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  1. Some much-needed rain has arrived this afternoon it's light and steady won't go a massive way but it'll give the lawn a drink if nothing else and hopefully turn it green again for a few day's
  2. Tranmere are promoted to League 1 after beating Newport 1-0 at Wembley
  3. Thursday 30 May - Saturday 8 June On Thursday and Friday changeable, breezy weather is likely to prevail, with a mixture of showers and some longer spells of rain. However parts of the north will probably stay drier and brighter at first with only isolated showers. Into next weekend and the start of the following week, there is likely to be a change towards more settled conditions from the southwest. This would bring drier conditions with some sunny spells here, however showers or longer spells of rain may continue further north. Through the rest of the period confidence is low, and any more generally settled weather conditions may still be interspersed by occasional bouts of wetter and windier weather. Temperatures will start rather cool, but will soon recover to near or a little above normal. Sunday 9 June - Sunday 23 June Whilst confidence is low throughout this period, the most probable trend for the middle two weeks of June is for an increasingly settled weather picture across the UK. Whilst this may bring spells of dry and often sunny weather, warmer day time temperatures may occasionally trigger heavy, possibly thundery showers. However there still remains a risk of areas of low pressure bringing longer spells of rain across the UK at times, perhaps with some stronger winds. Temperatures will be near normal or warm overall for the time of year. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  4. 10.9c to the 24th Bang on the 61 to 90 average 0.5 below the 80 to 10 average __________________________________ Current high this month 11.9 to the 1st Current low this month 8.8c to the 6th & 7th
  5. BBC monthly outlook Summary Cooler and wetter finish to May but turning warmer _________________________________ Saturday 25 May – Sunday 2 June Wet and cool end to May, warmer in June Despite a warm start to the weekend, a frontal system will move across the UK both Saturday and Sunday, bringing widespread outbreaks of persistent rain to Scotland, and a cold front will sharp showers for England and Wales on Sunday, and perhaps a rumble of thunder in the Southeast Sunday afternoon. From Monday low pressure will bring in cooler air from the north-northwest, so temperatures will drop down to a bit below average for late May through much of the working week. Monday and Tuesday look to be quite unsettled with plenty of showers and perhaps one or two thunderstorms in the afternoon. There will also be a few dry and bright spells mixed in. Wednesday is expected to be marginally drier for most, except for some lingering showers in Scotland, and clearer skies will make for a chilly night. From Thursday and through the weekend, the pattern will gradually begin to shift again. A weak frontal system Thursday and Friday will bring some outbreaks of rain for most, but a high building into Central Europe should push this off to the north and replace it with drier and warmer air for southern areas. By Saturday and Sunday, the southern half of the country may see temperatures returning to near average with little rain, but the northern half will likely still be cooler and wetter. Monday 3 June – Sunday 9 June Warmer and drier, but some rain in places As we head into the first full week of June, high pressure is expected to build strongly across Central Europe and into Scandinavia, bringing in warmer tropical air to the UK and pushing much of the rain off to the north. However, Scotland and Northern Ireland will likely still see showers and perhaps longer spells of rain at times as weak fronts pass through along the edge of the high around a low that is expected to linger near Iceland. For much of England and Wales, early June will be marked by mostly sunny and warm afternoons followed by dry, mild nights. Temperatures are expected to climb a few degrees above average, so highs in the South in the mid-twenties are not out of the question. There is a risk, about 25%, that the high pressure centre will shift a bit too far to the east and end up over Eastern Europe and Russia. In this case, low pressure will be able to move in from the west, leading to a wetter trend. However, this will still likely be a warm pattern as south-westerly winds continue to bring in warmer and more tropical air. Monday 10 June – Sunday 23 June Staying warm but turning more unsettled Moving into the second full week of June, the weather is expected to become a bit more changeable. The high pressure system in Central Europe is expected to continue slowly shifting northwards and eastwards into Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. Confidence is growing in favour of a blocked pattern, where high pressure to the north will prevent Atlantic weather systems from moving in from the west. However, low pressure is expected to be to the southwest near Spain and France, so the main risk for showery weather will be in the Southwest and West and along the southern coast, with Scotland seeing a bit of a break. There is a chance that a few of these rain events could bring in some rather heavy and widespread showers or thunderstorms from the continent, but there will also be some longer dry and sunny spells as well making for warm afternoons. With low pressure centres to the south and southwest, warmer Mediterranean air will find into way into the UK, so temperatures will likely stay fairly warm despite the increased risk for showers. Further ahead Will the high pressure build in strong for early June, keeping things mostly dry and quite warm, or are we in for a wetter start to summer? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  6. Remaining dry but high level cloud this morning making the sunshine a bit more hazy than recently Temp 14.8c
  7. The first plume of summer If you want to escape the heat a trip north would be required
  8. Continuing dry but cloudier a moderate breeze developed on Friday afternoon but this has died down since sunset Temp 11.2c
  9. York 14:00 Cardsharp 14:35 Makawee Curragh Irish 1000 Guineas I Can Fly
  10. Gateshead have been docked 9-points from last season and suspended from the National league for multiple breaches of financial rules they have been fined £3,500 and relegated to the Northern Premier League https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48398640
  11. Nick Kyrgios is out of the French Open with illness
