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  1. prefer the GFS myself and as for VAR involved in every penalty except one
  2. On that chart is that rain on that day or from now until that day
  3. possibly because the met office doesn't do that forecast anymore
  4. speaking of nights at their shortest in 7 days from now in London the days will be 13 seconds shorter than what they will be 5 days from now
  5. not set in stone as to take a little bit from a post above
  6. it's a pity that scepticism is not there when charts show plumes wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures where some are of the attitude that it's nailed on no matter what the time frame
  7. in essence typical UK summer weather
  8. I'll wait and see The flies I have in my house seem determined to survive well beyond what I want them too lets hope the flies in the ointment Tamara was referring too are a little less resillent
  9. I was able to download the document if that's what you were wondering edit - seems to be downloading with completely different name probably a issue on my end
  10. well the first 16 words were realistic
  11. the speed of these showers is making the railway services in the North of England looking positively flying
  12. If you mean now then no , If you mean later then possibly
  13. An increase in coverage of elevated thunderstorms seems possible late afternoon and into the evening over the English Channel, drifting NE into portions of southern England. Some uncertainty as to how widespread this activity will be, with some suggestions it may begin to decay as it approaches the M4 corridor, hence limiting the northern extent of the MDT for now. Other elevated thunderstorms may develop elsewhere over the Midlands and East Anglia this evening/overnight in a rather sporadic fashion, perhaps even as far north as E Scotland they used they word decay rather than fizzle not sure if I've misinterpreted their meanng
  14. the activity in the channel was flagged in the convective weather update , what was also suggested is that they may fizzle before reaching the M4 corridor just a case of watching