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  1. Nice to see a heat haze out there today always a good sign as you know the sun is getting stronger and the sun tanning season is underway

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    2. SP1986


      Ive never been burnt before June.. not in this country anyway, I have in other countries.. but I'm well aware some people get burnt more easily, but given the nature of our relatively weak sun from this perspective, it's not surprising. I do tend to think the sun input is weaker here than down south.. certainly when I went to Birmingham I could feel the sun on my skin in May, whereas I didn't really feel it as much where I live.. it must be something to do with the locality.

    3. Yarmy


      I got burnt a couple of weeks ago while out running. The bitter Easterly was still in effect so i hadn't bothered with sunscreen. Mistake.

    4. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I've had sun burn in May before and last May was one of those as well