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  1. A cooler night than the past few remaining dry with clear skies Temp 6.6c
  2. Seen it happen at the masters in Jan think it was Ding Junhui
  3. 100% win rate and not a goal conceded at the new stadium for Spurs Not a bad start
  4. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Wed 24 Apr 2019 - 05:59 UTC Thu 25 Apr 2019 ISSUED 20:26 UTC Tue 23 Apr 2019 ISSUED BY: Dan Plume of relatively high ThetaW will advect northwards from France and across England and Wales during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, as an upper low over the Atlantic west of Biscay extends a trough northwards towards Britain. The net result is increasing elevated instability by Wednesday morning as upper forcing arrives on the forward side of the aforementioned trough, aided further by potentially strong surface heating by midday and during the afternoon hours (dewpoints 12-14C). ... AHEAD OF THE COLD FRONT ... At the start of the forecast period, showery outbreaks of rain will likely be affecting parts of Ireland, south Wales and S / SW England associated with the surface cold front. North of this front, elevated convection is expected to develop during the morning hours across the Midlands and East Anglia, which may become increasingly surface-based provided there are sufficient cloud breaks for surface heating. As a result, there is an increasing risk of scattered thunderstorms developing with time, particularly by the afternoon and early evening in a zone from the north/east Midlands northwestwards across northern England, north Wales and perhaps even the Isle of Man. An approaching jet streak from the SE will increase speed shear and favour some organisation of thunderstorms by late afternoon and early evening across N / NW England, which combined with up to 1,000 J/kg CAPE is likely to lead to fairly frequent lightning and hail up to 1.5cm in diameter from the most intense cells. Some localised surface water flooding may be possible, especially where storms occur over large urban areas. The areas at greatest risk of organised thunderstorms are the N + NW Midlands, NW England up to south Cumbria. Lightning activity is expected to weaken by the time thunderstorm clusters approach the far north of England and southern Scotland as instability wanes. ... BEHIND THE COLD FRONT ... After a temporary lull in activity, the next shortwave will swing northwards from France during the evening and night hours. As a result, instability will increase across the English Channel and then into southern Britain, though not of the same magnitude as the activity across central Britain during Wednesday afternoon / evening. Scattered showers are likely which may produce a few sporadic lightning strikes, though probably not frequent or widespread enough to warrant a SLGT. Decaying thunderstorms from northern France may pass close to SE England on Wednesday evening also. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-04-24
  5. According to the PA it was 7.69 seconds
  6. Shane Long has scored the fastest goal in Premier League history the question is how quick? The beeb say 6 seconds sky say 8 seconds
  7. Sunday 28 Apr - Tuesday 7 May After a dry start, many places will become wet and windy on Sunday with heavy rain at times and a risk of gales, especially in the north and west. However, there will be sunny spells in some parts. For the end of April and start of May, changeable weather is likely to dominate, with a chance of showers or longer spells of rain and some periods of stronger winds, especially in the west and southwest. These will be interspersed with drier but probably short-lived sunny spells. Temperatures will most likely be near normal in the west, and slightly warmer than the seasonal average in the south and southeast. There is a chance of a shift towards drier warmer weather by the bank holiday weekend but this is far from certain. Wednesday 8 May - Wednesday 22 May For the middle of May, some wet & windy weather is likely, especially at first. However, there are indications of a shift towards more settled weather as the month progresses. A good deal of fine and dry weather is possible, with temperatures perhaps above the seasonal average. The highest temperatures are most likely in the south and southeast. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  8. Ronnie O'Sullivan is OUT of the World Snooker Championship losing to amateur James Cahill 10-8 in the 1st round
  9. Ronnie O'Sullivan is 2 frames away from one of the biggest shocks in Crucible history he trails amateur James Cahill 8-5 at the mid-session interval
  10. 9.0c to the 22nd 1.5 above the 61 to 90 average 1.0 above the 81 to 10 average _______________________________ Current high this month 9.0c to the 22nd Current low this month 5.9c to the 4th
  11. Summer Sun

    In Memoriam

    Former Celtic captain and manager Billy McNeill has died aged 79
  12. Day 1 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Tue 23 Apr 2019 - 05:59 UTC Wed 24 Apr 2019 ISSUED 06:01 UTC Tue 23 Apr 2019 ISSUED BY: Dan ... TUESDAY AFTERNOON / EVENING ... Negatively-tilted longwave trough will continue to be located to the southwest of the British Isles on Tuesday, creating a southeasterly flow aloft with subtle disturbances running northwestwards along the forward side of this trough. As a result the overall pattern is very similar to Monday, with pulses of medium/high-level cloud associated with weak elevated instability, but a generally capped environment to surface-based convection. However, provided sufficient moisture pooling can occur along a zone of low-level convergence from Glocs/NE Somerset northwestwards across S + W Wales, then a few isolated heavy showers / thunderstorms will be possible during the late afternoon and evening hours. This is rather dependent on surface dewpoints reaching 12-15C, and it must be noted that on Monday afternoon dewpoints generally remained below 10C when GFS simulated 12-14C, hence proving the point that GFS (and associated WRF/NMM) produce excessive moisture and are therefore too "trigger-happy" with developing deep convection. Nonetheless, deep convection does seem more likely than was the case on Monday - and a low-end SLGT has been introduced to better highlight the area of interest, though it is certainly possible no thunderstorms may occur. There is better model agreement on the potential for a few isolated showers / thunderstorms during the late afternoon / evening across NW Ireland, more especially as they move offshore, hence the inclusion of a low-end SLGT here - this dependent somewhat on sufficient cloud clearance during the afternoon hours. ... TUESDAY EVENING / NIGHT ... During Tuesday evening / night, increased forcing aloft as the upper trough approaches from Biscay will encourage elevated convection to develop over NW France / English Channel and drift towards SW England. However, this will tend to turn increasingly dynamic with time as instability weakens. Nonetheless, pulses of showery rain will push into southern Britain and southern Ireland during the overnight hours, capable of producing a few lightning strikes from elevated instability. However, this is unlikely to be active or widespread enough to warrant a SLGT by the time such convection reaches land. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-04-23
  13. Dry and mild but a lot more cloud than previous mornings Temp 11.3c
  14. Remaining dry and mild but cloudier than the past few nights Temp 8.8c
  15. Boos again for Sarriball after another draw Burnley should be safe now
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