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  1. Well we didn't miss out. It was stormy here about 9pm in the front but after that it was just gusty. Yes I have seen some lying snow but nothing exceptional and STILL none at my house. I think eventually it will have to give up the ghost and come. I suppose it could be worse, we could be having double figures constantly. We are lucky to see snow in this weather pattern. I think there is actually a chance of snow tomorrow again.
  2. Well this is the ireland forum so usually that means dublin. Anyway, each to their own but I certainly did not find it note worthy.
  3. I thought you lived in Belfast. Well i'm on north coast so maybe i'm more used to these winds. The peak reached 70mph and that was in the front the actual event only recorded gusts of like 60mph which to me is nothing... I remember in 2007 (I think) we had almost 100mph gusts here.
  4. Is it just me or are some people in the south of ireland major exaggerators of the wind speed? Was up last night reading that boards.ie forum and honestly I couldn't quite get my mind on what they were going on about. We had a 70mph gust here which while strong is not really that bad, they had winds maybe just a bit stronger and they were going on all night as if they were getting hurricane speeds. They even managed to congratulate a pilot who landed an A330 aircraft in 50mph winds... um??? Maybe its just me, but I didn't think the winds were all that strong last night. IMO the storms we h
  5. Yes this storm is worse than last weeks. There is a constant gale going against my bedroom window. Only 3c too.
  6. Its only sleety in nature don't be getting excited. Its going to warm up anyway later. Think we need a colder spell.
  7. Snowing on my birthday. Just did a scratchcard and won £10 too! Woop woop2c..
  8. Its that stupid south westerly wind Showers heading my way.
  9. Squall is knocking on my door. Sky is pure orange to my south west. I will keep you posted. Picture is crappy. 6.7c... Edit: arrived heavy hail 11:56 squall has passed through 4.2c and lowering.
  10. Where is the cold front? I can't pick it out in the showers. Currently 7c
  11. hmm well theres still patches of snow higher up. Erm I honestly don't think it would be too hard for the snow to lie if it gets going because (at least here) the last few days have barely nudged above freezing. It is looking like a mixed bag but I think high ground will do really well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2655984
  12. Not to be rude but the uppers are far far too warm to have sleetyness in the rain. The cold air will arrive at 9pm. Of which they won't be very cold but in this situation it doesn't really matter. Looking forward to the snow coming.
  13. I think its a case of hopecasting but tonight does look really rough. I will stay up to 3am to see. Temps on their way down to 8c from their peak of 10.5c earlier. The lower the better.
  14. I reckon we will have snow about 10pm. It looks to cool down to near freezing quite quickly. There is still oddly snow on the hills here but it melting rapidly. Have to say this is one of the shortest mild sectors i've seen, 9am it was still 2c and by 9pm it will be 2c again.
  15. A spell of very strong winds will affect Northern Ireland through Tuesday morning. Gusts of 60-70 mph are expected inland with 80 mph gusts possible along the North coast and over high ground. Along with the winds there will be sleet and snow showers these mainly affecting County Derry and County Antrim. Don't read into that it changes dramatically from run to run.
  16. The snow fall won't be lasting. Was 3c 2 hours ago now up to 8.5c. Theres still a considerable amount of snow on the hills, it is not wanting to melt anytime soon.
  17. Despite the mild air there is still loads of snow higher up. I wonder will it last until tonight when the cold air comes back??
  18. In England? The snowline today was 600feet but its cold here.
  19. I've had snow fall on 4 separate days this month and more to come next week. Also one day in November. Perhaps in England but not in Scotland or NI. It ain't been warm either lately.
  20. Think it was the same everywhere. Looking forward to the next burst of snow. Tomorrow night. Hopefully more accumulations this time. It's great seeing snow, but getting sick of no accumulations now. Always 200m...
  21. 1c -0.5c Dropping. Just had some thundersnow would not be surprised to see a dusting in the morning because the temp is dropping.
  22. It actually isn't. It is supposed to snow on christmas eve too. Now I can report 1.6c and graupel which is sticking to the gutters. That is a first
  23. Clearer picture. Notice the snow on the trees. Must be subzero up thereEdit: 12:22 on my way to coleraine and its just started snowing perfecto.Edit: snowing like blasis on the mountainEdit: 13:16 - just back from the bishops road and its really snowy up there. 0c and hard packed snow, had to get out and push daddy's car.
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