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  1. Yes we've just had a few rumbles, sheet lightning and heavy rain in Cowes.Sounds like it was more over in Sandown though!
  2. Ooooh there's some activity just south of the IOW.. Looking very dark looking south over Northwood . Fingers crossed!
  3. Went to bed at 4.15am. Woke up at 6.50am. Small distant rumble and a bit of rain...was that it? Or did I miss something apocalyptic during my 2.5 hour slumber?
  4. Very quiet in Cowes. It's been really breezy all day, and now there's not even a puff of air to move the garden windchimes. It's warm too. No sign of any excitement yet. I'm going to bed - hope that I don't miss anything.
  5. Looks like it.. seems to be headed NW at the moment. But it's stopped raining here now!
  6. Nothing yet, but there's an impressive amount of rain heading this way according to raintoday.co.uk.
  7. Very calm here in Cowes, I didn't even realise it was raining quite so hard until the cat fell through the cat flap looking a bit spangled.
  8. Light rain shower in the last half an hour, but now dry. Feeling muggy. outside thermometer reading 14 deg C. Would love to see some lightning tonight, but it looks like all the action is too far away.
  9. Raining heavily again in Cowes.. winds picking up a bit - can hear the odd howl down the chimney!
  10. Hi bobafet! Fingers crossed for more of the white stuff :)

  11. Hi Rowde!

    I was as close as it looks..no zoom, just standing inches away.

    I spend a lot of time in that area, so some of them are used to seeing me. In the summer I sit there for several hours, and sometimes one or two will sit on my lap and eat. Takes endless patience though!

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