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  1. Just had a short spell of very heavy rain. Haven't seen that for several months. Sounded lovely and the smell of petrichor is glorious.
  2. Really foggy. Can't see the end of my garden. Wasnt expecting that!
  3. Beautiful day. I'm on my first proper leave since Christmas so it's giving me the opportunity to finally enjoy the sun.
  4. I do, he is my baby and I love him more than almost anything in this world. He's a ginger tuxedo and he's the sweetest boy
  5. Oh wow, what a life! How lucky you were to have her. Cats are special for sure.
  6. Very dark to my north east. Good stuff misses here again in NW Kent.
  7. I'll be amazed if this doesn't get upgraded to Cat5. The chasers seem scared which tells you something. Just seen a roof ripped off at Lake Charles!
  8. Surge building up here. People on the beach. Madness.
  9. I have a horrible feeling this is going to be absolutely devastating.
  10. I was in Cuba when Michael hit. Bearing in mind we were hundreds of miles away from Havana we still experienced strong winds for 48 hours. Strong enough to down some trees. I knew at that point Michael was going to be a lot bigger than was being suggested. Rest of the time the weather was glorious. Flying home at night, it was odd to see large swathes of Florida in darkness from the power cuts. Very eerie.
  11. Here's a good live cam from Galveston. Gradually getting darker...
  12. Any webcams from the area to watch her make landfall?
  13. Bit windy, innit? Stepped outside for 30 seconds and came back in with hair like Worzel Gummidge.
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