  10. For being that bitter outside it's almost cruel not to have snow to show for it.
  11. I love how the cat judges his day by the daylight. Crack of dawn there He is, patting my face. I'm ever grateful for clocks going back or the return of longer evening light.
  12. By 'eck it's blowy out there! Keep hearing things flung around the garden. Cat went two feet out the door for his nightly wee, got hit by a gust of wind and promptly decided against it.
  13. Exactly. It's blustery. A typical autumn/winter windy day. Nothing to see here.
  14. Bitter drizzle, cold air. Eurgh. But it makes putting the heating on and snuggling up so much more rewarding.
  15. Car broken into overnight. Just what you want to wake up to....

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    2. Lauren


      My house is literally under a street lamp as well. So brazen. I'll never understand the mindset of people who are perfectly OK stealing people's things, assaulting others etc


    3. lassie23


      get your car alarmed

    4. Lauren


      It was. For some reason it didn't go off.