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  1. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Yep got a couple rumbles took me by surprise and not the pleasant kind either lol
  2. Posting from my phone as storm just went through here knocked out my broadband and produced an almighty crack of thunder about 14:50 now I have heard thunder before but this was something else and scared me to space and back Edit - seems to have knocked out virgin services beyond broadband
  3. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/06/2017

    technically this month is only 9 hours 30 minutes old
  4. apart from one shower and probably another in next few minutes not been a bad day here with a lot of the activity going north or south of me
  5. and when you finally leave the beach you may see some storms as well
  6. even Scotland appears to have some , the chart really does say it all
  7. Was just about to post about how the sky has brightned but it's gone back to dull and murky and my windows 10 weather app is showing rain showers , of course the radar disagrees with it
  8. latest from the BBC weather website has an update with none of that activity showing cannot post the image so I'll link to the site http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2635167 edit - ignore the crap beneath this
  9. even looking at that map it's places north of Birmingham that appear to have any chance and I'm not so confident that I'd put a wager on it
  10. well there is some rain on the radar but it's a very light blue so you might have a job to pick it out
  11. look right on the forecast doesn't it didn't realise it was almost 1pm
  12. gray and murky and breezy here think that sums it up
  13. yep cloudy here too and even some light rain further south near london but it's that light on radar probably not making the ground and also some near exeter
  14. I cannot see it anybody else having the problem edit - can see it now it was the noscript extensions for firefox causing the issue