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  1. The coalition is to introduce a 5p charge for plastic bags in England, Lib Dem sources tell the BBC

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    2. UV-RAY


      The world is turmoil, people losing their homes and jobs and the liberal darlings think this is the most pressing situation for the UK. Hell they've got my vote at the next election, Lol!

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Lol people say that but obvs they have other policies too.. but it's an easy thing to do so why not? shame there seems to be resistance of even this when it's hardly a big cost or inconvenience.

      But they ain't got my vote either, nor have the other big 2! lol

    4. The watcher

      The watcher

      Already changed here. I have 3 re-usable bags but not plastic ones as these are useless.

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