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  1. This time next week we'll be half way through another decade!

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    2. Barry12


      craig evans do you have proof of that? LOL. 2010-15 was a lot better than 2005/10 for cold and snow. December 2010 and March 2013 for example.

    3. Richard2901


      The 2000s were much better than the 1990s for cold and snow but since 2011 it has been diabolical for snow and frost on a scale that could never have been imagined even in the 1990s.

    4. cheese


      I think the 2010s have been better than the 1990s thus far. The 1990s never had anything close to December 2010, Nov 2010 blew Nov 1993 out of the water, March 2013 was ridiculous as well. The past winter was really the worst for snow but 1989/1990 came VERY close and was exceptionally mild.

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