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  1. Beer cut by 1p from Sunday wow what a difference that will make

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Perfectstorm, not absolute proof no, but plenty of evidence and no proof it we aren't causing it either.. unless half of my degree is wrong. So I know what I think's best to do. I read mainly about gas, nuclear wouldn't be a bad thing IMO as long as safe.

      (in an ideal world I think we should really try to develop viable clean energy, and keep fossil fuels as a back up just in case)

    3. IanR


      the countries deficit would be wiped ou if the rich payed therer dfair of tax like the poor do, cam-moron and his corrupt wealthy chums are part of the problem, tax avoiding scum

    4. IanR


      sorry sabout the spelling, just had a couple of glasses of cabernet, will have to cut it down now, gone to expensive