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  1. Upper six. Fed up revising. Do like 5 hours everyday and i'm on my halloween holidays. All I want to do is relax, I really can't be arsed.
  2. How could it be dark in England when it was daylight here at 8:30? (Sun was not up) That doesn't make sense.
  3. This was here at 7:30 this morning.
  4. Well i'm hoping to goto California this summer. I've only been to america once but when I went there to South Florida it was if there was no time difference. I went to bed at 10 and got up at 9 as normal, I will say though the last two hours it was a real struggle to stay awake. It was awful coming back, I didn't get to sleep to about 4am and then i'd wake up at 4pm and this continued for about two weeks afterwards. It was awful. It was actually funny though because at like 2 in the morning I was as wide awake as dawn and nothing I did would get me to sleep.
  5. Yes I hate it. It takes me a couple of weeks to adjust.
  6. Would love it if we stayed on gmt all year. It would reduce the stress from changing clocks.
  7. Well yes you can. China has one timezone and Europe has a timezone covering three timezones.. And actually geographically. My location has a 7.5 hour difference and a 4 hour difference between USA coast. Sunrise changes but in the winter sunrise in Maine is 3 hours after here but in the summer sunset is 3 hours after here.
  8. But so what? Thats their problem its not our fault we aren't on australian time. We shouldn't have to have some mad timezone just for them. More people would goto holidays to america than asia anyway. I actually think that california is so far behind that it would be considerably better if there was a 7 hour difference. I mean 8 hours is a bit much for a place 5,000 miles away. I will say that the countries west of the dateline should adjust timezones forward and countries east behind. Because newzealand etc is like 13 hours ahead which is rediculous.
  9. Only 25 minutes later at the most. Daylighlt here is 7 hours on shortest day so only 1 hour less.I think you are talking about south east ireland. Remember nw scotland is only 200 miles
  10. There are also alot of people who do business with america and they cope. We should not have to adjust our time to them when it is them who are on the wrong timezone. I think they considered it and then realised how mad it was. I mean there is almost an hour difference between west coast of ireland and east coast of england.And the sunrise here is later than a large portion of scotland.
  11. So? There are parts that will be three hours by next sunday.
  12. Or maybe don't change them!! Its a waste of time.And we would benefit being on gmt because there would only be a 4 hour difference with new york.