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  1. Rao, Corbyn and Madden are back - http://www.express.co.uk/news/nature/540052/UK-weather-December-forecast-heavy-snow-winter-freeze "FREEZING BRITAIN: UK faces SNOWSTORMS and plunging temperatures as ARCTIC December hits"
  2. Sorry I find comments like this really annoying. Equating a picture of one flooded house/business with the devastating floods in another country is shocking. When we have 1000's dead, 10,000's homes destroyed, 100,000's homeless, outbreaks of cholera, no fire brigade, no RNLI, no SAR, no council emergency shelters, etc, etc. then maybe, just maybe you can bemoan the lack of international assistance. The flooding is tragic for those affected, but really people need to wind their sense of perspective back a little.
  3. But it wasn't the forecast from 4 weeks ago was it? 4 weeks ago he said Cornwall would be 'breezy', no mention of floods, storm force winds, etc. He changed his forecast for the beginning of January only a few days ago.
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