  12. Goodwood 13:55 Willie John 14:30 Flashcard York 14:00 14:35 15:05 Dramatic Queen 15:45 El Astronaute Haydock 14:15 Eden Rose 14:50 Oasis Prince 15:25 Calyx - Nap 16:00 Mabs Cross Curragh 15:35 Magna Grecia 16:10 Curragh: Irish 2000 Guineas 15:35 Magna Grecia & Mohawk Curragh: Irish 1000 Guineas I'll fill those in red as soon as odds are released
  13. John Hammond's latest monthly outlook Much cooler and wetter spell More settled by mid-June Prolonged heat unlikely Full forecast as ever is here for subscribers* https://weathertrending.com/2019/05/24/john-hammond-month-ahead-summer-splash-sizzle/ *Subscription is free but you must sign up to view
  14. BBC monthly outlook Summary Changeable; turning breezy and cooler for a time _________________________________ Wednesday 22 May – Sunday 26 May Mostly dry and rather warm, then wetter later. Wednesday and Thursday will continue to see a lot of dry weather for many with spells of sunshine and gentle winds. However, the far north-east of Scotland will stay cloudier, cooler and breezy with rain at times. One or two showers cannot be ruled out elsewhere but most places will escape those. It will be quite warm, particularly in the south and east with highs into the low 20s Celsius for some. On Friday, spells of sunshine are likely to give way to a build-up of cloud for a time with showers spreading south-eastwards across the UK. However, the showers will be hit and miss with some places escaping dry again. This weekend the weather is likely to see a northwest-southeast split in the weather. The north-western half of the UK is likely to become cloudier and windier with outbreaks of rain, these perhaps most widespread on Sunday. Further south-east, it is likely to stay rather warm with sunshine at times but a few showers are likely as the weekend progresses. Monday 27 May – Sunday 2 June Breezy and showery at times. Rather cool. Next week, the jet stream (a ribbon of strong winds in the upper atmosphere) is likely to make a reappearance over the UK, bringing more unsettled conditions from the Atlantic. It is likely to be a breezier and cooler week than this week with showers and occasional bands of rain moving from west to east across the country. Showers and rain are likely to be most frequent in the north and west. Southern and eastern areas of England should have some lengthier drier and brighter interludes of weather but with some useful rain there too. There is just a slight chance that high pressure moves in from the south-west later in the week to bring a lengthier drier and calmer period of weather then. Most likely, though, is for a rather showery, breezy and cool week. Monday 3 June – Sunday 16 June Slowly turning drier, calmer and warmer The first full week of June is expected to see changeable weather conditions with some further bands of rain or showers spreading from the west at times. North-western areas of the UK are favoured to be wettest, including western Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England. Further south and east, there should be some decent periods of drier weather in-between the showers. By the second week of June, drier and calmer conditions are likely to become more widespread over the UK, thanks to an area of high pressure expanding northwards across Europe. It should turn warmer again with temperatures rising above the seasonal average at times. However, there is a chance that high pressure ends-up further north than expected, which could allow some showers, perhaps thundery, to move into southern areas at times. Further ahead Will the weather remain highly changeable from week to week with further swings between relatively calm and dry conditions and cooler, showery weather? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  15. Wednesday 29 May - Friday 7 June Through the latter half of next week, there will be changeable weather with a mixture of sunshine and showers likely on most days, although there may be a few periods of longer lasting rain. The best of the drier and sunnier weather is likely to be in the south and east, although there is a chance of windier conditions in the south too. Into the following week, the weather may become more settled with high pressure more likely. This would bring mainly dry conditions, with sunny spells for most, although there may be more in the way of cloud and showers in eastern areas. Given generally low confidence in the forecast at this stage, there may also be some more changeable weather with cloud, wind and rain. Saturday 8 June - Saturday 22 June The general trend for this period is currently for a more settled picture across the UK. However, there remains the potential for further areas of low pressure to bring spells of rain or showers at times with some stronger winds. Confidence is low by mid June but the most likely scenario is that overall more settled weather is likely to prevail. Temperatures will start a little below normal, slowly becoming a little warmer. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  16. Desperately need some rain my lawn is already going brown and it's only the end of May
  17. 10.8c to the 23rd 0.1c below the 61 to 90 average 0.5 below the 80 to 10 average __________________________________ Current high this month 11.9 to the 1st Current low this month 8.8c to the 6th & 7th
  18. Another dry and sunny start with not a cloud to be seen Trmp 14.6c
  19. Remaining dry and clear breezy during Thursday evening for a time but now calm Temp 10.5c
  20. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Fri 24 May 2019 - 05:59 UTC Sat 25 May 2019 ISSUED 20:25 UTC Thu 23 May 2019 ISSUED BY: Chris A relatively slack pressure pattern over the British Isles will generally bring dry conditions, however surface insolation combined with a few convergence boundaries and a little CAPE (100-300 J/kg) could lead to the risk of some isolated heavy showers developed across southern and southeastern England and SE Wales during the mid to late afternoon and early evening. Lightning is consider a low risk, not much greater than the minimum 5% required. As temperatures drop towards sunset, showers will quickly decay. http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2019-05-24
  21. A large fire of One and a half hectares of woodland has broken out in the Wingate area of County Durham 4 fire engines and a water bowser are trying to put it out
  22. Rain was almost guaranteed at some stage this weekend in NE England it is after all Radio 1's Big Weekend in the Boro In true music festival style it looks like it could turn into a mud bath Friday at least looks decent
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