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  1. Jack had a crush in one beautiful woman and he said her that he has a crush in her. Then that woman said that she is a lesbian. Jack asked her which part of Lesbia is she from.
  2. Thanks for professional and excellent answer! But,is that possible?Subtropical storm frming south of Madagascar on 32 south and becoming extratropical on 36 south?
  3. You in America have totally CRAZY weather!Only thing comparable with US is drought.From 1st January we had only 3,5 inches of rain.We'll have huge fires in summer.
  4. I have a question Why tropical cyclones on southern hemisphere became extratropical on lower latidudes?Example:Tropical cyclone Atu(Feb 2011)became extratropical on 31.4 south and Tropical Storm Grace(Oct 2009)formed on 41.2 north?Grace wasn't in Gulf Stream.
  5. Two balloons are walking through the desert.First says:Watch,there is a cactussssssssss!Second says:Why you don't watccccch!
  6. Here you can put jokes which you are heard for.
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