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  1. Lauren

    What are you planning to eat on Christmas Day?

    I plan on eating myself into a food coma.
  2. Lauren

    How fussy are you with your Christmas tree?

    Does anyone still use lanetta still?
  3. Feels like it's been blowing a hooligan for the last 24 hours but the wind gusts don't seem to match up with what it feels like.
  4. The big old fir tree in the garden is leaning . Been strong gusts all night.
  5. Lauren

    How fussy are you with your Christmas tree?

    When it comes to lights, I am a full on prejudiced!
  6. What an absolutely delightful day out there
  7. Lauren

    How fussy are you with your Christmas tree?

    I'm super fussy. It takes me hours to get it right and then I adjust it still for days afterwards. I like symmetry and matching so baubles have to be placed at the right distance apart eye. I will only have white lights.
  8. Lauren

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    Hi SP. I am a relatively new mod. It has honestly been an eye opening experience in many ways. One thing though is just how much moderation goes on. As Ed correctly says, we cannot be everywhere at once, we miss things and don't always agree with each thers decisions. What I may feel is OK, another may not. If we had a group discussion over every decision we quite literally wouldn't get anything done. Sometimes another mod might have dealt with something before anyone else has seen it. Inevitably sometimes mistakes happen or a decision might be made that you don't understand or feel is unfair. You can always discuss that decision with us through the various channels. We're more than happy to review things. I hope you choose to stay. I'd hate to lose a member through a misunderstanding or something that's easily resolved.
  9. Lauren

    Winter tyres who has them fitted.

    It was indeed
  10. Lauren

    Winter tyres who has them fitted.

    My instructor deliberately took me out in snow after I passed to teach me properly. I've certainly been glad of it since.
  11. Lauren

    Winter tyres who has them fitted.

    Slightly OT but the best car I've ever had in the snow was my old Fiat Panda. Was quite happy chugging up hills and round country roads in the snow where loads of 4x4 were struggling. But yes, I should get winter tyres, yet every year I never get round to it.
  12. Lauren

    The world has gone mad...

    Only if you stick your nose right in the bag. There's certainly stinkier crisps.
  13. Lauren

    The world has gone mad...

    Y'know what? They actually aren't bad and I hate sprouts. Weird after taste though.
  14. Do you meticulously spend hours getting it just right or are you much more relaxed about it? Colour schemes? Preferred lights?
  15. Lauren

    Cloud Help?!

    That's a fallstreak hole. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallstreak_hole