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  1. I think my body is malfunctioning. Everything is going wrong!

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    2. lassie23


      Probably say you have a virus, or if lucky, you might get a blood test out of it. You have been under a lot of stress lately.

    3. CreweCold


      Me and Lass talk sense :D (sometimes)

    4. lassie23


      lol 1% of the time.

  2. I'm really hoping we get something after this humidity. I love the heat, but I do not like the constant sweating.
  3. This humidity is getting ridiculous. I don't think I've felt anything like this apart from when I've been in tropical regions. What is that spotty rain called that happens when it's humid? It doesn't really seem like rain. It's been on and off throughout the afternoon. Literally a few spots then stops.
  4. You're welcome! My point in a roundabout way was it is ridiculously humid now.
  5. I'm sweating in places I didn't know I could to be honest.
  6. I was confused for a second as I knew you were in Chatham and I was wondering if I was missing something!
  7. It's gone crazy humid. My hair is frizzing and I'm sticking to everything.
  8. Some convection bubbling up nicely here, whether it will deliver, if not so sure....
  9. What an absolutely glorious day. I could shut my eyes and almost convince myself I was on holiday. Now if these storms could come to fruition, I'll be a very happy lady.
  10. It would be a fairer world if the pain and emotional baggage one person causes another was given to one who hurt the other, if that pain was avoidable. 

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    2. CreweCold


      It sure would. Take it you have a general interest in people and their observed behaviour?

    3. Lauren


      I work in mental health, so I see the effects of it every day. You could say that!

    4. CreweCold


      Awesome, bet it's a hard but rewarding field to work in. Did Psychology up to A level but dropped it for uni and decided to carry on with Sociology instead (along with geog). The study of people is fascinating isn't it!

  11. When people from your past block you on social media: 


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    2. Lauren


      Well yeah. I'm happy now. I have a new boyfriend. That's why i find it so baffling.

    3. lassie23


      Glad to here you are happy:good: Yup that is very odd.

    4. Dami


      Hi Lauren, glad to see things are looking up for you now :) My guess is she's blocked you because she doesn't want any 'hate mail' especially if they don't know you have a new man :D I would Block them both so they can't see how great your life is now and keep your head up high, you survived girl!

  12. Looking like a total mess today, so Sod's Law I have to bump into my ex today, don't I?

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    2. CreweCold


      I'm sure you looked fine....It's the first thought that goes through your head, 'oh I look like crap' when you see an ex; it's just a natural response I suppose.

    3. lassie23


      was he with a blonde bombshell

    4. cheese


      Every other person I see is an ex of mine so if I thought like that I'd never leave the house. :pardon:

  13. I'm a definite summer girl, but I must say it was nice to see some rain after a few weeks without it. Looking forward to the heat again though.
  14. Littering. Pick it up you lazy, inconsiderate, entitled git. The car I was following on the way home dropped McDonald's wrappers out the window. I almost felt like stopping, picking it up, and throwing it back through their open window.
  15. It seems to be a pandemic of special little snowflakes.