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  1. with me been a hater of them that's a compliment I could do without LOL but yeah it's true happened in June and again week just gone
  2. hmm with been a front could a lot of cloud be a possibility too
  3. not exactly the usual places much more focus on East Anglia / East Midlands for heaviest rainfall taking that run at face value also ties in with where met office expect the heaviest rainfall to be again taking their warning at face value but I've see these before then on the day the reality doesn't match up , for those wanting storms best to approach tomorrow with expect nothing and hope for something , as for me I hope for nothing and expect something
  4. met office have updated there warnings removing parts of the midlands for today and having storms and showers moving north tomorrow with higher chance of severe storms more especially Eastern England and later East Midlands into afternoon and evening for tomorrow and this contradictory warning for Monday which reads thus Thunderstorms are expected to develop in many areas of England and Wales during Monday. Some slow moving thunderstorms may form during the afternoon before these largely die out through the evening. Many locations within the warning area will miss the thunderstorms altogether, but where they do occur 30-40 mm may fall in an hour with 50-70 mm possible in 3 hours. Thunderstorms may be accompanied by large hail, frequent lightning and gusty winds this is tomorrows Areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely to move north across England and Wales during Sunday. Some locations within the warning area may miss the thunderstorms altogether, but where they do occur 30-40 mm of rain may fall in an hour with the potential for 60-90 mm in a few hours. The most likely areas to see the larger totals are in the East of England and then the East Midlands during the afternoon and evening. The thunderstorms may be accompanied by large hail, frequent lightning and gusty winds. the only possibility for higher rainfall totals maybe slightly warmer temps are expected further East tomorrow but I suggest they really don't know but given uncertainty even at short range can these warnings really be taken at face value considering their warnings from yesterday and today not really panning out and most probably tomorrow and Monday been the same as well
  5. rain may have gone but grey skies remain and temps at 19C but that was that 8am and the storms/showers in s/se don't seem to be going very far very fast
  6. now down to 18c think the 27c that was forecast now out of reach , sky have brightened but not sunny but I'm not bothered as last few days were unbearable
  7. ah didn't know the figures , yeah well justified in that case then
  8. that rain just got here about 10mins ago been loitering around south for about 3 hours
  9. this was a day I was hoping to relax a little but no this elevated stuff is coming to ruin my day , thought focus was meant to be further south
  10. same here , yesterday was the last of the scorching days and today the last of the just about 30c days after this it's more mid 20's at best , also hoping that stuff near Luton doesn't make it here
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