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  1. Nothing significant to report here. Heaviest snow was this morning. Has been polystyrene on and off since then.
  2. Snow is 7 on the Murr scale and laying nicely.
  3. I can't believe I'm about to utter these words but.....I don't want anymore snow.
  4. At this point I'm looking forward to a hot summer rolling in along with some decent thunderstorms along he way.
  5. This thawing is insane. Pretty much well over half melted.
  6. Lots of fog around this morning and thawing. Definitely ready for some heat and storm season now.
  7. I love how on here we seem to have the snow contingent and the storm contingent, only appearing at certain time of year. And then there's, me and the other inbetweeners who hang around here all year!
  8. It's still lightly snowing here. The snow I saw on Tuesday was out of this world. I have never sen it snow like that in my life. Didn't quite meet the totals of 2010, but very pleased with the offerings. Just wish it had cleared up a bit today so I could have seen my boyfriend, but will have to wait until next weekend now (goes away on business again on Monday). I have some great pictures and a short video but they are all too big to upload/
  9. I feel really sorry for anyone trying to get home to Kent tonight from London who lives further than Dartford. Seems like every train cancelled or going no further than Dartford.
  10. Seems pretty much all trains to Kent are screwed 😭
  11. Anyone in the City at the moment? What's the weather doing?
  12. Same. I love snow, but I want to see my boyfriend and I've got house renovations going on. Medway and London.
  13. Both MetO and Beeb going for heavy snow from 11 with snow for rest of the day. Hmmmm 🤔
  14. Glad to hear it. Head injuries can be deceptive and often a lot of damage can 've there without realising.