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  1. Jonathan Bollen

    In Memoriam

    And the great billy Graham aged 99 died on wensday last week 21st and a good frnueal service this week for him.
  2. We had an snow blast with the beast from that east but not too cold for some.
  3. Already said in Jan winters over and it's come right as I said it would.
  4. Winter is over more or less. Mark my word.
  5. I agree for once this sums it's up.
  6. I think winter might be over. If it goes the way it is now..
  7. I said winter as gone pearshaped again just like last winter. Still two month left but gone pearshaped again.
  8. I said winter will go pearshaped again like last year. Yes pearshaped. Spring wil cone in early march again.
  9. Jonathan Bollen

    Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    From square one we will be watching all 64 models.
  10. Jonathan Bollen

    Who are the nicest/rudest celebs you have met?

    steve davis and many others.
  11. Happy new year to all 

    1. lassie23


      thanks happy new year

  12. Jonathan Bollen

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Rain in Derby now not much to say.
  13. Will or won't we get snow winter Will go pearshaped like last winter always pearshaped mark my word pearshaped. But with 2.5 months left who knows. Have the the uk gov got the man power to face it again. No they have not with all the cuts. I mean if we get a winter like 2010 again.
  14. As my original post I said pearshaped winter again.
  15. I think winter will go pearshaped like last winter mild and cold. Not banking on it yet. You never know what computers do.