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  1. was going to watch Yorkshire v Birmingham twenty twenty match but expecting bad weather to hit it
  2. Well I'm back and the first thing I'm going to do is issue an apology for remarks I made in my last post about hysteria taking over common sense been lost as it turns out they were correct about the temps so sorry to all those who might have taken offense if any
  3. Didn't realise dusk has already occurred for you, days must have really drawn in in your part of the world
  4. prefer the GFS myself and as for VAR involved in every penalty except one
  5. On that chart is that rain on that day or from now until that day
  6. possibly because the met office doesn't do that forecast anymore
  7. speaking of nights at their shortest in 7 days from now in London the days will be 13 seconds shorter than what they will be 5 days from now
  8. not set in stone as to take a little bit from a post above
  9. it's a pity that scepticism is not there when charts show plumes wall to wall sunshine and high temperatures where some are of the attitude that it's nailed on no matter what the time frame
  10. I'll wait and see The flies I have in my house seem determined to survive well beyond what I want them too lets hope the flies in the ointment Tamara was referring too are a little less resillent
  11. I was able to download the document if that's what you were wondering edit - seems to be downloading with completely different name probably a issue on my end
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